Paxful Clone Script

Paxful Clone Script

- It is a ready made p2p cryptocurrency exchange script, that could build a feature rich, secured, and p2p cryptocurrency exchange platform like paxful where traders can buy or sell bitcoin with 100+ native currencies also with altcoins online. We provide 100% source code of white label paxful clone script along with premium trading and payment features. Our Paxful clone script is fully tested, and verified as a bug free paxful clone script in the market. The script is much flexible for future customization and you can integrate any kind of upgrades based on your requirements.

Build Language : PHP, JAVA, MeanStack, Laravel
Version : Upgraded Version 3.0,December 2020

Paxful Clone Development

Paxful clone - A fully developed, bug free cryptocurrency exchange, that will work exactly as similar to the popular exchange paxful with upgraded trading features, better UI/UX, secured payment options and more. This paxful clone will ensure the safe and secured peer to peer trading under the one roof of escrow protected platform. At Bitdeal we provide ready to launch paxful clone that is empowered with upgraded UI/UX, and comes as full pack of exciting features like tether coin support, 300+ Payment methods, Vendor portal, Affiliate programs, referral earning, custodial services, staking and more. We create a futuristic paxful clone that can favor both the user and the admin of the exchange to earn more profit and to yield a high return on Investment with simplified as well as engaging bitcoin buy/sell features.

Our paxful clone development package comes with the paxful clone script, and paxful clone app development along with the integrated wallet app. We have upgraded our package with 100+ native currencies support in Version 3.0.

  • An efficient support ticket systemEscrow Protected
  • Customizable platform for specific featuresAutomated KYC Verification
  • Extensive vulnerability assessmentTwo Factor (2 FA authentication)
  • Two Factor Authentication and AlertsProximity Match
  • Smart Contracts for workflow automationLiquidity API
  • Highly Scalable Modular Architecture<Chat Bot Integrated
  • Highly Scalable Modular Architecture<Dispute Resolution
  • Highly Scalable Modular Architecture<Multiple language support
  • Highly Scalable Modular Architecture<OTC Trading
  • Highly Scalable Modular Architecture<Derivative Trading

Premium Features Of Paxful Clone Script

DEX- Decentralized Trading
Gift Card Exchange

Users can buy Bitcoins with any third party gift cards such as Amazon gift cards,steam wallet gift card, and 50+ Gift Card Payments. This requires providing card details with the trading partner to process trading.

Stable Coin Integration

We integrate options which lets users buy/sell stable coins like Tether coin in the exchange platform with low fee. Along with Bitcoins, traders can trade stablecoin such as Tether & other supported stablecoins

Liquidity Swap
Create Offers

Traders can create, sell or buy offers along with desired payment & currency options to start trading. The trade matching engine finds the exact offer that matches & trading of cryptos occurs between the concerned two parties.

Staking and Custodial

An option through which traders on the platform can earn more crypto’s by just holding their own crypto assets in the staking pool. The traders are rewarded with cryptocurrencies for staking their custodial or crypto assets on exchanges.

Cryptocurrency Loans
300+ Payment Support

A wide range of payment gateway support which lets traders to choose the one that suits and benefits them. This 300+ payment support on the exchange lets users make trade by choosing appropriate payment method at appropriate time.

Smart Pooling
Vendor Portal

An Option for traders to sign up as Vendor and place offers to sell their Bitcoins. Vendors can set profit margins and can also enjoy increased profit by building unique customer experiences.

P2P Trading
Affiliate Program

Invite and Earn is the option that every exchange integrates to increase the user base. We integrate an affiliate program that lets users enjoy benefits in Bitcoins by referring their friends & family.

Launchpad / IEO
Lending and Borrowing

An advanced way which allows users to easily lend and borrow Bitcoins instantly without the involvement of third parties to process the transactions. Instant loans availing options are also integrated in the platform.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Advanced Control Panel
Virtual Bitcoin Kiosk

A Way that offers users the ability to match with exact traders instantly. Thus one can create Virtual Bitcoin Kiosk & deploy it on their own channel/website to make trade with specified commission fees.

Why Start an Exchange Like PaxFul ?

Paxful is a leading P2P Bitcoin Marketplace which allows users to buy and sell Bitcoins Instantly.Initially,the name is being pronounced as EasyBitz, which is then renamed to Paxful. The main motto of the launch of Paxful is to make it easier for crypto users to buy and sell Bitcoins. Paxful provides users complete control over their funds and assets, which makes the platform more trusted for crypto trading. The inbuilt Escrow system,24/4 support team,security APIs and more helps for secured transactions with minimum risks.Paxful offers many attractive features to their traders which enhance the trading volume of the platform such as affiliate program,bounty program, peer program,act as vendor and wallet app to secure storage of cryptos & more. Paxful’s Bitcoin Wallet App makes it easier to send,receive and trade Bitcoins Globally within fractions of seconds.

Brand Identity

Secured Bitcoin Wallet App

Earn Through Affiliate Program

300+ Payment Support

Act as Vendor Program

Instant Peer Program

Sell/Buy Tether

Finding Alliance

Increasing Trade Volume

Escrow based Crypto Trading

PaxFul Clone App Development

PaxFul Clone App Development

We render paxul clone app develpopment services, for those who would like to start an exchange like paxful. Our lab practices in creating a paxful like mobile app would cover exciting trading features, dashboards, payment options and other features. We also deliver Bitcoin Wallet App as similar to Paxful's Bitcoin Wallet App which supports secured storage of cryptos.With our Paxful Clone App & Paxful's Bitcoin Wallet App Clone you can bring instant mobile users to your cryptocurrency exchange.

Paxful Clone App Features

  • 1. Advanced UI/UX
  • 2. Real-Time Price Chart
  • 3. Push Notifications
  • 4. Launchpad Integration
  • 5. Fingerprint or pin lock
  • 6. 24 /7 chatbot support
  • 7. Review or rating pop-up after trading
  • 8. Secured Cryptocurrency Wallet
  • 9. 300+ Payment Integration
  • 10. Advanced/Basic Trading interfaces
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Disclaimer: Bitdeal never has control over the PaxFul and their trade mark, also we are not doing any promotional activities for them . We are using the term paxful for easy understanding and identification. Our products and services are not mean to harm any organization or individual.

Paxful Clone Script - FAQ

Choose Country which has crypto friendly rules and regulations and nowadays, many countries are more welcoming to crypto Industry and Blockchain, Some of the countries are

  • Malta
  • United States
  • Canada
  • Europe
  • Australia
  • Switzerland
  • France
  • Australia
  • India

Yes, it is absolutely possible! Any business person can start a cryptocurrency Exchange like Paxful with Paxful clone script. We bitdeal, encrypted the script with all the basic and advanced trading features of the Paxful exchange.

We Fortify our paxful clone script with robust security features such as

  • AES Encryption Prevention
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Cybersecurity protocols
  • Escrow Protection
  • and a lot more

You can contact the bitdeal team at any time and our experts are always ready to assist you!

Whatsapp/Telegram:  +91 9677555651

Mail id:  [email protected]

Call: +91 9677555651

Bitdeal is a Strong team with experienced and Profound Developers, We deploy an un-hackable, bug-less Paxful clone script with 100% script without any profit-sharing in the future.