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Bitdeal braving the odds
the odds.
Despite the volatility, regulations, BTC price dip, security controversies, competitions, Bitdeal courageously keeps on moving forward by denying the difficulties in uplifting the cryptocurrency exchange startups. Our endurance in enhancing crypto exchanges made Bitdeal an entrepreneur's choice, and we continue to satisfy the needs and demands of bold entrepreneurs.
Our Identity Cryptocurrency Exchange Development
Our Identity

Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

Being a trailblazer in the blockchain industry, we have lifted many cryptocurrency exchange startups through our top-notch

cryptocurrency exchange development services

. Bitdeal is the pioneer in introducing bug-free,

White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Software

and Bitcoin Exchange Software to the industry. Our product has been widely recognized and adopted by many enthusiastic crypto entrepreneurs. The continuous result-driven approach in crypto exchange development made us expand our services in developing the below-mentioned types of crypto exchanges.
Bitcoin Payment Gateway Integration
Go For Decentralized payment With Our Bitcoin Payment Gateway
Escape from the centralized controls & finance system with tremendous Bitcoin payment system solutions and receive payments in the form of BTC.
Many businesses have initialized the bitcoin payment gateways because of its secured payment and no chargeback features. We are offering highly secure, clean, robust, Bitcoin payment gateways with easy to use & integration facilities. Users can simply send BTC payments by scanning QR-Codes.
Get Your Bitcoin Payment Gateway for your Enterprise within just 48 hours.
  • QR - Code Scan & Pay
  • Transaction History
  • Lightning Speen Transactions
  • High-Tech Security Standards
Bitcoin Payment Gateway Solutions
Liquidity At Launch
Liquidity At Launch.
Attracting your first hundred users is difficult. Make it easy with Bitdeal’s Early Liquidity Generator.
Start your exchange with high liquidity to create a professional outlook for first-time visitors who’ll eventually become your platform’s lifelong traders.
  • Consistent liquidity upto $50,000.
  • Quick trader acquisition.
  • Cost-effective strategy.
  • Multiple trading bots.
Powerful and Easy-To-Use APIs.
Connect real-time market data and other trader-friendly tools with your exchange to download historical market records,stream real-time market data, thus providing a good trading environment to your users.
  • Market Making API
  • Liquidity API
  • Rest API
  • Price Ticker API - Merchant API
  • CoinmarketCap API
Powerful and Easy-To-Use APIs.
Bitdeal Exchange Software Up and Running. Forever.
Providing a digital first-hand experience of what it feels like administering your dream crypto business with Bitdeal Exchange Software.
Bitdeal Exchange Software
Guide To Your Exchange Startup!
Guide To Start Your Crypto Exchange!
Here’s your A to Z complete guide on building, marketing, and scaling your crypto exchange business with Bitdeal Exchange Software.
Our Boundaries Expanded.
We Are Not Limited To Exchange Development.

Web3 Development Services

Web3 is the Third Generation of the Internet which could create a massive revolution in the business world with its outstanding qualities of Security, Decentralization, and Data ownership. Many enterprises, organizations, industries, and even startups are looking to move their business operations into the Web3 space by understanding its future scope and needs. Bitdeal, one of the best Web3 Development companies, knows the importance of Web 3.0. So we set our goal to develop the next-generation web 3.0 application by offering outstanding Web3 Development Solutions. We are experts in creating all kinds of web 3.0 applications, starting from Decentralized exchanges, Web 3 Games NFTs, Metaverse, Web 3 Wallets, and more apps.
Metaverse developmet Services

Metaverse Development Services

We Bitdeal, assist in creating a next-gen interactive internet with our metaverse solutions. We have experts who are skilled in blockchain, virtual reality, augmented reality, and more to design, develop and deploy the metaverse components such as 3D virtual spaces, metaverse apps, 3D Virtual lands, Metaverse NFT Marketplace, Virtual offices & institutes , Virtual shopping malls, 3D Meeting conferences and Metaverse gaming environment.
Along with our Metaverse development, we provide services such as 3D Avatar creation,land creation, 3D animation, integration, and technical support. Hire our Metaverse developers for your real-time metaverse platform development projects. We help nearly all 20+ top industries to adopt metaverse for better transformation.

Fashion | Entertainment | Healthcare | 20+ Other Industries

NFT Development Services.
Bitdeal Identified the Big Scope for NFTs in multiple domains and Strives to normalize non-fungible tokens in the lives of each and every human. After our keen analysis, we recognized and understood the pain points of cryptopreneurs and derive optimal solutions for NFT Business. Our ‘can do’ spirit let us explore the possibilities and empower us to go beyond boundaries in NFTs space.
NFT Development Services

NFT Marketplace Development

Build your NFT Marketplace for art, music, collectibles and a lot more

NFT Marketplace Development

NFT Gaming Platform Development

Provide superior gaming experience to users with Bitdeal

NFT Gaming Platform Development

Metaverse NFT Marketplace Development

We make your NFT Marketplace extra ordinary with Metaverse NFT Marketplace Development

Metaverse NFT Marketplace Development
DeFi Development Services

DeFi Development

DeFi, the new form of finance, arose with the goal of making financial products and services accessible for anyone at any time without relying on intermediaries. Decentralizing the financial operation has been a nightmare, but the "DeFi" strikes out the impossible into possible with the support of 'Blockchain Technology'. Bitdeal never missed watching the growth of DeFi applications and their branches. We endeavor the best-in-class services & solutions to decentralize the financial system with our unrivaled DeFi development services. Our lab of development has ready-made solutions that could help you to launch your DeFi project at the right time.
Want To Know more about our

DeFi solutions

& Services
Simply Share your project requirement here and get the best proposal from our experts.

Enterprise Blockchain

Bitdeal, being a prior bird in the blockchain air, never fears to fly in all the nooks & corners to transform this digital globe completely decentralized with the application of blockchain technology. We make ourselves unique from the competition prevailing in the crypto globe by offering world-class

Enterprise Blockchain Development Services

for all kinds of industries and businesses. Our blockchain experts are highly proficient in implementing blockchain technology for any kind of business to optimize & specialize in generating huge ROI with cent percent decentralized processing in the workflow.

Supply Chain | Healthcare | Gaming | 10+ Industries

Blockchain Development Services
Blockchain Networks We Work
We work with all major blockchain platforms
Binance smart chain
​Binance smart chain
Btachain (bitcoin asset chain)
​Btachain (bitcoin asset chain)
Ethereum classic
Ethereum classic

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs )

Bitdeal is a one-stop solution for all your crypto & blockchain-related business ideas. Thus we call Bitdeal, The perfect destination for budding cryptopreneurs.

Bitdeal is a leading Enterprise Blockchain Solutions Provider that assists you in overcoming the challenges & obstacles in successfully launching your blockchain-based business

Obviously, not. We are

At Bitdeal we provide services ranging from cryptocurrency exchange development to NFT development, DeFi Development, Blockchain development and more. We also extend our services according to the market trend and on that way we extended our services in Metaverse development too.

From Small scale businesses to large-scale enterprises, We Bitdeal offers blockchain solutions to optimize, enrich and transform the business operations more secured, transparent and fully decentralized.

Primary Solutions of Bitdeal includes

Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

Blockchain Development

DAO Development

Metaverse Development

NFT Development

Token Development

Blockchain Game Development

DeFi Development

Bot Development

Dapp Development and more.

Yes ! We Bitdeal assists FinTech industry with crypto, non-crypto , blockchain and all other FinTech solutions over the globe.

Of Course , Yes. Bitdeal can provide completely dedicated support for any project development through the allocation of separate team of experts until your project completion.

Over 7 years in the industry, we have delivered more than 1000+ projects with happy clients across the globe. Through keen observation of the market & steady adoption of new innovations, we have transformed ourselves as Enterprise Blockchain Solutions who helps small businesses to enterprise

Bitdeal’s representatives are available 24 X 7 ! You can catch them on any medium mentioned below :

Whatsapp : +919500766642

Telegram :

Skype : Live:TechInnovate2019

Call : +919677555651

Mail :

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