Binance Clone Script to Support Unlimited Crypto to Crypto Trading

Wolfie Zhao
Jul 10, 2019 at 02:10 PM
Updated Jan 14, 2020 at 11:20 AM

Binance Clone Script

To start a bitcoin exchange trading website like binance, bitdeal provides a best binance clone script, which comprises of all the existing features of the major cryptocurrency exchange binance.

Binance Clone Script Features

Binance is highly recognized for its eight folded security on trading interfaces and payment integrations. The exchange is capable of processing around 1,50,000 order per second. Making a binance clone with our binance clone script will be more powerful and will be stable even while performing a huge number of orders/trades per second. Here are the notable highlighted premium features of our binance clone script.

  1. Basic, Advanced and Pro Trading Interfaces
  2. Initial Exchange Offerings ( IEO ) Integrated
  3. Trust wallet Integration
  4. Multi-Lingual
  5. LaunchPad Integrated
  6. Futures 125X Trading 
  7. Margin Trading API
  8. Binance DEX Integration
  9. C2C Trading ( Beta Version)
  10. Instant Buy/Sell Feature
  11. Supports More than 150+ Cryptocurrencies
  12. Supports Unlimited types Of tokens
  13. Perpetual Swaps
  14. Upgraded Staking and Lending Features
  15. OCO Order, Stop Limit Order, Stop-Loss orders, Take Profit, Limit maker Orders Supported
  16. 24 Hours Live Trade Charts
  17. Referral options
  18. Admin Panel
  19. User-Friendly CMS
  20. Advanced UI/UX


  2. Liquidity API
  3. Quantity Market Order API
  4. Cryptocurrency Price Ticker API
  5. Trading Bot API

Security Features 

  1. 2 Factor Authentication
  2. Google Authentication
  3. SMS authentication settings
  4. Withdrawal address management
  5. Device Management, and login History
  6. Email Verifications


Binance Clone App Development

We deliver advanced Binance Clone App Development for Android, iOS, and Windows. Along with our premium binance clone script, we deliver advanced cryptocurrency exchange mobile application development services with trading features that are similar to binance app. Hope this would be a great key step for cryptocurrency exchange startups to grab their potential traders from mobile devices.

Features of Binance Clone app 

  • Advanced UI/UX Design
  • Inbuilt Wallet
  • Buy/Sell Features
  • Transaction History
  • Login / Registration
  • Exchange Price Tracker
  • Merchant API
  • Payment Integrations
  • PIN Lock Features
  • Fingerprint access features
  • Multi lingual
  • Advanced/Basic Trading interfaces
  • Features Trading
  • Margin Trading
  • Multi- Cryptocurrency Supported

What is Binance ?

As of now, Binance is the only largest cryptocurrency exchange platform in the world, which has more than 4 million active users per day.  The exchange is popularly known for crypto to crypto exchange. Binance gains more traffic in recent time as it allows the user to pay with very low transaction fees. 

•    Led by Chanpeng Zhao
•    The company was initially launched in China and then moved to Japan in advance of china’s cryptocurrency exchanges ban. 
•    The exchange is Headquartered at Malta. (Previously it was in China and then Japan)
•    Binance comes from the word – Binary finance

How Binance Exchange Works 

Here is the explainer video from binance academy that explains the advanced interface of Binance

Ref : Binance Academy

How To Start an Exchange Like Binance ?

To build an exchange like binance, one should need expert consultation and proper development support. Exclusively in this article we have attached a special requisition form to claim a free demo for our  binance clone script. Ensure the details you provide before you submit. Based on the provided details our representative will reach you within 24 hours, to discuss everything regarding how to start an exchange like binance with our ready made binance clone script.

Binance Clone Script Demo

Why To Start an Exchange Like Binance ?

Highlights of the binance exchange website

There are some rock-solid reasons why people are looking forward to starting a bitcoin exchange like binance. The website has multiple specialties than any other major cryptocurrency exchange in the world. Let’s look at them one by one.

Specialties of binance exchange :

  1. Supports trading with more than 45 cryptocurrencies including bitcoin, ethereum, lite coin, and most importantly binance coin.

  2. The exchange provides discounts if the  user use to pay with their native coin BNB.

  3. In January 2018 the firm raised a capitalization of $1.3 billion.

  4. Being a standard cryptocurrency exchange it offers cryptocurrency trading, listing, fundraising, and withdrawal of any cryptocurrency. 

  5. The website has high processing throughput and has the capacity to process 1.4 million orders per second. 

  6. Binance supports market order, limit order and stop order.

  7. Many new crypto coins and tokens are getting listed on binance more than other cryptocurrency exchanges. 

  8. Highly efficient user interface.

  9. Supports multiple languages.

  10. ICO listing also available on binance exchange.


Apart from the above, there are a lot more features that build the traders to trade with their platform.
Exactly one year ago(i.e) on 27 August 2017, binance has surpassed 120k users for the first time. Binance was ranked at 12th on coin market cap with 24-hour trading volume, But now the website has ranked at no.1 on coin market cap. 

Now Binance is at 7 in coinmarketcap ranking. Eventhough there happened a security breach, binance has recovered very soon by compromsising their users with proper settlements.  

Why Choose Bitdeal ?

You can start your own cryptocurrency exchange like binance, with a globally accepted, and fully tested binance clone script.  After purchasing the binance clone script, you can customize it on your own by implementing furthermore special features; it would help you to prevent the resemblance of binance appearance and functionalities.  
Bitdeal can help you to create your own cryptocurrency exchange website like binance, we provide the best bitcoin clone script with high-class security features.

Security features that help to make a bitcoin exchange like binance

•    Network and hardware security (secure data center, etc.)
•    KYC (Know Your Customer) + AML (Anti-Money Laundering) solutions
•    Two-Factor Authentication for users
•    AES Encryption prevention
•    And more security features

Build your bitcoin exchange like binance

No worries, you can become an owner of a future successful cryptocurrency exchange website, and can raise high market cap with your business. 


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Disclaimer: Bitdeal never has control over the Binance and their trade mark, also we are not doing any promotional activities for them . We are using the term Binance for easy understanding and identification. Our products and services are not mean to harm any organization or individual.

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