How To Start a Crypto Exchange Like Wazirx ?

Wolfie Zhao
Sep 18, 2019 at 06:50 PM
Updated Jan 14, 2020 at 11:31 AM

We, Bitdeal -Leading Crypto Exchange Clone Script Provider, offers the best clone scripts of top exchanges to start your own exchange as like Binance, Poloniex, Paxful, Remitano and so on. Our experts develop WazirX Clone Script with advanced modules and Security APIs.

WazirX Clone Script 

It is a website clone that has the features and plug-ins as like the most popular crypto exchange Wazirx. We, Bitdeal develop the best WazirX clone script with enhanced security features and APIs.

Now, let us discuss about WazirX exchange, its highlights and how to launch a crypto exchange as like WazirX.

What Is Wazrix?

WazirX is one of the most popular crypto exchange platform in India, which allows for P2P trading of crypto assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoins and lot more.

WazirX is a crypto exchange with advanced trading features and interface. It is the only exchange in India that has Live Open Order Book system for trading of crypto assets.

Why to start an Exchange Like WazirX?

WazirX is an Indian-based Peer to Peer Crypto Exchange Platform that offers a powerful trading interface which allows for easy and fast buy/sell of crypto asset.

As India stands on the middle of "The acceptance and regulation of cryptos and Blockchain " inside the country, there are only a few entrepreneurs are ready to start business related to cryptocurrency/blockchain.

If you start your own crypto exchange as like WazirX in India, you can also make huge users and stand out in the crowd. You can also expand your services all through the globe and make more revenue and users.

Here are some highlights of WazirX Exchange that one must know before starting an exchange as like WazirX.

Highlights of WazirX

1. WazirX is an Indian crypto trading platform that offers an exchange of cryptocurrencies using real-time open order book system.

2. WRX is a digital currency as like Bitcoin whose value, liquidity and utility increase substantially with time.

WRX is a crypto coin/token of WazirX which can be used for buying and selling of other cryptocurrencies.

3. WazirX allows for buy/sell of USDT( Tether ) for INR directly with other traders. Tether is also a stable coin which has a value equal to fiat currencies.

4. WazirX offers deposits and withdrawals at an amazing speed and with less effort.

5. You can store your digital assets in your own WazirX wallet which is more secure and protective.

6. WazirX is one of the most secure exchanges in India as it inherits Bitcoin Escrow concept in trading and also invest regular security audits.

7. In WazirX, you can experience KYC verification process within a few hours and their experts are working to reduce it to a few minutes.

8. The trading speed on WazirX is faster as it has a system infrastructure that can handle millions of transactions at a second.

9. WazirX provides a mobile app through which you can trade cryptocurrency which is known as the native crypto trading app of WazirX " WazirX App ".

Here is a video clip that explains the trading process on WazirX App.

10. Totally, WazirX offers a fast and safe trading experience on all kind of platforms such as web, ios, and android.

11. The transaction fees on WazirX is based on Maker-Taker Model, in which maker gets a bouns.

Maker - 0.20% bouns
Taker-  0.25 % transaction fees.

Is It safe to trade on WazirX?

To explain how safe is WazirX is for trading, let us have a look at the things that are explained by WazirX team on "Crypto Ban In India ".

WazirX explained that Crypto Ban in India is just a draft and it is not true, even if the draft is true it should be presented in parliament and passed by majority.

Until, there is no official Government announcement about the "Crypto Ban In India", so you no need to panic about crypto trading in India as well as WazirX.

All your funds will be safer, even after the announcement of Government, as WazirX is now registered as International Exchange.

How to start an Exchange like WazirX?

To start your own crypto exchange as like WazirX, you need WazirX clone script which possesses all the features as like WazirX.

Bitdeal - The Best Crypto Exchange Development Company, offers the best crypto exchange clone scripts of top-most exchanges. We, develop WazirX clone script with enhanced features and advanced security modules.

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Why Bitdeal For WazirX Clone Script?

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6. Multi coins and multi-language support
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