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Paraswap Clone Script - Launch Your Own DeFi Based DEX Aggregator

Get Feature rich ParaSwap Clone Script from Bitdeal and launch your own DEX Aggregator

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Paraswap Clone Script -  Launch Your Own DeFi Based DEX Aggregator

ParaSwap Clone Script

ParaSwap Clone Script is a completely decentralized exchange script built on an open-source DeFi protocol used to launch a DeFi based DEX Aggregator like ParaSwap.
With ParaSwap Clone Script anyone can launch their own DEX Aggregator like ParaSwap which supports for fast and safe swapping of Ethereum tokens through pooling the liquidity together from various DEX platforms in a single interface.

We Bitdeal develop & deploy ParaSwap Clone Script with a perfectly audited smart contract built on a blockchain network ( Binance Smart Chain or Ethereum or any blockchain you prefer) with which you can launch your own DEX Aggregator platform.

Whitelabel ParaSwap Clone Script

A ready-to-launch source code that is inbuilt with all the features and functionalities as in the world’s fastest DEX Aggregator ParaSwap to instantly launch your own DeFi based DEX Aggregator is known as White Label ParaSwap Clone Script. 

White Label ParaSwap Clone Script developed by highly skilled experts with advanced APIs and with zero bugs is available in Bitdeal and you can claim for the live demo of the script anytime for free of cost.

Bitdeal’s ParaSwap Clone Script Specification 

⇒ Version: ParaSwap Clone Script ( Latest Update in May 2021)
⇒ Script Type: Decentralized (DEX Script)
⇒ Swapping Tokens: Ethereum Tokens
⇒ Supported Cryptos : BNB, ERC,USDC,USDT,DAI,LTC,CAKE and more.
⇒ Platform: DEX Aggregator
⇒ Support for: Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, and so on. (Can be customized based on requirements)
⇒ API Integration: High Liquidity APIs 
⇒ Integration of DEX Platform Support: PancakeSwap, Uniswap, Bancor, and more.

Basic Components of Our ParaSwap Clone Script

Listed here are the basic components of our ParaSwap Clone Script.

► Perfectly Audited Smart Contract
► Ultra Secure Crypto Wallet
► Liquidity Pools
► Swapping APIs
► High-Security Protocols
► Completely Transparent Blockchain Network
► Various Payment Gateways 
► Token Listing APIs and so on.

Prime Features of Our ParaSwap Clone Script

Here are the major features supported by our ParaSwap Clone Script


An option that supports a very simple and optimized way to swap tokens.

Swap & Pay

A way to swap a given token in any address to another token in another address.
For eg: ETH in A address to DAI in B address.


Users are allowed to lock their assets for supplying liquidity to Bancor or any other DEX platform and earn a share of commissions.

Price Alerts

For each price hike or drop the users are notified through the emails or URI by triggering your price alerts.

Bug Bounty

A program to reward the users who find the bugs or errors in the aggregator platform as a whole.

Above listed are the major features of our ParaSwap Clone Script and our script is customizable that you can add or modify any features into the script at any time

Premium Features of Our ParaSwap Clone Script

Some of the advanced features of Bitdeal's ParaSwap Clone Script is as follows :

♦ Swapper Contract
♦ OFF chain Pricing Mechanism
♦ Pricing Aggregator
♦ Fee Wallet Integrated 
♦ Pathing Protocol (As like Multipath in ParaSwap)
♦ Automated Marketing Maker
♦ Error-free Smart Contracts
♦ Price Slippage Protocol
♦ Positive Slippage Making 
♦ Liquidity Pools and more.

Supported Cryptocurrencies 

Listed here are the supported cryptocurrencies of our ParaSwap Clone Script.

Ø XTZ and more.

Hope you have got the complete information about our ParaSwap Clone Script. 

Before knowing the process of our ParaSwap Clone Development, let us have a look at the overview of ParaSwap and the benefits of starting a DeFi Aggregator like ParaSwap.

ParaSwap - What is it? 

ParaSwap is the fastest DEX Aggregator which supports the simple and safe exchange of Ethereum tokens through pooling together the liquidity from various decentralized exchanges into one interface.

ParaSwap is completely an Ethereum native application that provides DEX service with resiliency and transparency. It is the first DEX Aggregator to offer access to relevant DeFi services such as Aave or Idle Finance.

Why Launch a DeFi DEX Aggregator like ParaSwap?

Listed here are the major benefits of starting your own DeFi Aggregator like ParaSwap.

⇒ Benefits both large & small traders
⇒ Presence of Swap pool, multipath and Gas tokens and more.
⇒ Attracts more user base
⇒ Creates more Revenue
⇒ Integration of Positive Slippage increases the number of trades.

Some other advantages of launching your own DeFi DEX Aggregator like ParaSwap is that you can get brand visibility and market sustainability sooner than other business ideas.

Without any delay, let us know the Bitdeal’s ParaSwap Clone Development in detail.

ParaSwap Clone Development

The development of a decentralized aggregator platform like ParaSwap on any blockchain network with feature-rich smart contracts is known as the ParaSwap Clone Development.

This ParaSwap Clone Development process involves developing, deploying, and installing a DEX Aggregator platform like ParaSwap using ParaSwap Clone Script or software package.

We, Bitdeal - Leading DeFi Development Company offers popular DeFi DEX Protocols clones such as Uniswap Clone Script, PancakeSwap Clone Script, BakerySwap Clone Script, and more with advanced features and plugins.

Our ParaSwap Exchange Clone Development Processes

The process of development of ParaSwap Clone involves 

► Development & Deployment of Smart Contracts
► Exchange API Integration
► Integration of Swapping API
► Adding Bug Bounty Program
► Addition of Liquidity Pools
► Crypto Wallet Integration
► Price API Integration
► Multi-Path Set-up 
► Automated Market-Making Mechanism
► Beta Testing and Installation

How much does it cost to start a DeFi based Aggregator like ParaSwap with Bitdeal's ParaSwap Clone Script?

Creating a DeFi Aggregator like ParaSwap is not so tricky and it will be simple and easy if you go with ParaSwap Clone Script.

The Cost of ParaSwap Clone Script may vary with different DeFi development companies and can also charge additional when requirements are extra. But We Bitdeal - As a Leading DeFi Development Company, stands with a standard cost that is flexible to some extent based on requirements. If you want to know the pricing of our ParaSwap clone script, talk to our experts instantly. Our Experts are always available online.

Why Choose ParaSwap Clone Script from Bitdeal?

⇔ Highly Expertise in DeFi Space
⇔ Long-Lasting Technical Support
⇔ Highly Customizable DeFi Clones
⇔ Regular Updates about Project Status
⇔ Happy Clients across the globe
⇔ Delivered more than 100+ DeFi Projects
⇔ Affordable Price when compared to others and more.
⇔ Hire Our DeFi Experts for your project
⇔ Quick & Expected Delivery and more.

Ready To Launch Your Own DeFi based DEX Aggregator like ParaSwap?

Get a Free Quote for ParaSwap Clone Script from Bitdeal Now !!

Disclaimer: Bitdeal never has control over the Paraswap and their trademark, also we are not doing any promotional activities for them . We are using the term "Paraswap" for easy understanding and identification. Our products and services are not mean to harm any organization or individual.


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