DeFi Development Company - Create Defi Projects Like Uniswap

DeFi Development Company - Create Defi Projects Like Uniswap

Decentralized Finance ( DeFi )Development Company - Bitdeal

DeFi - Introducing Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Solutions To Empower The FinTech Industry.

Bitdeal - The DeFi Development Company, took the serious growth of DeFi Projects, Defi Tokens, and DeFi Projects into deep consideration and started to provide DeFi development services to take part in the global decentralization of the fintech industry. Our DeFi developers started to crack the codes in creating industry-specific independent financial applications that hold DeFi protocols, and DeFi tokens. Our expertise in smart contract development prevents smart contract vulnerability and user errors to provide a seamless user experience while transacting the digital assets inside a DeFi ecosystem. By realizing the sudden plunge of DeFi tokens in the lending and borrowing industry, we create decentralized p2p lending smart contracts that ensure the construction of potential DeFi lending protocols and DeFi Lending Tokens like Uniswap (UNI), Compound (COMP), Yearn.Finance (yfi), Aave, Maker, that guarantees the flash loans. 

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We are ready to provide you, DeFi Development Services by covering DeFi protocols, DeFi Tokens, Smart Contract and Dapp Development For 

  1. Lending & Borrowing
  2. Insurance
  3. Stablecoins
  4. Asset Tokenization
  5. Synthetic Assets Creation
  6. DEX Trading
  7. Asset Management
  8. Derivative Protocols

We understand that the breakthrough of DeFi projects are still in their infancy stage, and may require improvements to perfectly operate with real-world applications. Our developers are keeping a keen eye on identifying the pitfalls to create promising decentralized finance applications that are truly decentralized by ensuring the Atomic SWAp, avoidance of risks, over-collateralization, low-level liquidity, and more finance specifications.

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What is DeFi? - An Overview

One of the fastest-growing sectors in the globe is "Finance". It is expected that the Financial Service Market will reach nearly $26.5 trillion by 2022.

The already existing traditional financial system becomes tedious to progress and it gets slowly replaced by the New Financial System named "DeFi - Decentralized Finance".

A new system or way that is introduced to leverage the decentralized networks for the complete transformation of old or traditional financial products to a transparent and trustless ecosystem is known as DeFi.

This DeFi or Decentralized Finance eliminates the presence of intermediates in the financial process.

If you want to get more detailed information about the DeFi, you can have a look at our previous article: What Is Decentralized Finance ( DeFi ) ?

This above article covered overall information about this new decentralized financial ecosystem. Hope this article has nourished you with important aspects of DeFi.

Benefits of DeFi

As discussed above, Decentralized Finance has become the hottest topic on the crypto globe over the years. Let us look at some of the major benefits of DeFi over the traditional financial system.

  • The major benefits of DeFi is the interoperability of dapps and tokens, as  DeFi runs on an open-source permissionless blockchain network.
  • As DeFi uses decentralization, the process of lending, borrowing is carried out without the involvement of any central entity.
  • DeFi is completely permissionless, and thus it does not require any KYC, credit scores and etc.,
  • The liquidity of DeFi is borderless, that is anyone with internet access from anywhere.
  • In DeFi, you get full control over your funds or assets, as it is non-custodial in nature.
  • DeFi provides greater accessibility that it makes it easier for anyone to utilize the DeFi platforms.
  • As DeFi utilitizs decentralization, it offers high-end security over the assets and all the DeFi platforms are mostly unhackable.

Key Advantages of DeFi are 

  • Immutability
  • Highly Programmable
  • Ultra Transparency
  • Completely Permissionless
  • Self-Custody or Non-custodial
  • Interoperability

Major Use-cases of DeFi 

DeFi is being applied in many verticals and listed here are the top use-cases of DeFi.

Borrowing and Lending

Peer-to-peer borrowing and lending is the most widely used application of DeFi ecosystem.DeFi allows users to take a loan without any applications review or a bank account. In some DeFi apps, the borrower need not find a lender, instead of the smart contract itself acts as lender, and interest is calculated based on supply and demand.In some other DeFi apps, a fixed interest rate is made for the loans.DeFi makes the process of lending and borrowing much easier and time-saving.

Asset Management

With DeFi, you are the only custodian of your own crypto assets. You can securely interact with decentralized applications for buying, selling, and transferring your cryptos by using crypto wallets such as MetaMask, Gnosis, Argent, and more. For Example MetaMask stores your password, seed phrases, private keys in an encrypted format that you can access anytime.


The significance of DeFi has made product developers build DeFi protocols directly for various verticals. Ethereum based games are becoming popular for the use-cases of DeFi because of their innovative incentive models.

For Example, PoolTogether is a no-loss DeFi audited game that enables users to purchase lottery tickets by depositing DAI stable coins.

Identity Management

The DeFi protocols paired with identity systems based on blockchain are ways to help locked-up users to access a globally true economic system.DeFi is key that reduces the people's collateralization requirements and helps assess creditworthiness through reputation and financial activity instead of income and homeownership.

This DeFi solution provides data privacy of personal identifying information along with open access. This implies that anyone with internet access can access DeFi applications from anywhere with complete control over their data and assets.


As DeFi is still in its infancy stage,it still faces risk around smart contract bugs and breaches. Since, many innovative insurance alternatives have arrived to assist users in buying coverage and protecting their holdings.

For Example Nexus Mutual provides smart contract cover that protects the unintended use of any smart contract codes.

Predictive Markets

This is all about betting on something that happens or not happens in the future, which includes decentralized prediction markets, insurance, and on-chains which is fully automated. Today these protocols are used to insure the bugs in a smart contract.

For example, Augur a DeFi protocol is a betting platform, features prediction markets, sports games, election results, and much more.


A stable coin is a cryptocurrency that is pegged to any stable asset or basket of assets such as fiat, gold, or maybe any other cryptocurrencies. These are originally developed to reduce the price volatility of cryptocurrency and to make blockchain a viable payment method.

Now, these stable coins find application in DeFi space for lending, borrowing, remittance payments, and also for institutional applications like Central Bank Digital Currency(CBDC)

Synthetic Assets

As like stablecoins, synthetic assets are crypto-assets that offers exposure to other assets like gold,cryptos and fiats.These synthetic assets are collateralized by tokens which are locked into Ethereum-based smart contracts which comprise of built-in agreements and incentives.DeFi promises to combine all different smart contracts easily.

For Example, Synthetix is a protocol that implements a 750% collateralization ratio helping the network absorb price shocks.

Decentralized Exchanges

Decentralized Exchanges are one in which peer-to-peer transaction of funds occurs without a central authority. As in DEX, the assets are not in the custody of the exchange platform, the risks such as hacking, price manipulation, and thefts are reduced. Thus DeFi space provides better operations of DEX platforms.

Some of the popular DEXs in the Defi space are Uniswap, Liquality, Airswap, and so on.


Tokens are digital assets created, issued, and managed on a blockchain network that is designed for secure and instant transfer. Tokenization is a native function of the Ethereum blockchain and cornerstones of decentralized finance. These tokens are the fuel to the network and also unlocks various economic possibilities.

These tokens are digital alternatives for users to access,trade and store values across the globe.

Some of the other use-cases of DeFi are

  • Payments
  • Analytics
  • Tradings
  • Wallets
  • Education and more.

Apart from the above fields, DeFi finds applications in all businesses to make decentralized finance.

Importance of Stablecoins in DeFi

We all know that currently, Stablecoin is being the most exciting term of the cryptocurrency globe. Even though Blockchain possesses decentralization, immutability, security, and lot more, lots and lots of cryptocurrencies suffer from volatility to a greater extern. This makes a harder environment for the adoption of cryptocurrencies. Stablecoins are one which has the tendency to pair all the tenets of blockchain with stability and familiarity of traditional fiat currencies. Thus stablecoins create an easily accessible and exciting new financial environment named Decentralized Finance.(DeFi)

The value of stablecoin may come from many different places, which depends on what stablecoin you are describing. As of now, there are over 200+ stablecoins created on the Ethereum blockchain alone.

Some of the famous stablecoins are USTD, TUSD, DAI, USDC, and more. These stablecoins are pegged to $1 USD with different governance protocols, degree of decentralization, features, and more.

Since DeFi Projects on Ethereum blockchain integrate various digital assets, Maker protocol's DAI stable coin has become the most used stablecoin in the DeFi space.

Why is DAI the most used Stablecoin in DeFi?

Maker's DAI is the famous stablecoin in the financial service sector, as it provides stability and liquidity in a greater extern which other stablecoins cannot provide their users.DAI is a decentralized soft pegged, transparent stablecoin backed by a surplus of collateral.

The advantages of DAI such as security, transparency, liquidity, stability, and trust have given the DeFi community ultra-level confidence in both stablecoin and Maker protocols.

In the crypto globe, there are many dapps that integrates the DAI and features of Maker protocols in other dapps which makes the ecosystem more valuable. This high utility of DAI has resulted in the mass adoption of DAI around the world which triggers developers to build more new financial DeFi products or DeFi dapps that allow users to use DAI, earn DAI, accept DAI, and more.


Liquidity is nothing but the degree to which an asset can be turned to cash or fiat currency. When it comes to DeFi, the term liquidity is the most necessary aspect to build successful DeFi projects.Project with low liquidity fails in user adoption.

Thus, liquidity pools creates trust among users and this shared liquidity in turn increases trade volume and also attracts more users.
Permissibility can be provided only when the system has unbiased access,stable units of account such as DAI. Thus, DAI has gained greater market share over years in DeFi dapps and it will continue to share liquidity and always be the most adopted stablecoin in the DeFi space.

Some other famous stablecoins that are most used in DeFi space are as follows

  1. Tether (USDT)
  2. USD Coin (USDC)
  3. Reserve (RSV)
  4. True USD (TUSD)
  5. Libra coin and more.

Challenges In Applying DeFi in Real Life

Some of the major challenges that we face in applying the concept of DeFi in the real life is as follows:

1. Availability of Fiat on/off ramps

Both the off and on-ramps are not quite symmetric. The problem behind the mass crypto adoptions can be broken into three, which is in turn the problem in implementing DeFi into the real world.

1. Getting into Cryptos from Fiat.
2. Managing Volatility of Cryptos
3. Getting out of Cryptos.

These struggles between fiats and cryptos make a harder place to implement DeFi.

2. Scalability

As DeFi is on the decentralized blockchain, the scalability issue occurs which prevents DeFi from implementing into the usage in the real financial world. As most of the DeFi dapps rely on the Ethereum blockchain network which requires high gas costs for every transaction is also a major issue.

3. Lack of Privacy

The permissionless nature of DeFi drives it to the state of lack of Financial Privacy and this thearten the people to incorporate DeFi for their financial businesses.

4. Lack of Identity

DeFi faces many challenges such as credit scores which leads to the situation of over-collateralization requirements. This is also one of the major challenges in applying decentralized finance in the real world.

5. Smart Contract Vulnerability

Even though the smart contracts of DeFi are coded with high-end security and audited before implementing into adoptions, many DeFi platforms face smart contract vulnerability which leads to a lack of insurance. 

These are the major challenges involved while incorporating DeFi in the real world.

Opportunities In DeFi

Building a DeFi based Financial environment is still a hard task as there are still a lot of challenges in implementing DeFi in the real world. DeFi can bring the following Opportunities in the real world, if completely adopted.

  • DeFi can make the whole Financial System permissionless and open.
  • DeFi can increase the market for the use of Stablecoins.
  • DeFi makes flawless and fast financial transactions that are highly immutable.
  • DeFi will make all the Fintech industries rise one step forward in their financial growth.
  • DeFi can make lending, borrowing, making loans in banks all as easy as possible.
  • DeFi can make all the financial transactions, cross border transactions faster and easier.
  • Governments can handle their financial data which may be effortless by the use of DeFi.

There are a lot more opportunities for us to enjoy through the adoption of DeFi in our day to day life. Let us hope the days of enjoying the benefits of DeFi is nearer.

Successful  DeFi Projects Of 2020

Let us have a deep look into the top 5 DeFi Projects that we have to look at in the second half of 2020.


Yearn Finance, a most captivating project acts as a decentralized ecosystem that offers lending services, token deposits such as USDC, DAI, and USDT, the participation of aggregators in Yearn's selection, the most profitable lending opportunity.

This Yearn.Finance is led by Andre Cronje, and YFI is the native token which is the most trending DeFi token in recent days. These YFI tokens are owned by the community, which means there is no pre-mining or pre-scaling or team allocations for these YFI tokens.

Yearn Finance and YFI token has reached 435% growth within one month, which shows its massive adoption among people.


The compound is an open-source money market protocol that allows users to earn interest or borrow assets against the collateral which are carried out in the Ethereum network. This Compound DeFi project gains huge attention through its native token COMP, which has skyrocketed in its value in recent days.

Compound allows anyone to earn compounding interests with rates that are automatically adjusted based on demand and supply of COMP and the contribution to the liquidity pool is also simple in this Compound platform.

This DeFi project has $790M assets locked up currently and has mass attention over the crowd.


Uniswap, one of the popular DeFi project is a decentralized exchange that is different from other DEX platform in the way that it uses Incentivized Liquidity pools instead of the order books. The users of Uniswap who provide liquidity are rewarded with a percentage of fees incurred on every Ethereum transactions.

Uniswap has about $100 million locked in its liquidity pools with 100s of new listings each week. For new users, Unisswap provides a learning curve that is used to trade assets and provide liquidity. Also before using Uniswap, once should study the considerations of slippages and volatility for better usage of the trading platform.

Maker DAO

Maker DAO is the decentralized credit platform that supports DAI, a most used stable coin in the crypto world, whose value is pegged to the value of USD. This Maker DAO lets anyone open a vault, lock in the cryptocurrency collateral, and create DAI against that collateral.

With its recognition among the users, Maker DAO is committed with $1B assets currently.


Decentralized Information Asset is an open-source project to drive the adoption of open-access data and oracles. In the DIA DeFi ecosystem, there is a decentralized community of DIA token holders with DIA's governance Token acting as an Incentive.

This DIA project is backed by investors like Outlier Ventures which is being the most anticipated DeFi project.

Some other DeFi projects that make huge attention in 2020 are as follows :

  • Orion Protocol
  • Serum
  • dHedge
  • Curve Finance
  • and more.

Checkout here for Top DeFi Tokens 2020.

Popular Open Source DeFi Protocols 

There are many DeFi protocols available on the crypto market for various processes like lending, borrowing, asset management, crypto exchanges, and more.

Let us have a look at some of the popular open-source DeFi protocols available in the market.

For the process of Lending

1.Aave - An non-custodial DeFi protocol for earning interest on deposit & borrow of assets.

2. Compound - An open-source protocol on the Ethereum network which allows users to lend and borrow assets against any collaterals.

3. Maker- A credit platform that supports DAI, a stablecoin whose value is pegged to USD.

4. Atomic Loans - An open-source lending platform that supports trustless BTC collateral.

5. Swap Rate - An interest rate swap tool built on opium protocol.

For Trading Purpose

1. Uniswap - Completely decentralized on-chain protocol that is designed for token exchanges on Ethereum which uses liquidity pools.

2. Tokenlon - A Decentralized Exchange with off-chain matching and on-chain settlement.

3. Augur - A peer-to-peer protocol for market predictions on Ethereum.

4. Kyberswap - An open cross-chain atomic swap protocol for the trading of tokens on various chains.

5.MCDEX - A DeFi derivatives trading platform with perpetual and futures.

For Wallets 

1. My Crypto - An app to create, import and manage all your wallets.

2. My Ether Wallet - An easy to use, open-source interface that can be used to interact with Ethereum.

3. DEXWallet - A DeFi mobile wallet.

4. Coinbase Wallet - A mobile wallet to store tokens and collectibles.

5. Monolith - Powered by Ethereum for decentralized banking.

There are a lot more DeFi open-source protocols available for lending, infrastructure, asset management, education, podcasts, and much more.

Checkout here the available DeFi Protocols!

Predictions of DeFi

As DeFi is in its infancy stage, there are still a lot more risks in adopting Decentralized Finance completely as it involves issues like scalability, financial privacy, credit scoring, and much more.
Here let us look at some of the predictions made by experts on DeFi in 2020 and beyond.
1. The entry of global Fintech companies like Robinhood, Revolut, Square, SoFi will win the crypto race with DeFi.

Already all the Fintech champions like Square, Robinhood, Revolut have millions and millions of users through their licensed mobile apps. On the other hand, they also offer crypto trading enabled with accounts at an institution, ie., centralized crypto trading. If DeFi is compelling for those mobile users, these fintech companies will out-race their financial services with enterprise blockchain solutions.

2. The market cap of Stablecoins will exceed $15Billions

The experts predict that DeFi will roughly make an increase in the Stablecoin market cap up to 50% that is a rise from $3.3 Billion to $5Billions+ with the dominance of Tether approximately 80%. This growth of stablecoins will come from areas such as the launch of Libra, Multi-collateral DAI, CELO, and more coins. Thus DeFi will make a better future of Stablecoins usage.

3. Every Central Banks and Government of all Nations launches the software of DeFi

Nearly, every nation is in the mission to understand the means of launching a Central Bank Digital Currency(CBDC). European Central Bank is in a way to explore CBDC, Sweden has hired Accenture for the creation of the E-krona pilot and more of these kinds of initiatives by the Governments shows that the world will go into the mass adoption of crypto assets soon.DeFi will have a huge impact on the National Financial system in the future.

4. The Arrival of Interoperability is possible

Interoperability across the protocols will be solved soon and large implications will be around the Bitcoins in the context of interoperating DeFi. Some of the solutions for Interoperability are censorship-resistance, price stability, confiscations-resistance, and acceptable operating costs. Experts believe that solutions for all these trade-offs will arrive soon with the secure exchange of BTC across chains.

5. The ratios of Collaterals will remain above 100%

This decentralized finance would make undercollateralized loans a reality says, experts. Collateralization ratios will need to provide meaningful buffers, given the volatility of crypto collaterals. With the improvements in credit scoring, DeFi would make the collateral ratios to be remain in 100%.

6. Real-world assets will be assimilated into DeFi

The DeFi can assimilate real-world assets through the process of staking. The staking is the primary source of making interest on the decentralized network. This would bring larger interest income than the governance body setting an interest or market interest rates. DeFi will be the bridge between this staking of traditional as well as crypto assets.

7. The noncustodial exchanges will be 10 times the current DEX market share.

8. As Primary values are locked up in BTC in DeFi, it eclipses ETH.
These are the primary predictions made by experts on the concept of DeFi.

Future of DeFi

Even though this new Decentralized Finance- DeFi is its infancy stage, there are many DeFi protocols playing a notable role in the crypto market. This DeFi aims to provide a completely decentralized finance environment, where there is no involvement of third parties and a lot of time to proceed any financial tranactions.

As Experts predict, the future of DeFi or future of financial system with DeFi can lead to mass adoption DeFi by Fintech companies,banks,government and more. There will be more demand for DeFi tokens and DeFi related projects and platforms in nearby future.
This DeFi would surely make an effortless and open financial system as soon as possible.

To know more in detail about the future of DeFi,refer our article - The Future of DeFi- Decentralized Finance.

Decentralized Finance Solutions (DeFi)

Decentralized Finance Solutions is the process of leveraging the existing financial services to the decentralized ecosystem. This involves the development of dapps and smart contracts that empowers the financial system with high transparency and security.

Bitdeal - Leading Blockchain Development Company offers 360-degree blockchain solutions for any kind of industry verticals. We are now glad to announce you about a new additional service to the list - " Decentralized Finance Solutions ".

Yeah. We extend our services in providing supreme decentralized finance (DeFi ) solutions across all borders with complete client satisfaction.

We already in the mission of gratifying our clients through our Blockchain Solutions which includes,

  1. Custom/ Private Blockchain Development
  2. Smart Contract Development
  3. Dapp Development Services
  4. Ethereum Token Development and so on.

Our Blockchain Developers is doing continuous R and D processes about each and every single move of DeFi to provide the best DeFi solutions.

Bitdeal's DeFi Services 

Bitdeal - Leading Dapp Development Company offers decentralized finance solutions for all types of financial processes. We develop and deploy the stunning decentralized applications ( dapps ) for your financial operations or businesses.

As you know there is no such completely decentralized DeFi dapp developed so for. We Bitdeal develop DeFi Dapps based on the following degree of decentralization.

Have a look at the infographic that shows the degree of decentralization of DeFi dapps .


Degree Of Decentralization


Our experts provide smart contract and dapp development services for all your demands and needs through the use of DeFi.

DeFi Dapp Development

Our Experts develop DeFi dapps for more enhanced features with maximum transparency that creates trustworthiness among the end-users.

Smart Contract Development

We develop and deploy the 100% secured smart contract for various decentralized finance services.

DeFi Lending Platform Development

We provide the development of a decentralized lending platform that offers loans and insurance. This can be developed with stablecoins and crypto rewards.

We develop dapps for all your financial operations based on the DeFi projects launched so far. Our major DeFi dapp development verticals involve the following :

1. Decentralized Exchange
2. Insurance 
3. Lending and Borrowing
4. Payment Operations
5. Stablecoins
6. Market Predictions
7. Asset Tokenization and more.

We mostly prefer Ethereum, EOS and the Bitcoin blockchain network for the development of DeFi dapps like DeFi Prime Projects.


How Bitdeal Can Assist You With DeFi Development?

We Bitdeal - Leading DeFi Development Company offers tremendous services related to Decentralized Finance such as defi lending and borrowing platform development, defi smart contract development, defi dapps and lot more.

Listed here are some of the DeFi solutions that Bitdeal can assist you to make your own DeFi environment.

DeFi Lending Platform Development

We develop Lending platforms based on open source DeFi protocols to provide easy and fast lending of funds. Our DeFi lending platforms are developed and deployed with high-end security protocols.

DeFi Borrowing Platform Development

As lending and borrowing is the major use of DeFi, we provide DeFi borrowing platform development services which avail easy loans. We aim to satisfy the financial and mutual needs of the people with ultra-fast DeFi borrowing platforms.

DeFi Smart Contract Development

Our smart contract developers are skilled in building DeFi smart contracts with high solidity and encryptions. Our DeFi smart contracts are free from the vulnerability that can function automatically based on the predefined conditions.

DeFi Smart Contract Auditing

We provide seamless auditing services for your DeFi smart contracts to fix all the errors and bugs. We do a re-auditing process to make your smart contract free from bugs and operate effectively.

DeFi Dapp Development

As a Well-known Dapp Development company, we are offering the best dapp development services to our clients which eliminates third parties. Now, we extended developing dapps with DeFi protocols to provide more transparency and security.

DeFi-based DEX Platform Development

We build decentralized exchanges by utilizing open source DeFi protocols for the automated transactions of funds in a secured manner. We assist you with a DeFi based DEX platform such as Uniswap that is enriched with transparency which eliminates hacks.

DeFi Wallet Development

We create cryptocurrency wallets with high security open source DeFi protocols that lets users store their private keys which guarantees for no loss of assets and data.

DeFi Token Development

Our Experts can create tokens to uplift your DeFi projects. We develop DeFi tokens on Ethereum to increase the attention and trading volume of your DeFi platform or project.

DeFi Stablecoin Development

We assist you in creating your own stablecoin with more liquidity and stability as like DIA to make your stablecoin used most in the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) space.

DeFi for Insurance

We provide smart contracts,dapps, and platform development for the insurance process by using the open-source DeFi protocols to make it ultra secured.

Why choose Bitdeal for DeFi Development?

Here are some keynotes that insist you to choose Bitdeal for DeFi solutions and also for all other blockchain solutions.

1. First and foremost, we have a separate team of experts to process the submitted Inquiries and respond to those quickly.
2. As an organization, We have more than 6+ years of experience in Blockchain Development.
3. Bitdeal is a one-stop-shop for all your blockchain development needs.
4. We have 200+ dedicated blockchain developers who are flexible at work.
5. Our Experts do constant knowledge gaining about new trends and technologies.
6. We provide high touch communication with our experts that helps you to know about each phase of the product development.
7. We always commit ourselves to the quality of delivery and customer satisfaction.
8. 100% security for your personal and project belongings.
9. On-time delivery with expected quality.
10. We provide 24 X 7 support even after the completion of the project duration.

So, you can sign a DeFi Dapp development or any other blockchain-related project without any hesitation. We always try to deliver more than your expectations. 

Feel free to contact our support team anytime anywhere !!

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Decentralized Finance (DeFi) FAQs

Decentralized Finance, shortly termed as DeFi is an open source finance which aims to provide permissionless and transparent space for all financial activities.

Everythings has its own risk,so DeFi too. Proper smart contract audits can eliminate smart contract vulnerability and thus makes DeFi platforms safe to use.

Borrowing & Lending,Stablecoins,Asset Management,Synthetic Assets, Decentralized Exchanges and more.




Yearn Finance

Kyberswap and more

Bitdeal - Leading DeFi Development Company offers complete DeFi related services and solutions for all industries across the globe at affordable cost. Contact our expert team to start your DeFi project with us now !!

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