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CoinBase Clone Development

Let's build a user-friendly crypto exchange for your traders where they can register, link a bank account, and start buying/selling bitcoins in just a few seconds.

Coinbase Clone Script

Coinbase Clone Script - A simple and easy to deploy cryptocurrency exchange clone script that can assemble a fully centralized exchange-like coin base. The highlight of bitdeal's coinbase clone script is that our expert developers made the script compatible for both centralized and decentralized modules. The script is made with a non-custodial wallet, so you can give assurance to your traders like "your wallet, your crypto, your keys". The script is coded to bring up an extremely super clear UI/UX interface and can make the exchange perform faster transactions despite the user flow. The supported list of cryptocurrencies has been enlarged to 1000+ cryptos. Crypto trading can be geared up with extended buying and selling options under a securely protected roof.
Version : Upgraded Version 2.0 (2022 Edition)
What’s New : Decentralized Trading
Smooth Peer To Peer Trading
Market Making Is Guaranteed
Unbreakable Code

Coinbase Clone Script Features

Integrated Wallet

A secured inbuilt wallet that ensures the successful trading of cryptocurrencies with easy deposit and withdrawal features.

Secured Offline Storage

Traders' assets will be completely kept under secure offline storage with advanced encryption mechanism AES-256.

Cryptos For Cash

Convert your bitcoin into cash or any other fiat currencies like USD and help your customer to make payments easily with your exchange account.

Custodial Assets

Separate Portal for Institutions to securely store and maintain their digital assets under a secure encrypted cold storage.

Card Payment

Provide an easy option for traders to easily spend cryptos through the exchange-owned debit card and earn rewards.

List and Distribute Cryptos

An open platform for new coins and tokens to get listed, launched and distributed among global traders across the world.

Coinbase Clone Dashboard

Support 1000+cryptos
Tie Up With Liquidity Pools
Liquidity APIs Integrated
Order Books Building

Liquidity Provision

To make trades on the exchange platform quicker & easier, we offer best liquidity solutions which increases trust among users in turn increasing the trade volume of the platform. Stabilize your trading platform, strengthen its user base & magnify your brand visibility faster in the crypto market with Bitdeal’s instant market making of cryptocurrency exchanges.

Why Start Crypto Exchange Like Coinbase ?

Explore The Facts
Referral features
Deposit/ Withdrawal options
White list features
Separate UI For DEX and P2P
P2P Lending
Transaction history
Clear Charts
UPI/IMPS/Bank Transfer

Coinbase Clone App Development

Coinbase clone app - Grab more attention from global traders, and increase the daily trading volume of your exchange with a full-featured trading app. The app is built with a concern of providing simple and easy ways to buy, sell and manage crypto assets in one place. UI/UX has been improvised hence traders can make trades in just a single tap. Traders' assets can be securely stored under an encrypted custodial offline storage. No matter whether the trader is a beginner or pro trader, the app can be coded to provide a better experience for everyone with no hurdles in trading.

Why choose Us

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Expert Developers
We Create Native Coin
100% Source Code
Faster Deployment

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FAQ - Coinbase Clone

Cryptocurrency Exchange business is the ever green business model, now for the past months Crypto Industry has undergone tremendous growth in terms of trade volume and user engagement so, now is the perfect time!

Starting a Cryptocurrency Exchange like Coinbase is completely legal with proper license. Choose the country which has crypto friendly rules and regulations.

We design the script with cyber security guideliness and integrated standard security features in the script, so the crypto exchange, you build using this script would be highly secure and un hackable.

yes! Our Coinbase Clone Script is completely customizable! our developers will tailor the script based upon your own business requirements and needs.

Bitdeal develop Cryptocurrency Exchange App like Coinbase with all the standard features and facilities so that you can launch your own crypto exchange app like coinbase.