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DeFi Smart Contracts - The Fuel that Drives the Decentralized Finance Space

Explore the Importance of Smart Contract In DeFi Space, and how to Develop Next-Gen Secure Dapps with DeFi Smart Contracts.

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DeFi  Smart Contracts - The Fuel that Drives the Decentralized Finance Space

DeFi Smart Contract Development

DeFi Smart Contract Development is the process of developing, auditing, and deploying the smart contract that performs decentralized finance services automatically without any involvement of any central authority to process. This smart contract-based DeFi platform reduces the long-time process of financial purposes like lending, borrowing, insurance, banking, and more to be done within a shorter time. There are many DeFi service providers who provide DeFi Smart Contract Development as a separate service that involves the development and auditing process. We Bitdeal have DeFi Smart Contract Developers who are experts in developing smart contracts specially for running DeFi dapps without any vulnerabilities. We offer DeFi smart contract development on various popular blockchain platforms such as TRON, Ethereum,EOS, and more.

Smart Contracts - Backbone of DeFi Protocols

Smart Contracts are the one which makes the Decentralized Finance Ecosystem works. There will be no word of DeFi or DeFi Dapps without the existence of smart contracts. The term decentralized is possible in DeFi space only by the usage of Smart Contracts. These smart contracts eliminate the need for central authorities to process any financial services and automates every transaction of DeFi.

This smart contract, the predefined computer coded programming contracts inherits the functionalities of decentralized finance protocols and is the element that drives the DeFi protocols to work effectively. Every DeFi dapps and protocol needs a properly coded and audited smart contract to execute its functions in a better way.

Advantages of Smart Contracts in DeFi Space

Listed here are the benefits of using smart contracts in the development process of decentralized finance applications.

High-end Security

Smart contracts are developed and audited properly which makes the whole process highly secured. Thus any transaction that gets executed on the blockchain-powered smart contracts is highly secured and non-alterable.

Completely Digitized 

Smart Contracts are digital contracts that execute automatically and all the transaction details and all other information are stored in a digitalized format on a decentralized ledger.


These smart contracts are automatic execution and do not require any manpower which eliminates the error and thus makes DeFi services more accurate.


Smart Contract eliminates the long process of lending, borrowing, and more. This online contract executes automatically all the financial functions which speed the processes.


Smart Contracts that completely hold the character of decentralization performs each and every function and transaction & stores them in a decentralized network, which is highly immutable.

Some other advantages of Smart Contracts are 

1. Highly Immutable
2. Ultra Fast Transaction
3. Completely Decentralized
4. Lower Transaction Fees
5. Cent percent control over assets and a lot more.

Importance of Smart Contract in DeFi Dapps

  • It automates the Financial Transactions
  • It eliminates the central authority
  • It provides greater security
  • It offers complete decentralization
  • Speeds up all financial services
  • Offers trust and safety
  • Restricts Modification or any changes 
  • Reduced Fraudulent activities 
  • Lower Transaction Fees 
  • Eliminates the bulk paper storage
  • High Liquidity
  • Ultra Transparency
  • Globally Accessible 
  • Ease Exchange of Assets
  • Safe Asset Storage & Exchange and more.

These are all the main key aspects of why these smart contracts are needed in the DeFi dapps.

Major Use Cases of DeFi Smart Contracts 

DeFi Smart Contracts finds applications in various industries like supply chain, cryptocurrency markets, banking, and so on. Some of the major use-cases are as follows :

  1. Cryptocurrency Exchanges
  2. Lending and Borrowing
  3. Stablecoins 
  4. Market Predictions
  5. Asset Management and a lot more.

DeFi Projects Powered with Smart Contract
Listed here are the DeFi projects or DeFi Protocols powered with Blockchain Smart Contracts.

  • Maker
  • DAI
  • Compound
  • Dharma
  • Bancor
  • Uniswap
  • Airswap
  • Balance
  • Hydro
  • Kyber Network and more.

Build Your Own DeFi Smart Contract 

We all know that Decentralized Finance is making its way to stay forever in the Crypto industry with regular improvement in providing transparent, permissionless, and easily accessible financial services. Thus, making a shift from centralized finance to decentralized finance can help us in a better way to withstand the digital economy.

With this deep understanding of DeFi and the importance of smart contracts in DeFi, you can launch your own DeFi protocol or DeFi dapp or DeFi platform that relies on the smart contract for its functioning. Build a completely error-free DeFi smart contract for your DeFi product and make your DeFi dapp beat the competition with no vulnerability and hacks.

Where to get the Best DeFi Smart Contract Development Services?

Now you know the benefits of smart contracts in the Decentralized Finance Space. If you want to build your own DeFi platform or dapp, you must first develop a smart contract with specific functionalities to run the required DeFi process or service. If you are techie, and if you have the knowledge to code the smart contract for your DeFi solution, you can code on your own and integrate it into your DeFi product or protocol. On the other hand, you can contact any DeFi Development Company which provides DeFi Smart Contract Development or any Smart Contract Development Company that builds smart contracts that processes any kind of DeFi services.

Some Blockchain Development Companies offer perfect smart contract development for businesses like DeFi, MLM, cryptocurrency exchanges, crypto banking,crypto investments and so on. Bitdeal - Blockchain Development Company offer the best solutions for all your A to Z needs related to building your own DeFi Smart Contracts and DeFi Dapps.

Bitdeal - DeFi Smart Contract Development Company

We Bitdeal - DeFi Smart Contract Development Company offers the bug-free unique Smart Contract developed especially for your DeFi products and protocols. Our developers are experts in developing and deploying smart contracts for decentralized finance solutions such as lending, borrowing, insurance, education, crowdfunding, and much more.

We separately provide smart contract development services for your DeFi dapps or DeFi protocols along with the complete development of DeFi products. You can contact Bitdeal for DeFi based Smart Contract Development, integration of smart contract with DeFi platforms, development of DeFi protocol, DeFi Smart Contract auditing, DeFi Smart Contract optimization and more. As we are a reputed DeFi Development Company, we provide DeFi services such as DeFi lending and borrowing platform development, DeFi Dapp Development, DeFi Token Development, DeFi Yield Farming Development, DeFi Staking Platform development and more. We are expertise in the development of smart contracts on blockchain networks such as TRON, Ethereum, EOS, R3, and more.

Our DeFi Smart Contract Development Solutions

We, Bitdeal - Leading Smart Contract Development Company, offering smart contracts for various industries and enterprises with unique and advanced features and plugins inherited. We Code industry-specific smart contracts with various attractive features to make the platform or dapp more welcomed among the users in the market. When it comes to DeFi smart contracts, we offer the following services:

DeFi Smart Contract Development

Our Developers are skilled in a way that they can code smart contracts for any kind of DeFi solutions such as lending, borrowing, insurance, banking, education, market predictions, and so on.

DeFi Smart Contract Auditing

Auditing process for smart contracts is a must before bringing it to use in the market, just to avoid vulnerabilities. We provide keen smart contract auditing services and check for the codes twice to make your DeFi dapps more trusted and used by the market people.

DeFi Smart Contract Optimization 

We have developers who are experts in optimizing the codes of your DeFi Smart Contracts which may result in faster computation and execution. Optimized codes can restrict the longer execution and are difficult in bug finding. Optimization can bring the greater efficiency of smart contract execution which in turn boosts the performance of DeFi Dapps.

DeFi Smart Contract Re-Auditing 

Many DeFi products face the issues known as Smart Contract Vulnerabilities and this makes the people fear about the use of DeFi Dapps for their decentralized finance services. Our DeFi Developers do a re-auditing process which prevents all these actions.

Integration/Deployment of DeFi Dapp

After the process of development, deployment, and complete testing and re-auditing of the built smart contract, our developers will integrate the development smart contract with the DeFi dapp or DeFi platform to carry out the specified process of decentralized financial services.

You can contact our DeFi or Smart Contract experts anytime to more about our solutions and services related to DeFi and Smart Contract Development. We provide the options to Hire our DeFi developers or Smart Contract developers to finish your project on time without any hassles.

Why Choose Bitdeal?

Here are the vital reasons why you should choose Bitdeal for Smart Contract Development for your DeFi products.

  1. 200+ Skilled Smart Contract Developers
  2. Expertise in various Technology Stacks
  3. Developed, Deployed, and tested on time
  4. Audited twice to eliminate Vulnerabilities
  5. Integration of smart contract with DeFi platform
  6. Usage of Re-auditing tools for better performance
  7. Error-free coding of smart contract
  8. Built based on smart contract standards
  9. Complete development of DeFi dapps
  10. On-time delivery at affordable cost and more.

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