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Safe Moon Clone - Create Your Own Fundraising DeFi Protocol like SafeMoon

Get SafeMoon Clone from Bitdeal to launch your own DeFi Token like SafeMoon

Safe Moon Clone - Create Your Own Fundraising DeFi Protocol like SafeMoon

SafeMoon Clone Script

SafeMoon Clone Script is a decentralized script that assists in launching an open-source DeFi Token platform with the combination of both RFI Tokenomics & and automated liquidity pools like SafeMoon.

With this SafeMoon Clone Script, anyone can launch their own Fundraising DeFi Token Protocol like SafeMoon.

We Bitdeal, develop & deploySafeMoon Clone Script which replicates all the functionalities as in SafeMoon and can also be customized to your requirements.

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Prime Features of Our SafeMoon Clone

Listed here are the features of SafeMoon Clone.

Trouble-Free Farming Rewards

The users get rewards on the platform without carrying any operations on the platform but just being a part of the community.

Percentage Based Return

Based on the crypto holding that the users have on the platform, they get rewarded with a specific percent of returns.

Mass Adoption

As SafeMoon has mass adoption, launching fundraising platforms like SafeMoon with SafeMoon Clone will be the best real-world business solution.


This platform collects 10% of the selling amount from investors and distributes it to the existing investors and also for a liquidity pool, making it compatible against the market fluctuations.

High APY

Offers the users/investors with a high annual percentage yield for the investment made by them on the platform.

Special Features of Our SafeMoon Clone

  • Automated Liquidity Pool
  • Community Governed Tokens
  • Stable Rewards
  • Automated Market Making
  • Manual Burning
  • RFI Staking Rewards
  • LP Acquisition and more.

Benefits of Creating DeFi Protocol like SafeMoon

Listed here are the advantages of SafeMoon like DeFi Token.

1. Transparent

In DeFi, the transactions are stored in the blockchain and it is transparent ie., everyone in the community knows the transactions. These can not be altered and can be used as proof of verification.

2. Lower Transaction Fee

DeFi tokens are designed which follows a circumvented approach that reduces the transaction fees. The transaction fees depend on the platform and blockchain network.

3. Fast Performance

All the DeFi protocols like SafeMoon makes various financial processes faster and the streamlined Escrow-protected smart contracts act as a profitable investment way and a faster financial system.

4. Borderless Transaction

These token's anonymity, borderless store, and cross-border transaction nature assist a reliable borderless financial security anytime and anywhere.

5. Ownership

The SafeMoon like DeFi tokens offer complete ownership for each digital asset and the transaction will be executed with multi-factor authentication. 

How Does Our SafeMoon Clone Work?

Automatic Liquidity Pool

The automatic liquidity pool collects funds from both buyers and sellers by any means and returns those into the liquidity pools to create a solid price floor.


Offering a passive reward to your investors each time when they make entry into the platform to make them happy.

Static Rewards

Static Rewards are the way to save investors from various challenges such as volume-based trading, conditional-based trading, and so on.

Manual Burns

This is a new method to burn the unsold cryptocurrency to decrease the volume making their value spike in the market,

How to get listed your SafeMoon Clone Token on any DEX Exchange?

Here are the steps to list your SafeMoon like DeFi token on any DEX Exchanges.

Step 1 : Create Account
Step 2 : Integration of Wallet
Step 3 : Collection of Funds
Step 4 : Surfing of Decentralized Applications (DApps)
Step 5 : Selection of Currency
Step 6 : Registration of Address
Step 7 : Integration of Slippage & Swapping
Step 8 : Transaction Confirmation
Step 9 : Conversion of Currency
Step 10 : Purchase your own DeFi token like SafeMoon now.

SafeMoon Clone Development

The process of developing a DeFi Protocol like SafeMoon to launch your own DeFi based fundraising platform with Governance Token like SafeMoon Token with options to trade with three simple functions as like in SafeMoon such as Reflection, LP Acquisition, & Burn is known as SafeMoon Clone Development. 

We Bitdeal - DeFi Development Company offers A to Z DeFi Development Services which involves DeFi Staking Platform Development, DeFi Yield Farming Development, DeFi Token Development, DeFi DEX Exchange Development and more. We also provide clones of top DeFi Protocols to start your own DeFi Platform instantly.

Some of our top selling DeFi Protocols Clones are

Ready to launch your own DeFi based Fundraising Token Platform like SafeMoon? 

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SafeMoon - A Simple Beginner’s Guide

Without any doubt, cryptocurrency is no longer a new word for all of us. This volatile crypto market has seen a recent price surge and this shows the growth of cryptocurrencies in recent days. 

Already there are many cryptocurrencies on the list and some of the cryptos that grab a lot of attention involve Ethereum, Bitcoin, StopElon, Dogecoin, and more. A new cryptocurrency being launched in March 2021, is getting noticed widely and brings an embracement in cryptocurrency globe is, SafeMoon.

Do you aware of it?

If not, swipe below and go through the article to get geared up with basic knowledge about "SafeMoon".

What is SafeMoon? 

SafeMoon is an open-source DeFi protocol that provides easy trading through three simple functions such as reflection, LP Acquisition, and Burn.

As the name's expansion "Safely to the Moon" makes itself a DeFi Token.
As it was launched in March 2021, this SafeMoon is being a demandable crypto token in the market as Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

SafeMoon Specification

Currency Price : $0.000005063
Market Cap : $2,964,366,637
Founder/CEO : John Karony
Total Supply of Token: 1 quadrillion tokens

How does SafeMoon Work?

The official website of SafeMoon states that the holders of SafeMoon can earn passive income through static reflection, which makes this crypto unique from others.

 SafeMoon employs a manual burn strategy which enables rewarding and beneficial burn strategy to the long-term holders.

This protocol limits the selling of tokens rather than encouraging its holdings in the platform.
People selling tokens on SafeMoon hit a 10% penalty tax fee on the transaction in which 5% is distributed to all current token holders

Know here How To Buy SafeMoon?

.Hope you got an overview of SafeMoon and the benefits of launching your own fundraising DeFi Protocol like SafeMoon.

Stay Tuned with Bitdeal to move forward with the crypto globe !

Disclaimer: Bitdeal never has control over the Safemoon and their trademark, also we are not doing any promotional activities for them . We are using the term "Safemoon" for easy understanding and identification. Our products and services are not mean to harm any organization or individual.


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