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Cryptocurrency Wallet

Ensure the safety of crypto assets, by creating a secured cryptocurrency wallet mobile app and desktop app with Bitdeal's cryptocurrency wallet development services.

Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Company

Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Company

Bitdeal - being a cryptocurrency exchange development company, we provide extensive development support to create next-gen cryptocurrency wallet applications. Our developers ensure the safety of end users of our digital assets by incorporating essential security features like 2FA, FaceID, Touch Id, and conventional security password integrations. Without negotiating the trends of the crypto market, we build apps to support send and receive Defi tokens, NFTs, Fiat currencies, BEP20, TRC10, TRC721, ERC20, ERC721, and many other ERC Tokens. We build more trust for your crypto exchange platform by integrating our hi-tech cryptocurrency wallet application.

Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Services


NFT Wallet

We develop NFT Wallet to store your crypto collectables, Non Fungible assets in a completely secured manner, Cross -chain Compatibility and user friendly features.

DeFi Wallet

DeFi Wallet

To provide complete control over trader's funds to themselves, we develop a DeFi wallet which provides supreme security by supplying customized private keys

TRON Wallet

TRON Wallet

TRON Wallet is the most preferred wallet by all the crypto users to store their cryptocurrencies. Bitdeal develops TRON Wallet with advanced security APIs.


Mobile Wallet

A wallet app that can be accessed on any mobile device to lead seamless cryptocurrency transactions while sending and receiving cryptos between buyer and seller.


Web Wallet

An integrated wallet application inside an exchange that leads secure cryptocurrency transactions between user and admin or between sender and receiver.


Decentralized Wallet

Make peer-to -peer operations between the sender and receiver to proceed seamlessly with crypto transaction without the control of any central authority.

Create Your DecentralizedWeb and Mobile Crypto Wallet

Make your decentralized crypto wallet like a trust wallet to proceed to p2p transactions with advanced buy/sell features with multiple cryptocurrencies or crypto tokens.

   Web and Mobile Crypto Wallet

Cryptocurrency Wallet Features


2 Factor Authentication

Protecting the wallet with dual or multi factor authentication can lead a highly secured way of access to a wallet application while proceeding p2p transaction.


Multi Coin Supported

It Prevents a trader from maintaining multiple separate wallets for each type of cryptocurrency and can bring high security for all the crypto assets of a trader at one place.


Merchant APIs

Enriching the wallet application with merchant features can bring high user retention, as it paves the way for making cryptos as payment in real life use cases.


Billing And Invoicing

Instant billing and automated invoice reports can ensure your crypto transaction is valid and will provide you a strong legal proof for the completed transactions.


Dapps Supported

Supports seamless operation with decentralized applications on any blockchain network, and will ensure the security of the tokens that pass through the dapp network.



Secures the wallet applications with a password and PIN and ensures the authority of accessing the wallet before accessing the wallet account.

Cryptocurrency Wallet Mobile App Features


Additional Features of Cryptocurrency Wallet

2 Hardware Support

Supports hardware wallets like trezor, ledger nano and keepkey to transfer cryptos During the decentralized trading along with a decentralized wallet.

Push Notifications

Send frequent notifications of the market denoting the bitcoin price, transaction details, market status and every dynamic change of the cryptocurrency industry can keep you engaged always.

Transaction History

User/Trader can view the complete report of the transaction history which was made through the wallet, and can give the traders a detailed clarity of each transaction which he/she made.

Wallet Backup

If Incase of software failure or theft, wallet backup can prevent a trader from losing the cryptos,account details, PIN, transaction details and payments.

QR Code Scanner
QR Code Scanner

This can make the buying and selling process of cryptocurrencies in one click, and make the crypto payments handier and also safest across various devices or wallet apps.


Secures the wallet applications with a password and PIN and ensures the authority of accessing the wallet before accessing the wallet account.


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