Decentralized Exchange Development

Decentralized exchanges (DEX) will never store traders funds in a third party wallet & the traders have full decision making authority to manage their funds with high security. The highlight of a decentralized exchange is, it never allows the inconveniences that we face in traditional centralized exchange. The entire system runs based on atomic swapping and a smart contract system.

At bitdeal, being a reputed cryptocurrency exchange development company, we welcome the innovation in the cryptocurrency industry. Acknowledging that we have been expanded our services and have added decentralized exchange development as an essential service since the early 2017. With lot of requirements and upgrades we have enriched our decentralized exchange development services by providing unique bug-free ready made decentralized exchange script to the startup market. We provide DEX development services on various blockchains including Ethereum and TRON.

decentralized exchange script software

Build 10x Faster and Secured DeFi-Based DEX Platform To Boost Your ROI

We Bitdeal develop and deploy Decentralized Exchange Script by leveraging
Open Source DeFi protocols to launch your DEX platform like Uniswap.

Why to start a Decentralized Exchange?

Decentralized Exchange is one which processes the transactions automatically and does not require any central authority to control the transactions. The main reason to launch your own DEX platform is that it involves very less expense or operational costs as compared to traditional centralized exchange.You don't have to spend more on sophisticated server,security and more as DEX automates everything with minimal expenditure. As DEX involves blockchain smart contracts which initiates each transaction on the platform automatically,you can enjoy recurring revenue as there are increasing traders for decentralized exchange each second.

No Involvement of Third Party

Atomic Swapping

High-End Security

Sole Ownership

Blockchain Smart Contract

Easy Integration of Liquidity API

Low Risks and Hacks

High User Anonymity

Faster Trading

High Recurring revenue

How Decentralized Exchange Platform Works?

No Sign up & KYC

No DEX platform will involve a sign up or registration process, KYC verification to start trading in DEX platform.

Connect Your Wallet

You can connect your wallet like meta mask, coinbase wallet or any other hardware wallet or browser extension into the DEX trading platform.

Load with Cryptos

You can load your wallet with cryptocurrency before connecting it to the trading platform or after connecting load with the desired cryptocurrency.

Place an Order

Every DEX platform supports for crypto to crypto trading. Place buy/sell order to exchange the cryptocurrency with signatures in DEX platform.

Smart Contract Automates Trading

While placing the order,the amount is debited from your wallet which is holded by smart contract until exact match gets found.

Transaction to the wallet

When the exact match is found your wallet is credited with the desired cryptos. You can cancel the placed order anytime & get back the debited amount to wallet.


Decentralized Exchange Development Services

We Bitdeal, leading Decentralized Exchange Development Company offers the following decentralized cryptocurrency exchange development services and solutions overseas.

Decentralized Exchange Script

We provide highly secured decentralized exchange script to launch your own DEX Platform with advanced trading features and plugins

Decentralized Exchange Software

Get readymade decentralized exchange software and launch your decentralized exchange instantly to earn high ROI in short span of time

Decentralized Exchange Application

Build decentralized exchange mobile applications to grab more mobile users into your trading platform and increase transactions & liquidity.

DeFi-Based DEX

Our Experts are ready to create decentralized exchanges by utilizing defi open source protocols to launch your own defi-based Dex like Uniswap.

Smart Contract Development

Integrate our unique and highly secured smart contract in your DEX Script to automate the seamless transactions of your decentralized exchange.

Crypto Wallet Development

We develop and integrate a cryptocurrency wallet with our decentralized exchange script to store your trader's assets secured and completely free from hacks.

Decentralized Exchange Script Features

We provide eminent decentralized exchange features to build your own decentralized exchange platform

decentralized exchange easy registration
Easy Registration

Centralized exchanges will take a lot of sequential process to register a new trader account, but where as DEX will filter the registration processes and will help traders to make faster signup.

decentralized exchange multiple crypto pairing
Multiple Crypto Pairing

DEX will enable any to any Cryptocurrency trading, which means traders can enable trading with any type of registered and approved cryptocurrencies.

DEX traders control funds
Traders Control Funds

Traders have full access to control their funds, and can trade directly from their personal wallet without depositing funds in to a third party wallet.

DEX hardware wallet integration
Hardware Wallets Integration

Our secured Decentralized script can help you to build a decentralized exchange platform which can enable plug and play trading with your hardware wallet.

decentralized exchange faster than a centralized exchange
Quick and Safe

Decentralized exchanges allows traders to make exchanges faster than a centralized exchange without risk of losing trade profit.

DEX proven trustworthiness and privacy
Proven trustworthiness & privacy

DEX will operate and transact funds behind the control of traders. So there will be no loop hole in securing and managing your digital assets.

DEX Platforms We Expertise

DEX Platforms We Expertise

Additional Features

decentralized exchange with atomic swapping

Atomic Swap possible

The specialty of decentralized exchange is, it brings up a new exchange model called atomic swapping technology, which will perform enhanced and decentralized trading of crypto to crypto.

decentralized exchange order book

Decentralized Order book

Decentralized exchange will never rely on a central order book services, instead it compiles its own order book and uses a DHT system to retrieve buy/sell orders.

DEX supports complex trades

Super responsive to complex trades

A decentralized exchange may involve with many and continues complex trades, so by taking this as a concern Bitdeal provides a optimized decentralized exchange script to support complex trades.

DEX platform fee structure

Comfortable fee structure

DEX platforms will structure out , most reasonable and affordable price plan for exchange and trading, which will be less than 50% transaction fee of CEX platform.

decentralized exchange website interface

Simple Interface

Bitdeal develops decentralized exchange script which will be support to setup a simple and intuitive exchange interface for traders to make smooth trading.

Why Choose Bitdeal forWhy Choose Bitdeal for

Decentralized Exchange Development

Decentralized Exchange Development

Fully Customizable Solutions
Fully Customizable Solutions

We offer decentralized exchange scripts which can be customized with required features and plugins anytime.

24X7 Technical Support
24X7 Technical Support

Bitdeal have a separate technical support team who can assist you anytime related to installation and service related support.

Expertise in Crypto Industry
Expertise in Crypto Industry

We serve in the crypto industry with pool of experts making more happy clients across the globe through our cryptocurrency solutions

Transparency in Progress
Transparency in Progress

You can reach our experts anytime regarding any changes or modification. We provide a transparent work environment through which you can get the knowledge of the project status.


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General DEX FAQ's

Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange is an online medium that allows users to buy and sell cryptos without the involvement of an intermediary. The working of the DEX platform relies on a trading pair matching system, which is also called blockchain-smart contracts, which executes the trades on the platform automatically without the presence of any central authority.

The White Label decentralized exchange script is a readymade decentralized exchange script developed and deployed with attractive and advanced trading features which would help you in launching your own DEX platform. We Bitdeal, offers you a decentralized exchange script built under cybersecurity standards and possesses all security and trading APIs to make your DEX platform reach high in the crypto market.

Starting from the scratch, We Bitdeal - Leading Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company offers the bug-free decentralized exchange script to set up your DEX platform instantly.

We Bitdeal develop decentralized exchange script which costs approximately $3000 -$3500 and our DEX script is completely customizable

Easiest way to launch your own DEX platform like Uniswap,is through Uniswap Clone Script. We Bitdeal assist you with unique Uniswap Clone Script at an affordable cost.

Rewards & Recognitions