How to start a cryptocurrency exchange as like Paxful? | Paxful Clone Script

How to start a cryptocurrency exchange as like Paxful? | Paxful Clone Script

Paxful Clone Script

Paxful Clone Script lets business people build a Peer to Peer Cryptocurrency Exchange which could function just like the popular bitcoin exchange Paxful where traders can buy or sell bitcoins and some other altcoins securely. We bitdeal provides Escrow powered white label Paxful clone script with 100% source code with eye-catching UI/UX design and rock-solid infrastructure. Our script is designed with the motto to provide a hack-free and user-friendly atmosphere to the traders.

We, Bitdeal develop the unique Paxful clone script with more additional features to make you stand high in the crowd of competitors.

Here let us look at some of the special features and services that are furnished by Paxful to their traders and the best way to start your own exchange as like Paxful.

Paxful Clone Script Features

Our Paxful Clone Script has the following incredible features 

Escrow Protection

To Proceed highly secured trading

Automatic KYC Verification

Which involves the process of submitting ID Proof.

Private messaging

Traders can chat in private to proceed to trade

Two-factor authentication

It is a two-step verification process to start trading

Proximity match

Integrating powerful trade matching engine to enable secure trading.

GDPR Compliant

General Data Protection Regulation for all your trading activities

Integration with Binance Exchange

This feature allows you to buy bitcoins in Binance as well as any other crypto exchange platforms.

Integrated Bitcoin Wallet

To store your bitcoins safely.

 Some other Exclusive features

  • LaunchPad Integration
  • Advanced UI/UX
  • Chat Bot Integrated
  • LaunchPad Integrated
  • Dispute Resolution
  • High Transaction speed
  • Multiple language support
  • OTC Trading
  • Derivative Trading

Paxful clone app development

The usage of smartphones is increasing day by day, Many popular Cryptocurrency Exchanges offer services in the Mobile apps. We build Paxful clone apps in ios as well as an android platform that enables mobile-based trading experience to the users. With our Paxful clone app, traders can buy, sell, deposit, and withdraw cryptocurrencies via the mobile device

Premium Paxful clone app development Services

  • Live Chat
  • Instant notifications
  • Location Tracking
  • Two-factor authentication
  • QR Code
  • Ad posting facility

Read more exclusive features here: Paxful clone app development

What is Paxful?

Paxful is a peer-to-peer, simple, safe, and fair marketplace for bitcoin exchange. The main motto of Paxful is to offer people over the globe an easy way to buy and sell bitcoin, the master of cryptocurrency.

Paxful seems to be the combination of PayPal and Uber which builds a global peer to peer payment logistics platform for the future crypto economy.

Founders: Ray Youssef, Artur Schaback
Year of launch: 2015
Headquarters: Delaware, United States

Why start an exchange like Paxful?

Paxful, a predominant Escrow powered crypto exchange platform in the market provides the user an easy way to own their bitcoins. 

Paxful offers many services to its users and they also offer many discounts. The most notable services by Paxful involves:

1. Affiliate Program
2. Virtual Bitcoin Kiosk
3. Paxful Wallet App and so on.

These incredible services attract many investors and by using the same strategies you can also run the successful exchange platform

Paxful is younger than LocalBitcoins and now it is the direct competitor of Localbitcoins. Both Localbitcoins, as well as Paxful, Provides the same services and charge similar fees but there is a difference between them. 

Check out our previous article, Localbitcoins Vs Paxful - A Detailed Comparison

 By following up Paxful’s strategy, you can also be the Strong Competitor of Paxful. 

Let us list some highlighting features of Paxful, which makes you clear that why to start a crypto exchange like Paxful.

Highlights of Paxful 

1. Paxful being the lead P2P Bitcoin Trading Platform supports for 24 X 7 exchanges of bitcoins with 100% escrow system.

2. Paxful is an exchange platform that allows its user to perform the following functions:

1. Allows for buying and selling bitcoins online.
2. Allows for the trading of bitcoins with a secure escrow system.
3. Provides a free wallet.
4. Allows you to build your reputation and earn a high income.

3. Paxful supports for more than 300+ payment methods which broadly falls under these six divisions.

1. Bank Transfer - By making a transfer from a bank account, you can buy Bitcoins. ( Supported World Wide )
2. Online Wallet - You can use online payment apps to buy your own bitcoins.
3. Gift Card - You have an option of buying bitcoins through gift cards.
4. Debit/Credit card -Paxful allows buying bitcoins through the use of debit or credit cards.
5. Cash - Direct purchase of bitcoins with your own fiat currency is possible.
6. Digital Currencies  - Use your own crypto coins or tokens to buy bitcoins.

4. Paxful is a safe and secure platform for trading bitcoins as it provides 2-factor verification, escrow professionally audited security and highest level encryption.

5. Paxful also provides an instant live chat through which you can get the support of the experts of Paxful anytime anywhere.

6. The most important service offered by Paxful for their account holders is "  Affiliate Program".

Paxful's Affiliate Program helps you to increase your profits by sharing and suggesting Paxful platform with friends, family, and followers. Instant Profits on each trade is possible through this program.

Tier 1 Affiliates: Earn 50 % on standard escrow fees for every trade.
Tier 2 Affiliates: Earn 10 % on standard escrow fees for every trade.

7. The Paxful's Affiliates Program allows you to transfer your affiliate earnings to your own wallet when your earnings reach the amount equivalent of $10.

Check out here How Does Paxful Affiliate Program Work? 

8. Another interesting service of Paxful is "Virtual Bitcoin Kiosk" which is launched by Paxful for providing bitcoin to the masses.

To start using these services, there are only three steps to go.

Step 1: Sign up and get your link.
Step 2: Copy the link that you have received.
Step 3: Share your link and earn 2% on every sale.

This is easy and profitable to cash out your earning instantly. 

9. Paxful provides "Paxful bitcoin wallet app  " through which you can send, receive, and trade bitcoin anytime, anywhere.

You can send and receive bitcoin in your private bitcoin wallet and safely store them.

10. Paxful offers Easy Bitcoin API Server which makes it easy for all their users to trade safely.

How to Start an Exchange like Paxful?

One can easily start a P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange like Paxful with Paxful Clone Script. There are some other ways to start an exchange like hiring the developer, built the exchange from scratch but buying building the exchange with bitdeal’s Paxful Clone Script offers many advantages like customization, economical, instant market launch,etc,

Here are the general things to consider before starting an exchange

1. Confirm with the business model of your Exchange
2. Know the legal rules and regulations on Cryptocurrencies in the country you decided to start
3. Derive the Marketing Strategies
4. Integrate different payment options in the exchange
5. Provide round the clock customer support

Read more details on The Guide to start a P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange like Paxful
The Exchange Platform owner can gain money by charging these kinds of fees

Trading fee

The trading fee is the main source of income for any crypto exchange. You can gain money by charging a trading fee 

Listing fee

Listing is much important for newly arrived Cryptocurrency, you can charge a listing fee by starting an exchange platform like Paxful.

Withdrawals and Deposit fee

Some Exchanges obtain a fee for withdrawing and deposit. Likewise, you can also charge traders.

Dark Pool Trading

Dark Pool Trading is the kind of anonyms trading. Few Exchange Platforms secure fees from traders for  these kinds of trading activities

What Bitdeal can afford you?

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Some of Our Exclusive Cryptocurrency Exchange Clone Scripts are

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Disclaimer: Bitdeal never has control over the PaxFul and their trade mark, also we are not doing any promotional activities for them . We are using the term paxful for easy understanding and identification. Our products and services are not mean to harm any organization or individual.

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FAQ - Paxful Clone

Choose Country which has crypto friendly rules and regulations and nowadays, many countries are more welcoming to the crypto Industry and Blockchain, Some of the countries are

  • Malta
  • United States
  • Canada
  • Europe
  • Australia
  • Switzerland
  • France
  • Australia
  • India

Yes, it is absolutely possible! Any business person can start a cryptocurrency Exchange like Paxful with Paxful clone script. We bitdeal, encrypted the script with all the basic and advanced trading features of the Paxful exchange.

We Fortify our paxful clone script with robust security features such as

  • AES Encryption Prevention
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Cybersecurity protocols
  • Escrow Protection
  • and a lot more

you can contact the bitdeal team at any time and our experts are always ready to assist you!

Whatsapp/Telegram: +91 9677555651

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Call: +91 9677555651

Bitdeal is a Strong team with experienced and Profound Developers, We deploy unhackable, bugless Paxful clone script with 100% source code without any profit-sharing in the future.

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