ReFine Finance With Decentralized Finance.

Bitdeal found DeFi could reshape the finance industry earlier and started applying the DeFi use cases in almost all major industries through a strategic research and development process. Our

Decentralized Finance Solutions

will nurture the growth of Defi applications and will shape the fintech world into decentralization.

DeFi Development Company

Decentralization is the key to cut your business’ cash outflow, expand its growth, and compound the success. Now that decentralization is coupled with finance, it further augments the user base by promoting better trust, confidence, and transparency. Thus, DeFi is all set to rule the future of enterprises.

As a leading DeFi Development Company, Bitdeal holds the responsibility of both developing your DeFi application (dApp) and integrating your existing organization with decentralized finance (DeFi). With more than four years of proven industry experience in blockchain solutions and services, Bitdeal promises its ability to convert your DeFi business dreams into reality.

DeFi Development Company

The Advent of DeFi Revolution

DeFi recreates a better world for businesses by abolishing the existing hurdles.

The Advent of DeFi Revolution

Before DeFI

  • Complicated procedure in loans.
  • Illiquid financial market.
  • Frequent security breach.
  • Enormous fee for third-parties.
  • Corporate conspiracy
The Advent of DeFi Revolution

After DeFI

  • Flash loans in just 15 seconds!
  • Automated liquid market.
  • Encrypted by security protocols.
  • Absolutely ZERO intermediaries.
  • 100% transparent system.
The DeFi Era Has Just Begun.

If you could offer what people want, The market and the future are all yours.

Our DeFi Development Services.

Make revolution in digital globe via our incredible DeFi Solutions

DeFi DApp Development

Build your DeFi-based dApp on the blockchain networks to promote trust and transparency among your users.

DeFi Token Development

Launch your native DeFi token to boost the popularity of your DeFi protocol in the global crypto market.

DeFi Smart Contract

Build and deploy Ethereum smart contracts in your dApp to execute 100% automation in the operating system.

DeFi Wallet Development

Secure the funds of your members by developing your DeFi protocol's exclusive decentralized DeFi wallet.

DeFi Lending & Borrowing Development

Help the world's unbanked population avail loans & earn interest with your decentralized (DeFi) applications.

DeFi Stablecoin Development

Create and peg your stablecoin to any commodity and hedge the risk linked with volatile cryptocurrencies.

DeFi Lottery System Development

Gift your users the chance of winning the lottery jackpot, without losing any money, in your DeFi lottery system.

DeFi Insurance Platform Development

Build a DeFi insurance platform for the world that cannot be hacked (or) influenced by external factors.

DeFi DEX Development

Create a decentralized exchange platform with automated liquidity like Uniswap, Yearn.Finance or Compound.

White Label DeFi DEX Clone Solutions

To instantly gain market attention, Bitdeal makes clones of already existing top DeFi products for our clients overseas. Here are some of our top selling DeFi Clone Scripts with 100% customization specification.

DeFi Development On Various Blockchain

Here comes the list of blockchain networks we work when it comes to DeFi Development.


Our Security Audit Over DeFi Apps

Security is our main concern. When developing the DeFi applications, we undergo many security features integration and auditing steps to ensure high-end security DeFi protocols with less vulnerability.

  • Replay Attack Detection
  • Origin Authentication
  • Call Injection Detection
  • Rearrangement Attack Detection
  • Return Attack Detection
  • Wrong use of random number detection
  • Re-entry Attack Detection
  • Energy Consumption Detection
  • Frozen Account Bypass Detection
  • Transaction Order Dependency Detection
  • Access Control Defect Detection
  • Denial of Service attack Detection
  • Fraud Recharge Vulnerability Detection
  • Additional Token Issuance Vulnerability Detection
  • Arithmetic Accuracy Error
  • Numerical Overflow Detection
  • Redundant Code
  • Compiler Version Security
  • Uninitialized Storage Pointer
  • Return Value Call Verification
  • Safe Arithmetic Library
  • Fallback Function Safety
  • Variable Coverage
  • Timestamp Dependent Attack
  • Usage of unsafe interface Detection
  • Owner level permission Control
  • Low-level Function Safety
  • Use of Assert
  • Vulnerability Level Distribution
  • Burnability of assets and so on
Finite days. Infinite success.

How Does DeFi Manage To Do It?

Benefits Of DeFi Development

Zero Discrimination

Equitable global access to finance, regardless of race, religion, and status.

Immutable Smart Contracts
Immutable Smart Contracts

DeFi smart contracts are strictly unalterable. Hence, 100% accuracy and trust.

Transparent Protocol
Transparent Protocol

The openness of DeFi protocols makes the process highly transparent to users


DeFi applications can be built on top of each other to gain quick access and profit.

Non-Custodial Applications
Non-Custodial Applications

Users own complete control over their funds, crypto assets, and private data.

Low-Cost Transaction
Low-Cost Transaction

The absence of financial mediaries makes the transaction faster at low fees.

Cross Chain Bridges
Cross Chain Bridges

DeFi runs on an open -source permissionless blockchain,and offers an interoperability nature for dapps & tokens.

Borderless Transactions
Borderless Transactions

Anyone with the internet can access DeFi protocols from anywhere, as its liquidity is not limited by any borders.

Low-Cost Transaction
Open To All

Offers greater accessibility which makes it easy for everyone to use the platforms

DeFi Business Revenue Streams

Token Fundraising

Raise funds for your project with ICO by radiating the hype around the market.

Venture Investments

Attract venture capitalists and upgrade your business with investment funds.

Trade Fee

Compound your growth forever with the consistent fee from a highly liquid market.

Token Value

As your token popularizes, it surges in demand, value, and growth.

Reduced Costs

The absence of third-parties greatly reduces the associated charge and maintenance.

Global Customer Acquisition

Among 1.7 billion people, the more customer-base you acquire, the more liquidity.

DeFi Development For Industries

We transform 20+ industries with our Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Development Services

Supply Chain

Supply Chain











The Future Potential of DeFi

The DeFi revolution has amassed a total value of $14.08 billion in the protocols in just four years. Also, DeFi has the ability to integrate with NFT (Non-fungible Tokens) assets which people can digitally own forever. Hence, DeFi business is all set to skyrocket to the moon.

Why Bitdeal?

Being the top-notch DeFi Development Company who offers world-class complete DeFi solutions across all borders, we value our clients the most. We always place our clients and their needs at first priority before our growth & that made Bitdeal, the best choice when it comes to DeFi Development Services. Magnify your business in the DeFi Space by joining with Bitdeal’s team of DeFi experts.

  • Strong & Steady experience in Blockchain & Crypto Industry
  • Round the clock technical support
  • Flexibility in development progress
  • On time delivery with qualified output
  • Ultra Privacy over your personal & business data