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Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company

Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company

Bitdeal - As a Leading Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company, we guarantee our valuable clients to build secure, faster, and next-gen cryptocurrency exchanges by availing our white label cryptocurrency exchange software development services. We have extended our services to 100+ countries around the world. Our team of experts is always ready to undergo deep research on any complex requirements and can guarantee you to deliver results on expected time frame with '0' bugs.

White Label

White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Software

White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Software- To Setup, Fast performing, Secured, Multi-Lingual, Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform Powered With Advanced Order Matching Engine, IEO,Smart Contract, ERC -20, TRX Tokens, OTC, DEX, P2P Trading Features. Our white label cryptocurrency exchange software basic features : KYC/AML, 2FA, Integrated Cryptocurrency Wallet, Merchant API’s, Liquidity API’s, Advanced CMS, Advanced Admin Console, Margin Trading, Cryptocurrency Staking and more premium features listed in the right here.

White Label

White Label Crypto Exchange Software Live Demo

We Create Exchanges With High Security Standards

We guarantee that our cryptocurrency exchange development process is completely acknowledging the cryptocurrency exchange security standard, So the developed cryptocurrency exchange would be fully hack proof, and will be entirely preventive towards future hi-tech security attacks. We often undergo a deep analysis of past, present, and future cyber security failures on global cryptocurrency exchanges, and will keep the results to take preventive measures while developing a new crypto exchange.

Cyber Security Score Check
Cyber Security Score Check
We proceed a deep cyber security score check, by ensuring the presence of SSL, Cookie Security,2FA,X-Frame, Strict-Transport-Security, Anti-Phishing Protection, AML, Device Management,SPF, WAF and various other factors.
Bug - Bounty
Bug - Bounty
Our internal security audit team will conduct a bug bounty program for the completed beta exchange to find out configuration errors and software bugs that have slipped from developers.
Penetration Test
Penetration Test
Our external expert team will ensure whether there is any security malfunctioning to be taken care of while moving the developed exchange to the next levels.

Our White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Features

Crypto Staking
Advanced CMS
Integrated Wallet
AML Integration / KYC
Cryptocurrency Price Ticker API
Advanced Order Types
White Label
Advanced Order Matching Engine
Customizable Platform
500+ Multi Cryptocurrencies Support
Smart Contract
Two Factor Authentication
ERC-20 And TRX Tokens Support

Build DEX Platform To Trade DeFi Tokens and NFTs

We are not limited to centralized and decentralized exchange development. We build DEx Platforms to trade DeFi Tokens and NFTs.

Build DEX Platform To Trade DeFi Tokens and NFTs

Derivative Trading Features Of Our Crypto Exchange Software


Future Contracts

Our crypto exchange software with future contracts can provide an option for traders to buy and sell assets at a specified time and price in future.
Crypto Staking

Perpetual Contracts

Our crypto exchange software with perpetual contracts can generate legal agreements for traders to buy and sell assets in future with no expiry date.
Perpetual Contracts

Cryptocurrency Options

We build crypto exchange platforms with options trading which gives traders the rights on buying and selling crypto assets at specified time in future.
Cryptocurrency Options

Our Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Services

Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

We build your own cryptocurrency exchange from scratch with our crypto exchange script.
Decentralized Exchange Development

Decentralized Exchange Development

We build a fully decentralized cryptocurrency exchange with our ready to launch a decentralized exchange script.
Hybrid Exchange Development

Hybrid Exchange Development

We Create a cryptocurrency exchange that can function as both centralized and decentralized at one single trading platform.
P2P Exchange Development

P2P Exchange Development

Acquire our p2p exchange script, to start creating your own peer to peer cryptocurrency trading platform like LocalBitcoins.
DeFi DEX Development

DeFi DEX Development

Provide an open platform for crypto traders to trade defi tokens by building a hassle free defi dex platform with defi dex script.
Crypto Exchange Clone Development

Crypto Exchange Clone Development

We Build crypto exchanges like binance, localbitcoins, paxful, remitano and more with our ready made cryptocurrency exchange clone script.

Our Top On Market Cryptocurrency Exchange Clone Scripts

At bitdeal we support new cryptocurrency exchange startups with warm hands and encourage them to quickly kick start their own cryptocurrency exchange with instant solutions. To Reduce the time and development effort, we provide white label cryptocurrency exchange clone script that costs less resources, low investment and will result in immediate market cap as well as help you to acquire a quick brand reputation among the competitive cryptocurrency exchange market.

Cryptocurrency ExchangeApp Development

Cryptocurrency ExchangeApp Development

Cryptocurrency Exchange App - A Lucrative business solution to grab more audience or customers to an exchange business with less marketing efforts and COI. At bitdeal we convert your entire exchange interface into a complete, user friendly, bug free mobile app with mandatory features.

  • Decentralized Exchange Development

    Decentralized Exchange Development

  • Decentralized Exchange Development

    Cryptocurrency Wallet APP

  • Decentralized Exchange Development

    Decentralized Exchange App

General Cryptocurrency FAQ's

Cryptocurrency Exchange Software is a cryptocurrency trading application through which one can launch their own crypto exchange platform. Our Cryptocurrency Exchange Software is developed and deployed with advanced trading features and plugins. We leverage cybersecurity protocols that make your cryptocurrency exchange platform resistant to hacking and perform seamless trading.

White-label Cryptocurrency Exchange Software is a ready-made bitcoin & cryptocurrency trading software package inbuilt with advanced features that would let you to build a Cryptocurrency Exchange instantly and effortlessly. Our white label bitcoin exchange software package is embedded with advanced encryption techniques and completely designed based upon cyber-security protocols so the exchange building with Bitdeal's cryptocurrency exchange software promises top-notch security and remains unhackable.

A cryptocurrency exchange script is a complete source code, that has been written with inbuilt features that would help to setup a complete cryptocurrency exchange like binance or whatever.

The process of setting up a cryptocurrency exchange will involve a lot of process, approximately it would cost upto $15-$35 per hour and additional changes, customization charges will be added if applicable.

Here is the approximate schedule that bitdeal team used to follow to setup a basic cryptocurrency exchange with basic features. Based on the customization, and other user requirements the time frame will vary.

  • Scope Discussion and Project confirmation - Nealy 168 hours
  • Business Plan Presentation & Project Team Allocation - 120 Hours
  • Storyboard Preparation based on the modules - 600 Hours
  • Design Phase - 350 hours
  • Development Phase - 1300 Hours
  • Testing Phase - 240 hours
  • Deployment Phase & additional Changes - 240 Hours

You can launch a cryptocurrency exchange in any country, but while you starting it you should comply with the native government laws. But, in some countries you don’t have to face that kind of risk, Countries that are not opposite to bitcoin payment will be declared as legal to start a cryptocurrency exchange.

  • The United States
  • Canada
  • Europe
  • Brazil
  • Malta
  • Estonia
  • South Korea
  • Australia
  • Switzerland
  • France

You can contract bitdeal team via any medium either through WhatsApp, Skype, direct call or via directly dropping a mail.

Mail: [email protected]

Whatsapp / Telegram : +919677555651

Skype : Join Us Via Skype

Call @ +919677555651

Yes, it is possible with the use of the binance clone script. This kind of script has been developed with all the basic and advanced trading features of the binance, and with which we can customize it for further improvements.

Yes, you can get cryptocurrency wallet development services from bitdeal, we can provide, wallet development, and repair services. Cryptocurrency Web Wallet, Mobile Wallet, and Desktop wallet can be developed by bitdeal.

Our cryptocurrency exchange development process will be processed with the following steps.

  • Requirement Gathering & Scope analysis
  • Business Plan, Documentation & Allocation Of Resources
  • Wireframe & ProtoTyping
  • UI/UX Design
  • Development Phase
  • Testing
  • Final Changes
  • Deployment
  • Testing After Launch

The benefit of using a crypto exchange clone script is you can easily setup a cryptocurrency exchange with the original features of the desired cryptocurrency exchange. The time frame will be reduced, and the cost will be too low, since it requires a minimum amount of customization.

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