Pancakeswap Clone Script


Pancakeswap Clone Script

is the Exact clone of DeFi AMM Protocol based exchange Pancakeswap, built on the Binance Smart Chain. With Our Standardized Pancakeswap clone, Cryptopreneurs Can Start their own DeFi based DEX Platform instantly with prolific features like liquidity pools, farming, staking and lottery mechanism. Expert Developers at Bitdeal, coded the script to support NFTs. Thus the exchange built with our pancakeswap clone script promotes Decentralized Finance as well as Non Fungible Tokens.

Version : Upgraded Version 3.0 (2022 Edition)
What’s New : NFT Marketplace, Multiple Smart Contracts, Liquidity APIs.

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White Label Pancakeswap Clone Script

Bitdeal provides white-label pancakeswap clone software that can be purchase to add more custom features to facilitate enhanced access to DeFi and NFT features. Our white label pancakeswap clone software tested as bug-free and can be used to deploy a DeFi based DEX Platform like pancakeswap. The pancakeswap clone software from bitdeal is coming as Software as a Services (SaaS) so that one can purchase it, develop it, and rebrand it as per the requirements. Our pancakeswap clone software has powered by swapping, trading, farming, lottery, staking features. So being our valued client, you can easily beat the competition and stand out from the crowd.

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Pancakeswap Clone Script Features

Flash Swapping

Our script is inherited with options to swap BEP 20 tokens and the users can earn the native token of the platform.

Ultra Security

The platform’s users can stake and farm LP tokens to earn the native token of the platform as farming rewards.

New Tokens

The platform is inbuilt with the pools through which users can add liquidity to the pools by exchange or staking of tokens.

Own Custodian

Using this feature users can trade BEP 20 tokens and other tokens on the platform.

DeFi Staking

The users of the platform & holders of native tokens have the right to vote for updates and corrections on the platform.

Liquidity pools

Users can buy lottery tickets and win the rewards if the number on their lottery matches with the winning lottery.

Flash Swapping

Our Pancakeswap Clone Script is inbuilt with NFTs through which platform users can earn

Ultra Security
Bug Bounty

The users of the platform are free to find the bugs or errors in the platform and report it. The users will be rewarded for each bug

New Tokens

As in Pancakeswap, our script also supports features like IFO, Initial Farm Offerings.

What’s New In Our

Pancakeswap Clone Script ?

We have updated our Pancakeswap Clone Script with new features like NFT Marketplace, Collectibles, IFO, ILO, and some other exchange & security features. This newly updated Pancakeswap Clone Script can help you launch the best DeFi AMM Platform like Pancakeswap.

Automatic token Swapping

Feature-Rich NFT Marketplace

Lottery System

Dynamic Staking

IFO, Initial Farming Offering

Pancakeswap Exchange Clone Development

Pancakeswp clone Development is the technical process of creating a complete DeFi DEX clone platform that works exactly similar to the ever-popular pancakeswap. At bitdeal, we practice the agile development process in creating a pancakeswap clone. Our experts are highly efficient in handling the live errors of Smart Contracts and fix them on the go with simple efforts. We build your pancakeswap clone as per the requirements and will make it as 'tasteful' as the 'pancake' by adding improvised features.

Build Your Own DeFi DEX Like Pancakeswap

Benefits Of Creating an Exchange Like Pancakeswap

The promising vision and the ever-increasing potential of DeFi is the ultimate reason behind every business person launching their own DeFi based DEX like Pancakeswap. Listed here are the other reasons and benefits you may get through by creating your DeFi DEX like Pancakeswap.

Brings a huge amount of ROI

Rising User Engagement

High Liquidity

Increased Visibility in DeFi Globe

Growing Trade Volume Every second

Why Choose Bitdeal For

Pancakeswap Clone Development ?

Expert DeFi Developers
NFT Marketplace Integration

Integration of NFT Marketplace features while the development of food-themed DeFi Protocol like Pancakeswap.

NFT Marketplace
The pool of DeFi Experts

We have a team of DeFi developers who can deliver unique Pancakeswap Clone Script

Agile Methodologies
Constant Technical Support

Complete and constant technical support for both pre-launch & post-launch of DeFi DEX.

Agile Methodologies
Agile Methodologies

Our DeFi Developers follow Agile Methodologies for the development of Pancakeswap Clone Script

Expert DeFi Developers
Improved Security

We add more layers to your pancakeswap clone, with high-end security features.

NFT Marketplace
Strategic Development

We just go through the result-driven approach to build your pancakeswap clone to be better in every aspect.

Pancakeswap Clone Script - People Also Ask

Pancakeswap Clone Script is the complete package of decentralized exchange script entirely build upon DeFi based open source protocol. By using this script as the primary source, one can build their own look-a-like Defi based DEX Exchange like Pancakewap

Of course Yes! We Bitdeal have skilled experts in all kinds of Blockchain Technology, you can choose your platform's native blockchain network

Automatic Market Maker plays the most prominent role in pancakeswap and our script is encrypted with Automatic Market Maker, only then the Exchange works like the replica of Pancakeswap

Yes, We designed our script in a way to support all the features that pancakeswap offers and you can also customize the script features

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