Privacy Policy

This privacy policy states how Bitdeal collects & uses information of users who visit & share their data on the website. Bitdeal does not sell or disseminate user information to other organizations or third parties. We collect user information to serve your requirements & respond to requirements.

Data Security Compliance

The safety and privacy of user data are a vital part of the enterprise. We state the point of providing our clients assurance of information & data security. Bitdeal has committed to user online privacy, appropriate security, and management of personal information shared with Bitdeal.

Security Standard for Bitdeal User's Data

Bitdeal protects its customer's data & personal information by executing multiple layers of security measures, such as:


This action encrypts sensitive information, which makes it inaccessible to unauthorized users or third parties.


Firewalls are a combination of software and hardware components. It acts as a security layer to prevent unauthorized access between an organization's internal network and the open-world internet.

Access Limitations

This protocol involves restricting who can access sensitive data & actions that can be taken with the data.

Risk assessments

It helps in taking care of identifying & validating the user information & executing control actions to diminish the risks.

Regular security audits

Bitdeal will be completely involved in reviewing & testing its security systems for identifying & fixing any frailties that exist.


Bitdeal follows some regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, etc.

Employee Training

Regular training of employees on security measures and best practices can help reduce the risk of accidental data breaches.

Collecting User Information

We gather data about our website users either directly or indirectly using Internet logs. When the user accesses our, the user details such as internet address & locations are automatically stored in our internet logs. We store this data for getting details about the user engagement types such as visited pages, sections, etc.

Disclosure of User Information Usage

Personal information refers to any kind of data that can be used to identify a single person or individual, that may include, but may not be limited to, first and last names, physical addresses, emails, contact information, and country details.

Bitdeal doesn't collect the personal information of its users unless they voluntarily provide it to us while inquiring about our services and product demos through emails, Live chats, or by filling up our website forms. The information we collect may include, but may not be limited to, first and last names, physical addresses, emails, contact information, and country details. Bitdeal does not sell, rent or spread personal data about the user with non-affiliated brands or companies.

Cookies Policy

Bitdeal may or may not use the Web for assisting in producing overall website usage statistics. Generally, cookies cannot be used to find the identity of any individual unless they provide the necessary information about them. If the user feels it is unnecessary, they can simply disable cookies by changing their browser settings.

Information May be Disclosed Under the Following Circumstances

Our enterprise will share the information with third parties for legally trusted brands that work on behalf of only for legal purposes under a highly standardized security contract.

Bitdeal responds to affidavits, and legal orders, for executing own legal rights or defending legal charges.

It is necessary to share the user's personal information with government authorities in case of detecting spam, Fraudsters, or other government-related operations.

Acceptance Of Policy

As a user, visiting the website & inquiring about our services, you indicate your acceptance of the terms & conditions disclosed above. If there is any change in the policy, your continued usage of our website will be taken as acceptance of those changes.


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