Enterprise Blockchain Solutions For 100+ Countries (BaaS)

Enterprise Blockchain Solutions For 100+ Countries (BaaS)

Enterprise Blockchain Solutions Provider In US,UK, Canada, Brazil, Australia, Korea, Japan, Singapore and more

Bitdeal a leading and monopoly blockchain development company, covering 100+ international countries Including the US, UK, Canada, Brazil, Australia, Korea, Singapore and Japan to serve for the potential clients who are enthusiastic about implementing blockchain technology for their real-life use cases. We have gained our brand reputation through implementing the blockchain as a service (BaaS) for businesses to improve their quality as well as quantity of business operations. 

We started to strive into this industry from 2015 with just limited goals, and Initially, we started to serve BaaS for only limited countries (i.e) nearly 30-40 countries. But, the unexpected growth of people grace in blockchain implementation, have inspired us to expand our services to serve 100+ countries around the world. 


Blockchain as a Service For 100+ countries

Here is the list of top 100+ countries where we provide Enterprise Blockchain Solutions,

  1. Antarctica
  2. Antigua and Barbuda
  3. Argentina
  4. Australia
  5. Austria
  6. Azerbaijan
  7. Bahamas
  8. Bahrain
  9. Bangladesh
  10. Barbados
  11. Belarus
  12. Belgium
  13. Bermuda
  14. Bhutan
  15. Bosnia and Herzegovina
  16. Botswana
  17. Brazil
  18. British Indian Ocean Territory
  19. Bulgaria
  20. Burkina Faso
  21. Burundi
  22. Cameroon
  23. Canada
  24. Chile
  25. China
  26. Christmas Island
  27. Colombia
  28. Comoros
  29. Cook Islands
  30. Costa Rica
  31. Croatia
  32. Cuba
  33. Cyprus
  34. Czech Republic
  35. Denmark
  36. Dominica
  37. Dominican Republic
  38. Ecuador
  39. Egypt
  40. El Salvador
  41. Equatorial Guinea
  42. Eritrea
  43. Falkland Islands (Malvinas)
  44. Fiji
  45. Finland
  46. France
  47. French Guiana
  48. French Polynesia
  49. French Southern Territories
  50. Gabon
  51. Georgia
  52. Germany
  53. Ghana
  54. Gibraltar
  55. Greece
  56. Greenland
  57. Guadeloupe
  58. Guyana
  59. Haiti
  60. Heard Island and Mcdonald Islands
  61. Hong Kong
  62. Hungary
  63. Iceland
  64. India
  65. Indonesia
  66. Iran, Islamic Republic of
  67. Iraq
  68. Ireland
  69. Israel
  70. Italy
  71. Japan
  72. Jordan
  73. Korea, Democratic People's Republic of
  74. Korea, Republic of
  75. Kuwait
  76. Kyrgyzstan
  77. Lao People's Democratic Republic
  78. Latvia
  79. Lebanon
  80. Luxembourg
  81. Macao
  82. Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of
  83. Madagascar
  84. Malawi
  85. Malaysia
  86. Maldives
  87. Mali
  88. Malta
  89. Mexico
  90. Micronesia, Federated States of
  91. Moldova, Republic of
  92. Monaco
  93. Montserrat
  94. Myanmar
  95. Nauru
  96. Nepal
  97. Netherlands
  98. Netherlands Antilles
  99. New Caledonia
  100. New Zealand
  101. Nicaragua
  102. Niue
  103. Northern Mariana Islands
  104. Norway
  105. Oman
  106. Panama
  107. Paraguay
  108. Peru
  109. Philippines
  110. Poland
  111. Portugal
  112. Puerto Rico
  113. Qatar
  114. Romania
  115. Russian Federation
  116. Saudi Arabia
  117. Senegal
  118. Serbia and Montenegro
  119. Sierra Leone
  120. Solomon Islands
  121. South Africa
  122. South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands
  123. Spain
  124. Sri Lanka
  125. Svalbard and Jan Mayen
  126. Swaziland
  127. Sweden
  128. Switzerland
  129. Taiwan, Province of China
  130. Tajikistan
  131. Thailand
  132. Togo
  133. Tokelau
  134. Tonga
  135. Trinidad and Tobago
  136. Tunisia
  137. Turkey
  138. Turks and Caicos Islands
  139. Ukraine
  140. United Arab Emirates
  141. United Kingdom
  142. United States
  143. United States Minor Outlying Islands
  144. Venezuela
  145. Viet Nam
  146. Virgin Islands, British
  147. Virgin Islands, U.s.
  148. Western Sahara
  149. Yemen
  150. Zimbabwe


Our expertise in Familiar Blockchain Networks

We often keep a keen eye on the ever grooming blockchain industry, Our team of tech intelligence has witnessed there are 10+ blockchain networks have emerged. Hence we started to implement and start serving hot to our clients by doing proper R&D. Currently, we are under beta development of developing blockchain applications, tokens and smart contracts in Tezos Blockchain.

  1. Ethereum
  2. Hyperledger
  3. TRON
  4. EOS
  5. IPFS
  6. Minter
  7. Multichain
  8. Corda
  9. R3
  10. Cosmos
  11. Open Chain
  12. Quorum
  13. Stellar


Our Blockchain Solutions


  1. Private Blockchain Development
  2. Smart contract Development
  3. Token Development
  4. Dapp Development
  5. Exchange Application Development
  6. DEX Development
  7. STO Development
  8. ICO Development
  9. Crypto Coin Development

And more…

Explore our more blockchain solutions in 20+ corporate industries where we can serve our best in blockchain implementation.

Why Choose US?

We are much aware that blockchain is gonna the tech ruler of the modern world, and it is going to lead the world’s Digital transformation through Industry 4.0 revolution. We understand our client's requirements and hunt for the best possible way to incorporate the blockchain technology in real-life use case or for business use cases. We have a team of 100+ expert blockchain developers who can consistently and dedicatedly work for you to bring the best results. 

Let’s travel into the Digital World with Bitdeal’s Blockchain Solutions!

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