LocalBitcoins Clone Development

Build a super responsive, secured p2p cryptocurrency exchange like localbitcoins with Bitdeal’s fully white label localbitcoins clone script.

LocalBitcoins Clone Script

Localbitcoins Clone Script is a fully white-label p2p cryptocurrency exchange clone script with which you can start an exchange like LocalBitcoins. This script is made of powerful exchange APIs and it's coded to be compatible with any device. Security functionalities and payment infrastructure have been upgraded. The script is Powered by three major components, Advanced Admin Panel, Order book Matching Engine, and Liquidity API. The Crystal Clear UI/UX can help traders to trade on the go. Unlimited crypto pairs and cryptocurrencies support can increase the 24h trade volume of your exchange. Customization can be provided for adding more features and functionalities.
Version : Upgraded Version 2.1 (2022 Edition)
What’s New : 100+ Payment Methods
Smooth Peer To Peer Trading
Market Making Is Guaranteed
Unbreakable Code

LocalBitcoins Clone Script Features

Escrow Protection

Protect your digital assets against fraudsters and ensure the successful transaction between peers by reducing the counterparty risks.

Multi Cryptocurrency Wallet

Store and retrieve your digital assets with no risks. Deposit and withdraw more than 500+ cryptocurrency types in/from your wallet.


Bring liquidity and brand reputation for your exchange by providing an open platform for new crypto's or token to get listed or traded.

100+ Payment Methods

No Matter, which country your trader belongs to, they can trade assets with 100+ payment methods including UPI payments on native currencies across 150+ countries.

Quick Buy, Sell, and Swap Features

Make traders trade and swap digital assets in just a few seconds with just a single tap. Register and search for offers to trade instantly.

Decentralized P2P Lending

P2P trading and Lending are now coming with decentralized functionality. Customers can trade and lend cryptos with/to anyone through smart contract control.

LocalBitcoins Clone Dashboard.

Support 1000+cryptos
Tie Up With Liquidity Pools
Liquidity APIs Integrated
Order Books Building

Liquidity Provision

Grab sustainable liquidity at launch with our instant liquidity provision and market making solutions. APIs are integrated and you can connect your exchange with liquidity pools to reduce the risks. Maximum 24hours trading volume guaranteed.

Why Start a P2P Exchange Like LocalBitcoins?

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LocalBitcoins Clone App Develpment

Localbitcoins clone App - We Create a Full featured trading app like LocalBitcoins, that brings every desktop functionalities into an easy-to-use mobile app. Deposit, Withdrawal, Order Placement, KYC verification has never been easy ever before. UI/UX has been upgraded, you will find everything in a few seconds. Intuitive Dashboards for tracking the open, limit, buy and sell orders. App Comes with an inbuilt mobile wallet, that could store cryptos with 100% best-in-class security.
Quick Buy/ Sell Features
Inbuilt Wallet
Transaction History Assessments
Crystal Clear Trade Charts
Best-In-Class Security
Referral Options

Why choose Us

Listed here are the hidden reasons to choose Bitdeal for your LocalBitcoins Clone Development.

Expert Developers
We Create Native Coin
100% Source Code
Faster Deployment

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Localbitcoins Clone Script - FAQs

Bitdeal is the profoud team of proficient developers, incorporates Software Development Life Cycle Process(SDLC) to provide high quality Clone Scripts with the aim to meet or exceed customer expectations.

  • Liquitidy API
  • Trading Bot API
  • Price Ticker API
  • Market Order API
  • Merchant API
  • and more

Here is the approximate schedule, that we at bitdeal used to follow while developing a cryptocurrency exchange like LocalBitcoins

  • Scope Discussion and Project confirmation - Nearly 130 hours
  • Business Plan Presentation & Project Team Allocation - 100 Hours
  • Design Phase - 180 hours
  • Development Phase - 400 Hours
  • Testing Phase - 80 hours
  • Deployment Phase & additional Changes - 72 Hours

  • LocalBitcoins Clone Revenue Model : Admin
  • Trade Commission
  • Withdraw Commission
  • User Rating
  • Ads Calculation In Both Side
  • Temp Status
  • Max and Min Check
  • Chat Set in Node.js