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Bitdeal is a top-notch Blockchain development Company expertise in building cryptocurrency exchange platforms and custom Blockchain application development services

Crypto Wallet Development

Create a secured cryptocurrency wallet application for end users to safeguard their crypto assets and to ease bitcoin buy sell transactions.

Crypto Exchange
Clone Script

Get popular exchanges clone scripts including localbitcoins to kick start your own cryptocurrency exchange in competitive marketplace.

P2P Exchange Development

Develop a p2p crypto exchange platform for traders to make seamless crypto transaction from anywhere to anyone.


We provide custom and offshore Blockchain development services by letting our clients to hire our dedicated Blockchain developers.

Crypto Exchange Development

We provide Bitcoin exchange script to build your own centralized exchange like Binance, Poloneix and Bittrex.

Decentralized Exchange Development

Create your decentralized exchange website like IDEX, Waves DEX or bisq with our upgraded version of decentralized exchange script.


We create custom dApps for businesses and organizations to move their entire operations into a decentralized network

ICO Website Development

Collect funds for your Blockchain startup or cryptocurrency project by launching your own ICO website with our best ICO script.


To tighten the security and trustworthiness of your token Crowdsale we offer legitimate security token offering services.

Cryptocurrency Exchange & Wallet App Development Company

Enhance your crypto exchange business with Bitdeal's

business ready cryptocurrency exchange mobile & wallet application.

Cryptocurrency Exchange App Development Company

Cryptocurrency Exchange App

Boost traders count on your exchange by developing a crypto exchange app for instant and secured trading.

Decentralized Exchange App

Get an user-friendly Decentralized Exchange App with real time trading features for both iOS and Android from Bitdeal now.

Cryptocurrency Wallet App

Build a safest crypto wallet app for your exchange that supports for sell,buy and manage of multiple cryptocurrency as like Trust Wallet App of Binance.

Premium Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Services

Enhance your cryptocurrency business with Bitdeal's

business ready bitcoin & cryptocurrency exchange website script

Crypto Token

It is better to have your own token either Security Token or Utility token based on your business model. Tokens will enhance your business efficiently

Blockchain as a

Trending business model is Blockchain as a Service which could be the foundation for any of your business model to earn lucrative profit and trust among the followers .


Hyperledger Fabric is the most effective technology which can be used for building platforms especially Supply chain management and logistics management

Smart Contract

Anyone can write a Smart contract but is it reliable to launch in the market? It must be audited based on technical criteria where we help you to launch your harmless token.

Diversified Consensus

Blockchain has varieties of algorithms, networks and frameworks to be used for the betterment of effective business models in which we have strong expertise.

Public and Private Blockchain

Based on the need of technical aspect, either private or public blockchains can be implemented on the suitable network and standards of consensus.

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Enterprise Blockchain Solutions For Industries and Startups

Get Enterprise blockchain solutions as a service from bitdeal and Discover more possibilities to grow your industry or business in a secured manner. We have experts to fulfill your private blockchain development on emerging blockchain technologies like TRON, Ethereum, Minter, Tezos and more.

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We look for the most possible and easiest way to satisfy our clients,
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Bring us your ideas, we will give you the best result. We are looking for a innovative, technically challenging, and next generation business ideas in cryptocurrency industry. All you need to do is, send your business requirement to our team, and keep in touch with us.

No Revenue Sharing

Get 100% source code, which is completely yours. We never claim for profits at any state of your bitcoin exchange business.

Easy to Customize Solutions

Our team of crypto aficionados will exclusively work for you to customize your script or software and can enable business-friendly features as per your need.

24 X 7 Support

bitdeal will stands with you through out the journey. Our team is ready to clarify and rectify all your technical/development issues at anywhere anytime.


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