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10 Awesome Stats And Facts that you don't know about Bitcoin Market

Explore the top 10 latest statistics and interesting facts about the global bitcoin Market. Stay update with the bitcoin market

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10 Awesome Stats And Facts that  you don't know about Bitcoin Market

In 2021, This Planet is not just spinning towards the sun but also digitization ! Actually, Digitalization took its ultimate dimension after the intervention of phenomenal  digital currency Bitcoin!

Bitcoin, The most popular Cryptocurrency, started gaining the attention of the whole world after its marvelous growth that mankind never have seen. Very recently the price hits 60 K USD and stuns the entire market. Report says that the market capitalization of BTC hits 1.15 Trillion USD Which is higher than the three biggest banks Bank of America, Bank of China and JP Morgan.

This Article is all about Amazing facts and Awesome stats of the global bitcoin market. 

Let's Explore!

Bitcoin -  Amazing Facts

Bitcoin Mining: The maximum mining range of bitcoin is 21 million. Till date, 80% of the Bitcoins were mined.

Processing Speed: The Processing speed of Bitcoin Network is much higher than the super computers. The Petaflops of supercomputers is 122.3 and the BTC network is 80,704,290.

Difference Between B and b: Bitcoin, Capitalized B refers to the information storage ledger where this bitcoin ‘b’ refers to the virtual currency

Power Consumption: Bitcoin consumes extermely huge electricity, The Bitcoin Mining Farm would consume  60 terawatt hours of electricity

Sathoshi’s wallet Storage: The man behind the birth of the bitcoin, Sathoshi Nakamoto holds 980,000 bitcoins in his wallet.

Liberland: Liberland is the new born country nearer to syria, the official currency of this country is Bitcoin. 

Bitcoin Search Volume: The Data from the Semrush, insist that the search volume of BTC increases every time whenever the price of the BTC increases.


Stats About Global Bitcoin Market

Let’s have a look at the latest statistics of the global bitcoin market

Bitcoin Price

With in the short span of 3 years between January 2017 to March 2021, Its price has been increased by 5809%. What a growth? is n't?

The Market Cap value of Bitcoin is nearly 1 trillion USD. Generally, Market Cap value is the product of the number of bitcoin and the price of the BTC.

Report says that, The Market cap of bitcoin is higher than the GDP of  96 countries in the world and it exceeds 175 countries GDP.

Bitcoin Users

Till Date, Upto 18.63 million bitcoins is in circulation with 68.24 million active crypto wallet holders. 

Bitcoin & America

In the year 2018, only 2% Americans owns bitcoin and the value raises upto 6.2% in the year 2019. yet, 7.3% Amercians are planning to buy Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Holding by Gender

Have you ever thought about which gender is interested in Bitcoin ? The Difference is the percentage is huge. 

Male - 85.8%
Female - 14.23 %

Engagement in Bitcoin By Age

Youngsters seem to be interested in Bitcoin in recent days. Between the age 25 - 34, 41.35% people are likely to hold bitcoin. This percentage decreases to 20% for the people between the age 35 -44. 10% Engaged in Bitcoin between the age 45 - 54

Top Countries Interested in Bitcoin

Nigeria, The African country tops the list followed by switzerland.

1. Nigeria
2 Switzerland
3. Austria
4. South Africa
5. Slovenia

Engagement of BTC with Device Type

While considering Devices Types like Desktop, Mobile and Tablet. Desktop acquired the first position with 62.53% followed by mobile  with 34 % and then Tablet with 3%.

Desktop - 62.53%
Mobile - 34.45%
Tablet - 3.03%

Top Bitcoin Mining Countries

Bitcoin mining is the most prominent act in the bitcoin network. China holds the very first position with 65.08%

China - 65.08%
United States - 7.24%
Russia - 6.9%

Top Bitcoin Exchanges in the world

As the interest and Acceptance of BTC increases, The Bitcoin Exchange market gets elongated. 

Based upon the global visitors, Binance and Coinbase holds the first and second position.

Binance also holds the crown of being the largest bitcoin exchange by trade volume with 3 Trillion USD.

Cryptocurrency ATM

Genesis coin & General Bytes are the top two Crypto ATM  Manufacturers. America holds 90% of the global ATMs in the world.

Only 23% of ATMs allow both buying and selling of bitcoin. Most of 
the Bitcoin ATM designed for buying purpose


Interesting Facts On Crptocurrency

Wrapping Up 

Bitcoin, the first famous cryptocurrency will have its own fame and space in the crypto globe and it will be the “King of the Cryptocurrency”, even the list of cryptocurrencies that compete with Bitcoin increases gradually day-by-day. All the above discussed facts and stats about Bitcoin shows its popularity,demands and usage among the people of this modern crypto globe. The facts and stats about Bitcoin will change accordingly with the time.

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