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If you are dreaming about to become an owner of million dollar business then you must read it!

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In a world where digital currencies are thriving, Bitcoin stands as the pioneer and a leader. As interest in Bitcoin continues to surge, the need for robust and reliable bitcoin exchange software has never been greater. Whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur looking to dive into the dynamic world of cryptocurrency trading or an established player seeking to enhance your platform's capabilities, then Bitdeal is your gateway to enter the Bitcoin exchange industry. Before diving deep into that, let's give a glance at the current occurrence in the Bitcoin market.

Growing Bitcoin Exchange Industry:

The growth of this industry can be attributed to several key factors that highlight the insatiable appetite for bitcoin trading and the broader adoption of cryptocurrencies worldwide.

Increasing Popularity of Bitcoin: Bitcoin, often referred to as digital gold, has captured the imagination of both retail and institutional investors. Its decentralized nature, limited supply, and potential to serve as a store of value have garnered significant attention. As a result, more individuals and businesses are eager to acquire and trade bitcoin,

Diversification of Investment Portfolios: Bitcoin, with its non-correlation to traditional assets like stocks and bonds, has become an attractive addition to investment portfolios. This has led to an influx of funds into the cryptocurrency market through bitcoin exchanges.

Institutional Participation: Large financial institutions and corporations are increasingly acknowledging the legitimacy of cryptocurrencies. They are not only investing in bitcoin but also offering bitcoin-related services to their clients. This institutional participation amplifies the demand for secure and reputable bitcoin exchange platforms.

Emerging Markets: Bitcoin's appeal extends beyond developed economies. Emerging markets, facing currency devaluation, limited access to traditional financial services, and economic instability, have seen a growing interest in cryptocurrencies as a means of financial empowerment.

Technological Advancements: Advancements in blockchain technology and the development of user-friendly exchange platforms have made it easier for individuals to participate in cryptocurrency trading. The accessibility and convenience offered by modern bitcoin exchanges have further fueled market demand.

Taking into account the facts presented above, the bitcoin exchange industry is experiencing remarkable growth, thus affirming the lucrativeness of launching an own Bitcoin exchange platform. People who hunt for a solution to start a bitcoin exchange business, they can get effective software as a solution from Bitdeal. As a leading Bitcoin exchange development company, Bitdeal is a place to get complete solutions for bitcoin-related business solutions.

What Does Bitdeal's Bitcoin Exchange Software Can Do For You?

Bitcoin exchange software was developed with the intention of serving the people who are crazy about bitcoin and blockchain industry. It works as a backend tool for you to setup a bitcoin exchange website. With the help of our business software, in just a very single step, a bitcoin trader or anyone can become an owner of a million dollar business.

Our bitcoin exchange software works with a set of four main business modules

  1. A Powerful Trading engine

  2. Advanced User Interface

  3. Flexible and Customizable Admin Panel

  4. Integrated wallet

Benefits of Using Bitdeal's Bitcoin Exchange Software

Streamlined Business Operations: Bitdeal's Bitcoin exchange software simplifies the process of setting up and managing your bitcoin exchange website, saving you time and effort.

Enhanced Security: Security holds the utmost importance within the cryptocurrency industry. Our Bitcoin exchange software incorporates robust security measures such as two-factor authentication, encryption, and anti-DDoS protections. These features help safeguard user assets and protect your platform from potential threats.

Scalability: As your exchange grows, scalability becomes a critical factor. Our software is designed to handle increased user activity and trading volumes. This scalability ensures your platform can adapt to market demands without significant disruptions.

Multilingual Support: The software that we furnish offers multilingual support, allowing you to cater for a diverse user base and expand your reach to international markets.

Prime Business Features Of Bitdeal's Bitcoin Exchange Software?

Each of the above main modules are equipped with the following features.

Security Features which covered by Bitdeal:

  • Two factor authentication

  • Anti CSRF Token

  • AES Encryption Prevention

  • Missing Secure HTTP Headers and SSL integration

  • AML techniques

  • DDOS integration

  • Google ReCaptcha

  • KYC (Know your customer) process

#Module 1: Poweful Trading Engine

  • Setting Feasible Trading Currency Pairs

  • Integrating 1000+ digital currencies

  • Efficient Trade Matching Algorithm

  • Instant order, Limit order, Stop order

  • Order history

  • Enhanced Buy/Sell System

  • Open Orders

#Module 2: Advanced User Interface

  • Feasible Deposit and Withdrawal options

  • Bootstrap / Angular Design templates

  • Files deployment on different server / platform

  • User-Friendly Graphical View

  • Multilingual Feasibility

#Module 3: Flexible and Customizable Admin Panel

  • 2FA for admin panel

  • PHP End of support on admin customization

#Module 4: Integrated wallet

  • Built in Bitgo JS Wallet

Build your own bitocin exchange website with advanced security features!

If you are planning to start a bitcoin exchange website, make sure you have implemented all the above-mentioned features. Bitdeal is ready to provide you the market's best bitcoin exchange business solution as you require.

For more information you can ask a free demo to see the detailed working strategy of bitdeal's bitcoin exchange software.

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