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Trustwallet Clone App Development

Explore What is trustwallet and also find how to create trustwallet.

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Trustwallet Clone App Development

Before we get into this article, let me just give a short explanation to the term, Trust wallet Clone Script. 

Trust Wallet Clone Script

It is a wallet script, that can be customized for mobile and desktop with special features to create a wallet like Trustwallet - The native wallet of Binance. Bitdeal the top blockchain application development company, provides you the best cryptocurrency wallet development and customization services. Now we are currently providing exclusive script services to create a wallet like trust wallet. 

Now, let us have a brief discussion on what is trust Wallet, Why trustwallet Is trending now, what are the special feature of this cryptocurrency wallet, and how to make a business benefit by creating a wallet like trust wallet. 

Also, we will discuss how we at bitdeal can help you in developing a cryptocurrency wallet like trust wallet. 

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Introduction To Trust Wallet

We know the cryptocurrency industry is getting developed day by day, Sometimes it faces controversies, sometimes it goes viral, Sometimes it becomes the hot topic of the internet and more. We have discussed all this stuff in a lot of previous articles. Also, on another side, the crypto industry is getting boosted with the arrival of decentralized exchanges, dapps, blockchains, and smart contracts. If we can see all these technology innovations from an eagle-eye view, We could identify there is a backbone which holds all these technologies, business models, Crypto transactions, blockchain functionalities to work smoothly. 

That Back Bone is Nothing But a Wallet! A Cryptocurrency Wallet. 

Without a wallet, we can’t send or receive a cryptocurrency. As a cryptocurrency enthusiast, we know about this basic thing. So, the usage of the wallet has encouraged a lot of business startups to rise by capitalizing wallet service as a spearhead business model. Based on the blockchain a cryptocurrency belongs, and based on the trading methodology, and based on the exchange functionality, the usage of a cryptocurrency wallet differs. So new coins, new exchanges, and new blockchain have started to come up with the separate wallet that has been specially made for their network.  

Thus Trustwallet has been introduced as a normal cryptocurrency with a unique purpose. But, got a brand identity after the acquisition of Binance DEX. Let’s discuss more, Trust wallet.

What Is Trust Wallet?

Trust wallet - a cryptocurrency wallet that has been introduced to send and receive ethereum tokens seamlessly. The Founder of Trustwallet, Victor ratchenko has launched it in November 2017. Trustwallet comes as a mobile wallet for both iOS and Android

Currently, they are not supporting for Desktop Version. Check Out their help center

Top 20 Interesting Highlights of Trustwallet

1. Trustwallet headquarters located in san Fransisco Bay Area, Silicon Valley, West Coast. Source:

2. In July 31, 2018 binance has acquired trust wallet.

3. Binance Started to use Trustwallet as a native wallet of Binance DEX. This News was released on cointelegaph on June 4, 2019.

4. Trustwallet let the users, experience Fast trading and take full control over the funds with the help of binance DEX Which is made on the Binance Chain. Check out what is Binance DEX and Binance Chain

5. Binance Chain Is the native blockhain of Binance.  
Check out more about How to trade on Binance DEX.

6. WalletConnet integration on trustwallet helps users to trade from the desktop on Binance DEX. Check out how to use Wallet Connect to Trade on Binance DEX via Desktop

7. The Most Notable highlight of Trustwallet it is not made to operate only as a crypto wallet. But also lets the users to access hundreds of Dapps, and Facilitates them to trade via various type of blockchains just with a simple mobile interface. 

8. Binance was expected to add staking feature on trust wallet supported with Tezos. This was released on cointelegraph denoting the feature will be on life of the second quarter of 2019. 

Check out the official blog of binance denoting the staking feature. 

9. Binance is currently under testing phase to integrate stable coin with the British pound.

10.Though The Trustwallet Made for transacting the ethereum tokens, later they started to provide Trustwallet with Bitcoin Support. You can check it out there. 

11. Trustwallet has been listed in the top 20 best ERC20 Wallet for the ethereum wallet. Check out the entire top 20 ERC20 Wallet for Ethereum Tokens

12. Details stored in the trustwallet will be isolated from the Internet, developers, and other third-party groups. 

13. Users can log in with a 12 digit passcode, Face ID and Touch ID.

14. Trustwallet is somewhat similar to the metamask wallet but it has been upgraded with some special features. 

15. Trustwallet let the user to add the tokens retrieved from decentralized applications to dapps sections.

16.In trustwallet, Programs has been classified with new dApps,popular, exchangers, games, social networks, utility applications, and market plays.


17. Check out how to send ETH to an address with trust wallet

18. How to exchange ERC20 tokens with trustwallet.

19. Binance integrated multiple decentralized exchange support with its trust wallet by integrating kyber network’s liquidity protocol. is a dedicated platform for cross token trading.
20. The integration of kyber network, give the user a wider access to entire DEX eco system. Refer :

21. Check out the recent review about trustwallet of august 2019.

Cryptocurrencies that are Supported By Trustwallet

  • Ethereum

  • Bitcoin(BTC)

  • BitcoinCash(BCH)

  • Litecoin

  • Ripple Coin

  • Ethereum Classic

  • POA network

  • Callisto

  • GoChain

  • Wanchain

  • Tron

  • ICON

  • TomoChain

    & All Ethereum Tokens

Reference: Digital Currencies Supported By Trustwallet

How to add cryptocurrency to your wallet in Trustwallet

  1. Get Login to your wallet.
  2. Tap receive option.
  3. Scan QR Code or just copy the wallet address.
  4. Use this address to transfer funds into your wallet.

How to send funds with Trustwallet

  1. Login to your wallet.

  2. Tap send option.

  3. Paste the recipient wallet address

  4. Ensure the amount want to send and click send

  5. Review the transaction details. 

Hope you had a lot of basic knowledge about, trustwallet and you had an idea about how to send and receive funds with trustwallet. Now let’s discuss how creating an app as trustwallet can help for business, and how to create a wallet app like trustwallet?

Why you should create a wallet like trustwallet?

Currently, trustwallet supports trading with binance DEX, and which has been given access to a wider range of DEX networks. But, If you are looking to create a decentralized exchange to support trading multiple cryptocurrency trading on any country, then why not to create a wallet like trustwallet. Trustwallet is currently come as a mobile wallet alone for both iOS and Android. But it doesn’t have access to the desktop version. So to access trading on binance DEX from desktop users have to connect with WalletConnect. 

You can overcome this, by creating your trustwallet clone app which is supported for desktop too. The source of trust wallet has access limited number of cryptocurrencies that is around 20-25 currencies.

Business benefits of creating a clone app like trust wallet

  • Increase brand identity

  • Increases customer base

  • Increases mobile users of your crypto exchange app.

  • Can attain rapid business growth and can boost ROI.

  • Helps to provide intuitive services on exchanging the decentralized assets

  • And a lot more.

How to Create a Trustwallet Clone App?

To create a wallet app like trustwallet you must have a customized code script and APK file. We bitdeal can help you to create a wallet app like trust wallet. We have a separate team of blockchain and cryptocurrency experts who can help you to create a wallet app like trustwallet. Our Trustwallet clone script support trading with 100+ cryptocurrencies which made on a different blockchain.  

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