What is Decentralized Exchange?

In Centralized exchange, traders must deposit their funds to third party admin wallet, who will keep all your crypto funds and wallet private key in a centralized server. But decentralized exchange website will never store your funds in a third party wallet. Centralized exchange runs under the central authority. But decentralized exchange website will have no central authority i.e. traders alone have full decision making authority to control and manage their funds with high security.

Why Decentralized Exchange?

According to a recent market analysis report, in last 3 years approximately more than $100 million has been stolen from unsecured centralized exchange wallets. By concerning this as a big issue, Cryptocurrency industry have bring up a next generation exchange model which is called Decentralized Exchange.

Decentralized Exchange Script

The main goal of Cryptocurrency entrepreneurs is to create a Cryptocurrency exchange website whereas it should perform instant trading with decentralization. If you are also looking to create such Cryptocurrency exchange website, then decentralized exchange script will be the best choice for you.
Bitdeal provides completely secured decentralized exchange script and software solution which will support to setup a technically advanced and customer friendly exchange website.

Are you looking for advanced decentralized exchange platform?

At Bitdeal, We provide an overwhelming solution of decentralized exchange services with advanced features. Our expertise always ready to discuss with you all the possibilities that can help them to offer world class Cryptocurrency decentralized exchange services, which enables faster and complex trading to take seamlessly. Our Process begins by learning about your business in and out. Then we put ourselves to promote the best part of your business.

Best Decentralized Exchange Website Script Features

We provide eminent decentralized exchange features to build your own decentralized exchange platform and proceed digital currency trading effectively.

Easy Registration

Centralized exchanges will take a lot of sequential process to register a new trader account, but where as DEX will filter the registration processes and will help traders to make faster signup.

Multiple Crypto Pairing

DEX will enable any to any Cryptocurrency trading, which means traders can enable trading with any type of registered and approved cryptocurrencies.

Traders Control Funds

Traders have full access to control their funds, and can trade directly from their personal wallet without depositing funds in to a third party wallet.

Hardware Wallets Integration

Our secured Decentralized script can help you to build a decentralized exchange platform which can enable plug and play trading with your hardware wallet.

Quick and Safe

Decentralized exchanges allows traders to make exchanges faster than a centralized exchange without risk of losing trade profit.

Proven trustworthiness & privacy

DEX will operate and transact funds behind the control of traders. So there will be no loop hole in securing and managing your digital assets.

Additional Features

Feature Currency

Atomic Swap possible

The specialty of decentralized exchange is, it brings up a new exchange model called atomic swapping technology, which will perform enhanced and decentralized trading of crypto to crypto.

Feature Currency

Decentralized Order book

Decentralized exchange will never rely on a central order book services, instead it compiles its own order book and uses a DHT system to retrieve buy/sell orders.

Feature Currency

Super responsive to complex trades

A decentralized exchange may involve with many and continues complex trades, so by taking this as a concern Bitdeal provides a optimized decentralized exchange script to support complex trades.

Feature Currency

Comfortable fee structure

DEX platforms will structure out , most reasonable and affordable price plan for exchange and trading, which will be less than 50% transaction fee of CEX platform.

Feature Currency

Simple Interface

Bitdeal develops decentralized exchange script which will be support to setup a simple and intuitive exchange interface for traders to make smooth trading.


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What are the Core Benefits?

Commission Fee

The fee structure can be framed according to your suggestion as it has different models of revenue. Prices can be marked up in order to gain more profit.

  • 1. Boost trading ratio of your Cryptocurrency exchange website
  • 2. Less commission fee can increase use engagement
  • 3. For various Cryptocurrency pairing, you can charge different commission fees.

Hardware wallet

We provide decentralized exchange script to create a robust decentralized exchange website. The exchange platform can support trading with offline hardware(cold) wallets , so that traders can import their wallet address without any consequences. Our Script support,

  • 1. Meta Mask Ethereum Cold Wallet
  • 2. Traders can drag their key store from {.}Json file
  • 3. Trezor cold wallet support
  • 4. Ledger support
  • 5. Private key Import option

Referral Program

It is an another money yielding program for Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange Website which will be beneficial for both platform owners and the active traders.

  • 1. Traders can get commission for referring a certain number of people.
  • 2. Traders can gain a cut of on transaction fee for referring people.
  • 3. Traders can collect commission for referring people to join the membership program.
Readymade decentralized exchange script, PHP source code available at bitdeal.net. We provide best software support to design, develop and deploy a fully decentralized exchange website(DEX). Increase your business profit by integrating atomic swapping, Ethereum trade, and much more Cryptocurrency trading modules with your decentralized exchange.

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