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How To Create NFT Wallet App For NFT Marketplaces?

Explore what is NFT wallet, its features and the step by step guide to develop the NFT wallet

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How To Create NFT Wallet App For NFT Marketplaces?

When we look deep in the crypto industry, we obviously spot out how it's upgrading itself day by day and its phenomenal adoption of new trends. But this thing remains the same from its baby steps, Guess what ?

Wallet !

Crypto Trends May come and go! But wallet is the most prominent and constant element

When ICO reaches the sky, we bitdeal develop and deploy ICO wallet to the potential entrepreneurs followed by escrow featured cryptocurrency Wallet, Defi Wallet and now rely with the hottest trend and started providing NFT Wallet Development Services

NFT - Quick Introduction

Non Fungible Token, NFT is an unique representation of any real world assets, events, artwork ,etc, in a digital form which gives ownership to the creator which can't be altered or modified but the NFT holder can sell or Exchange the tokens as per their wish. Next to Defi, NFTs making strong waves in Crypto space and the day by day, its market capitalization value keeps on rising in the coinmarketcap.

NFT Marketplace

The one and only place to get NFTs  is NFT Marketplace. It is a kind of platform that builds an ethereum blockchian as well as on binance smart chain where users can create, buy/sell their NFT tokens. Some of the popular NFT marketplaces are opensea, Rarible, pancakeswap, etc, 

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NFT Wallet

NFT wallet is the kind of wallet to store non-fungible tokens. Which works exactly the same as Cryptocurrency Wallet the only notable difference is holding of NFTs.

Features of NFT Wallet

Multiple Device Support

As NFT is an emerging trend, NFT wallet is available on both web extensions as well as on mobile apps.Metamask, the popular service provider avail services in both mobile app and web application

Cross -chain Compatibility

Majority of the NFT projects are built on Ethereum blockchain and commonly NFT wallet supports ERC-721 standards. Cross chain compatibility lets users mint NFT tokens on other blockchain networks.

User Friendly

NFT wallets are designed in a way which is rich in security and simple to use. 

Top 5 NFT Wallets in the Market


Metamask is considered as the best NFT wallet for both developers and creators which is founded by ConsenSys. It provides services in both mobile and web applications. Anyone with basic knowledge in cryptocurrency can handle a metamask wallet as it's extremely easy to use.


Enjin is exclusively designed for collecting game NFTs as well as other collectibles. It has its own native token  ENJ and lets users trade with it.It lets users easily convert from one cryptocurrency to another while trading and it only supports Ethereum based NFTs.

Math Wallet

math wallet is considered as the alternative for metamask. It supports nearly 65 blockchain tokens which is available on web application and mobile application. which provides swap features to exchange cryptocurrencies.

Trust Wallet

Trust wallet is the most popular NFT wallet with 5 million users. It also provides the super feature to access NFT Marketplaces like opensea and rarrible. It also provides cross link compatibility and functions like Crypto Wallet and Defi Wallet


Alphawallet is a kind of Ethereum only wallet which directly supports NFT Marketplaces like Opensea, Crypto Kitties, etc, Alpha Wallet is only available on mobile application

NFT Wallet - The Two Aspects

In General, NFT Wallet has two aspects, 

1. The Creator
2. The Collector

The Creator needs to upload their files and need to give certain information for their work, For those creators web based NFT wallet is the perfect choice. going mobile based wallets are a bit inconvenient for creators

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For the collectors who want to buy/sell NFTs, Mobile based NFT wallets suit them well as it provides user friendly features to buy / sell NFTs instantly.

How to Create NFT Wallet ?

Here are some important tips to create your own NFT Wallet

  1. First, you need to analyze everything about the NFT Market and its scope.
  2. Understand the needs and requriements of both creators and collectors
  3. Try to build a wallet with cross-chain compatibility, so that you can gain a vast number of users.
  4. Derive your business plan precisely
  5. Decide whether you are going to provide third party wallet services or build your own NFT marketplace along with a wallet.
  6. Your can add referral options to the users so that they can gain some passive income as well as your business get popularity
  7. Add unique monetization programs to attract users
  8. Run Campings 
  9. You can also develop a NFT wallet like metamask, trust wallet, etc by replicating their features and functionalities
  10. Do Collaborate with Best NFT Wallet Development Company like Bitdeal.

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