Binance Clone Script

Binance Clone Script is a fully developed and ready-made clone script of the popular cryptocurrency exchange binance. This clone script replicates all the existing features of binance with added customization and upgraded trading functionalities. This clone script is fully tested and approved by potential developers. Using this raw ready-made script, developers can customize it separately for binance DEX, and the binance centralized trading.

Build Language : PHP, JAVA, MeanStack, Laravel
Version : Updated Version 2.0, 2020

Binance Clone Software

Binance clone is a complete cryptocurrency exchange clone that can function mostly like the popular exchange binance. To build a binance clone exchange, we develop binance clone software that would have all the trading features and functionalities like DEX Trading, Basic, Advanced Trading, and multilingual features. The developed binance exchange clone would have a strong potential to gain a sure shot 10X ROI with increased customer base from more than 100+ countries. At bitdeal we provide the promising premium binance clone software that has no need for further improvements, and can build a ready to launch binance like exchange within a few hours of customization work and server hosting.

At bitdeal we provide white label binance clone Software that is powered with P2P, Smart contract, IEO, basic, pro, advanced trading features, Referral Options and can support to trade with external browser wallets like metamask, trust wallet, tron wallet and more.

  • An efficient support ticket systemBasic, Classic and OTC Trading
  • Customizable platform for specific featuresMulti-Lingual
  • Extensive vulnerability assessmentInstant Buy/Sell
  • Two Factor Authentication and AlertsAdvanced UI/UX
  • Smart Contracts for workflow automation150+ crypto support
  • Easy to change platform settings from Admin consoleTwo Factor Authentication
  • Highly Scalable Modular Architecture<Trust Wallet Integration
  • Highly Scalable Modular Architecture<100% Source Code
  • Highly Scalable Modular Architecture<Futures 125X Trading

Premium Features Of Binance Clone Script

DEX- Decentralized Trading
DEX- Decentralized Trading

Integrated decentralized trading feature for your traders to trade cryptos efficiently by having full access to the assets.


An aggregated DeFi portal to explore the popular list of DeFi tokens, synthetic assets, and Defi projects and their market cap.

Liquidity Swap
Liquidity Swap

Complete access to liquidity swap, and let the traders trade with approved tether coins and stable coins of certain DeFi projects.


Lets the trader navigate Locked staking, DeFi Staking, and Flexible Staking and stake their desired assets and earn rewards.

Cryptocurrency Loans
Cryptocurrency Loans

Traders can borrow loans instantly by providing crypto assets as collateral with high-end security and lower interest rates.

Smart Pooling
Smart Pooling

An advanced secured and transparent pool services for miners to earn guaranteed income by mining different cryptocurrencies.

P2P Trading
P2P Trading

let the traders buy and sell instantly BTC or other crypto's for fiat with other traders at the specified market value on time.

Launchpad / IEO
Launchpad / IEO

An open portal to list emerging tokens and cryptos that could revolutionize the crypto industry with the background of determined goals.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Advanced Control Panel
Extended Trade View

A Completely extended trade chart view for traders to get clear insights on live trading and forecast the future trading possibilities.

How Binance Clone Script Works?

Register To Trade

To start trading with the binance clone exchange, a trader should register and log in with their own private email or phone number and then the unique secured password.

Verify KYC To Trade

Verifying the KYC at an exchange would ensure the loyalty of a trader, so to begin trading at the Binance clone, one should complete KYC details and wait until the details given get verified.

Connect Your Wallet

Wallets are the custodial storage where traders can hold their crypto assets, to start trading at Binance clone one should connect his/her external exchange wallet or other private wallets to fund the "Binance clone" account.

Choose Trade Mode

Traders can choose any of the trading modes - Basic, Advanced, OTC, Margin, P2P Trading to trade with desired trading pairs, and with chosen trading orders limit order, stop-limit and market orders.

Trade at 10X Level Security

Our binance clone script ensures basic and advanced security mechanisms from 2FA to all the Cryptocurrency Exchange Security Standards (CESS) for traders to enjoy the safe trading under a hack-proof crypto exchange.

Single Roof for Multiple Services

Our Binance clone script can act as a single top platform for all the decentralized financial services including, Crypto Loans, Staking, Liquidity SwaP(DeFI), and also paving a way for emerging crypto tokens to get listed on launchpad (IEO)

Why Start an Exchange Like Binance?

Binance is the popular cryptocurrency exchange platform in the world, which has more than 13.5 million active users per day(as of 2020). The exchange is popularly known for providing effortless crypto to crypto trading and it gains more traffic in recent times as it allows the user to pay with very low transaction fees. With the increasing market cap at many popular cryptocurrency markets, binance is acquiring an increased customer base that results in high annual ROI. Since binance has futures trading, Margin Trading, Staking, Lending, Limit Order, Market Order, Stop limit order, Cryptocurrency loan, and more features, it meets all the needs of a trader through a single platform. The goal of binance is not only to meet the requirements of traders but also to uplift the cryptocurrency projects, so the exchange launches a platform for crypto tokens to get listed on their launchpad. Binance taking serious efforts to take part in a decentralized financial system, hence they provide options for liquidity swap for DeFi projects and protocols.

Trade With 100+ Crypto’s

Instant Brand Reputation

Increased Customer Base

All Crypto Trading at One Place

Ensures Trust & Security

Increased Market Cap & ROI

Low Trading Fees

Improved Trading Experience

10X Growth In Profit

Earn Through Referrals

Binance Clone App Development

Binance Clone App Development

We deliver advanced Binance Clone App Development for Android, iOS, and Windows. Along with our premium binance clone script, we deliver advanced cryptocurrency exchange mobile application development services with trading features that are similar to the binance app. We assure this would be a great key step for cryptocurrency exchange startups to grab their potential traders from mobile devices.

Features of Binance Clone app

  • 1. Advanced UI/UX Design
  • 2. Buy / Sell Features
  • 3. Transaction History
  • 4. Login / Registration
  • 5. Merchant API
  • 6. Payment Integrations
  • 7. PIN Lock Features
  • 8. Fingerprint access features
  • 9. Advanced/Basic Trading interfaces
  • 10. Available for Android/iOS
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Binance DEX Clone Development

Binance DEX is the upgraded cryptocurrency trading platform, which operates by underlying the binance own blockchain software system, Binance Chain. This innovative cryptocurrency trading operations on binance are fully decentralized and are faster than the binance centralized exchange. We at bitdeal can leverage the binance chain and can help clients to start a fully decentralized cryptocurrency exchange like Binance DEX with advanced UI/UX.

Features Of Binance DEX Clone Script

  • 1. Decentralized Order Book
  • 2. Advanced Admin Panel
  • 3. Hardware Wallet Support
  • 4. 10+ Cryptocurrencies Support
  • 5. Two Factor authentication
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Binance DEX Development

Our 5 Step Agile Development Process

Blockchain Application Development Company

Binance Clone Script - FAQ

At bitdeal, we are having a separate ODC team with experienced developers, so that our client can monitor our development process periodically Moreover we provide 100% source code without any profit sharing and that script could be easily customized.

  • Network and hardware security (secure data center, etc.)
  • KYC (Know Your Customer) + AML (Anti-Money Laundering) solutions
  • Two-Factor Authentication for users
  • AES Encryption prevention
  • And more security features

At bitdeal, you can get a premium upgraded version of binance clone script , with advanced trading features and you are allowed to claim a free demo before purchasing it.

Here is the approximate schedule, that we at bitdeal used to follow while developing a cryptocurrency exchange like binance.

  • Scope Discussion and Project confirmation - Nearly 140 hours
  • Business Plan Presentation & Project Team Allocation - 100 Hours
  • Design Phase - 200 hours
  • Development Phase - 500 Hours
  • Testing Phase - 100 hours
  • Deployment Phase & additional Changes - 72 Hours

The cost of setting up an exchange like binance would vary based on different criteria, it will cover the preferred binance clone script, employee wages, developer requirements, development, designing, customization, plugins, testing, add-ons registration, hosting, and further improvements. The Cost would vary from company to company but approximately the hourly cost of setting up a binance like exchange would be lie between $15 > and < $30.

To build an exchange like binance, one should need expert consultation and proper development support. Another way is you can purchase a binance clone script, and can start customizing it based on your ideas. At bitdeal, you can purchase a premium binance clone script with upgraded features.

Binance Clone Script is the Robust, Ready-made, and reliable cryptocurrency exchange clone script. Using this script as the source, crypto entrepreneurs can build a lookalike Cryptocurrency Exchange just like Binance.

Bitdeal's Binance Clone Script is designed with all the basic and advanced trading features, also it complies with the (CESS) cryptocurrency exchange security standards. The script is completely flexible to customize with uptrend trading modes, trading pairs, trading orders, and any other functionalities that can be added to the exchange platform.

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Disclaimer: Bitdeal never has control over the Binance and their trade mark, also we are not doing any promotional activities for them . We are using the term Binance for easy understanding and identification. Our products and services are not mean to harm any organization or individual.


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