Coinbase Clone Script To Start Cryptocurrency Exchange Like Coinbase

Coinbase Clone Script To Start Cryptocurrency Exchange Like Coinbase

Coinbase Clone Script

Coinbase Clone Script is the ready-made white label cryptocurrency exchange website script with a 100% source code embedded with all the basic features of coinbase so that you can build a Cryptocurrency Exchange just like Coinbase instantly without much effort. The primary concern for any kind of Cryptocurrency Exchange would be security, so at bitdeal, web design and develop the coinbase clone website script entirely based upon Cyber Security protocols so that the exchange you build by using Coinbase Clone Script will be completely hack-proof and highly reliable. The other amazing thing about bitdeal’s coin base exchange clone script is customization, exchange developers and crypto entrepreneurs can customize it based on their own business requirements and needs.  Our premium Coinbase Clone Website Script requires minimum customization and will be instantly hosted on dedicated servers.

Coinbase Clone Script Features

Powerback Trade Matching Engine

The trade matching engine plays a vital role in trading, our super-fast trade matching engine path the way for butter smooth and lightning speed trading.

High Transaction Speed

High transaction speed to help traders by minimizing their waiting time. Immediate transactions of cryptocurrencies will be highly possible at the coinbase clone we made at bitdeal.

Integrated Wallet

Integrated Cryptocurrency wallet that supports multiple Cryptocurrencies. The wallet development technology and strategy, which we follow at bitdeal will be highly supported to store and retrieve 100+ cryptocurrencies including any kind of crypto  tokens, including ICO Tokens, Defi Tokens, Other Utility Tokens,

Trading Bot

The integrated trading bot will ensure safe trading and will help the traders to make money while sleeping. Trading Bot configurations can be done, without any struggles. 

Two-factor authentication / KYC

To ensure the security of trading, the coinbase clone we made will come with default 2FA features and the types for authentications can be chosen from the trader end.

Multi-lingual support

We develop coinbase clone websites with advanced UI/UX features and with multiple language support so that language will not be the barrier for your traders. This will be a huge traffic driving funnel for your crypto exchange to get more customer base from various countries. 

Fiat Currency Support

With our outstanding Coinbase Clone Script, you can add any kind of fiat currencies in the future. We made an advanced coinbase clone website that can support more than 50+ fiat currencies and it can be customized based on the requirement.

Some other Exclusive features

  • Smart Contract
  • IEO/Launchpad
  • OTC Trading
  • DEX
  • Futures and options trading
  • ERC-20 Ethereum Tokens and TRX Tokens Support
  • Cryptocurrency Taking 
  • Bounty Features
  • Atomic Swap.
  • User-friendly CMS/ Admin panel

Coinbase Clone App Development

Mobile-based trading is getting popular nowadays, To grab the attention of mobile-based traders we build a Coinbase Clone App that fits well in ios and android platforms. We design and deploy Clone Base Clone mobile applications just like the Coinbase app. Our coinbase clone app will come with unbelievable UI/UX that facilitates easy navigations for all modules of the coinbase web clone.

Premium Features of Coinbase Clone App

  • Referral features
  • Deposit/ Withdrawal options
  • Instant Push Notifications
  • Can add funds to wallet from third party wallets or from other exchange wallets.
  • White list features
  • KYC Registration Options
  • Review Features
  • Separate UI For DEX and P2P
  • Module for P2P Lending
  • QR Scanner
  • Transaction history
  • Encrypted Private Key

Why Start a Crypto Exchange like Coinbase?

For many cryptocurrency investors, Coinbase is the way of acquiring Bitcoin for the first time.

The main reason to start your own exchange like Coinbase is that it is known for its simplicity and user-friendliness. Coinbase is the best user-friendly United States Based exchange that extends its trading services across 42+ different countries. You can start your own exchange like Coinbase to be a competitor for Coinbase as like other exchanges like Kraken, Poloniex, and so on.

Explore Here: How to Start a Cryptocurrency Exchange Like Coinbase ?

Now, let us look at the highlighting features of Coinbase that stress the point of why to start an exchange like Coinbase.

Business Benefits of Starting a Cryptocurrency Exchange like Coinbase

  • Instant Market launch
  • Brand Recognition
  • Minimum initial Cost
  • Customization
  • Fine Tuned Trading Models
  • Wide range Of target Audience
  • Increase In 24-hour Trading Volume
  • Increase In Liquidity
  • Increase in ROI
  • Increase in Trust and Loyalty

How To Start an Exchange like Coinbase?

Here are some business tips to start an exchange like Coinbase to make a high turn over in a year.
Simple Business Plan to start crypto exchange like Coinbase

1. It is not so easy task to start an exchange as famous as Coinbase. It takes some crucial steps and strategies.
2. First, analyze the exchange coinbase completely to find out its features and plug-ins.
3. Have a keen note about both advantages and drawbacks present in coinbase to make it all good in your exchange.
4. As coinbase already have trusted users, concentrate more insecurity and additional features to grab more users to your own exchange.
5. Get the best and unique coinbase clone script from a crypto exchange solutions provider.

What is Coinbase?

Coinbase is a US-based crypto exchange that supports for both fiat-to-crypto coins and crypto-to-crypto coins. Coinbase is both a centralized and decentralized exchange platform, ie., when it is fiat-to-crypto exchanges Coinbase tends to be centralized and when it is a crypto-crypto exchange Coinbase can be decentralized too.

Founded/Launched: June 2012
Headquarters location: San Francisco, California, United States
Founders: Brian Armstrong, Fred Ehrsam
Current CEO: Brian Armstrong 
No. of Countries supported: 42 + countries

Highlights of Coinbase 

1. Coinbase is a US-based exchange which is both centralized and,
 For fiat-to-crypto exchanges tend to be centralized ( For eg: Coinbase and GDAX makes for easy connection between bank account to buy crypto coins )
The Crypto-to-crypto wallets of Coinbase are more decentralized. ( For eg: Coinbase Commerce and Toshi uses the customer-controlled wallet. )

2. Coinbase hits an annual revenue of $ 1 billion USD in 2017.

3. Coinbase serves its exchange/trading of cryptos over 40 + countries and its service Coinbase Pro is available in countries like Argentina, Peru, Colombia, Chile, India and lot more.
Check out all countries where Coinbase Pro services available Here.

4. Coinbase proves to be one of the best exchanges with high trader-density and as of 2017, Coinbase has 13,300,000 + active users approximately.

5. As said before, Coinbase has introduced many products/services to serve their users better day-by-day. Coinbase products include

Coinbase Pro ( GDAX  ) - Crypto-to-Crypto Services
Coinbase Prime - Professional trading/exchange platform for institutional clients
Coinbase Commerce - User-controlled Wallet storage/trading.( Decentralized )

6. When it comes to security, coinbase stores 98% of its customer funds offline which prevents theft or loss.In coinbase the Wallets and private keys are stored by using the AES-256 encryption method.

7. To trade in coinbase, there are orders to be followed like market orders, limit orders, stop orders and so on. Get the complete rules for trading in Coinbase here.

8. The current trading volume of Coinbase is $213,101,496 USD  ( While writing this article )

9. The most active crypto pairs in coinbase exchange involve BTC/USD, LTC/USD, ETH/USD and lot more.

10. Coinbase now supports for buy/sell of  Dai (DAI). 

11. Recent news about coinbase shows that "Bitcoin Trading Volume on Coinbase Hits Year High"

12. Coinbase charges about one-half of one percent (0.50%) for Digital Currency Purchases and sales. ( Transaction Fee )

Why Choose Bitdeal for Coinbase Clone Development?

Bitdeal is having solid expertise in developing advanced user-centric cryptocurrency exchange that can change the future of cryptocurrency trading. Our developers are experts in cracking the best features that can make a competitive crypto exchange. By understanding the competition of the market at bitdeal we provide white label coinbase clone development services with our white label coinbase clone script. 

Reasons to Choose Bitdeal

  • No Revenue Sharing
  • White label development solutions
  • Agile Process
  • 24 X7 Support
  • Clone Script Customization and Development From Scratch
  • Dedicated Team
  • Liquidity Solutions
  • Expert Team
  • 5+ Years Experience
  • 100+ successful projects

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Disclaimer: Bitdeal never has control over the Coinbase and their trade mark, also we are not doing any promotional activities for them . We are using the term Coinbase for easy understanding and identification. Our products and services are not mean to harm any organization or individual.

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FAQ - Coinbase Clone

Cryptocurrency Exchange business is the ever green business model, now for the past months Crypto Industry has undergone tremendous growth in terms of trade volume and user engagement so, now is the perfect time!

Starting a Cryptocurrency Exchange like Coinbase is completely legal with proper license. Choose the country which has crypto friendly rules and regulations.

We design the script with cyber security guideliness and integrated standard security features in the script, so the crypto exchange, you build using this script would be highly secure and un hackable.

yes! Our Coinbase Clone Script is completely customizable! our developers will tailor the script based upon your own business requirements and needs.

Bitdeal develop Cryptocurrency Exchange App like Coinbase with all the standard features and facilities so that you can launch your own crypto exchange app like coinbase.

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