Build Blockchain Games On Ethereum, TRON, EOS and 10+ Blockchains

Build your own blockchain game on any popular blockchain network and become a leader in the blockchain gaming industry.
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Build Blockchain Games On Ethereum, TRON, EOS and 10+ Blockchains

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Gaming Industry

The Global Gaming Market is expected to see a rise of 10% in 2023 to $90.1B with the integration of Blockchain Technology. The ever-increasing gaming industry has influenced by many technologies like SmartPhones Technology, Blockchain Technology, VR and AR technology and so on which all contribute to the growth of gaming industries over the years. The most notable from the list is the blockchain technology, as 23% of the people during a survey in 2019, stated that blockchain makes the game more secure and 19% stated that this blockchain technology has increased the player's trust over the game. The video gaming industry has been impacted by blockchain technology in terms of the trust, security, and more. Here is a graph listing the impact of blockchain technology on the video gaming industry in the past year 2019.

What is Blockchain?

A powerful technology that has the potential to transform any industry or sector to the next level, the blockchain technology. Blockchain is a distributed ledger or decentralized technology that records information using cryptography and makes it impossible to modify, hack, or delete. This immutable nature of blockchain finds application in all kinds of industry verticals for secured data storage.

If you are new to the term Blockchain, then just take 2 minutes to read our article, What is Blockchain Technology? to grab some knowledge about this majestic technology.

What are the Blockchain Games?

Blockchain Games, which are decentralized built on a blockchain network and these games issue their player's digital assets known as crypto tokens or cryptocurrency of their own or already existing one. These blockchain games are open source and there is no central server to control or serve the information of the games.

Already there are many blockchain games available on the market providing the most attractive features, security, and rewards to make them beat the competitions. You can also create your own blockchain game with the most attractive features and plugins to grab the attention of game players.

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Why Blockchain in Gaming?

Blockchain technology has already started renovating many sectors like Finance, Insurance, Education, Banking, Gaming, and more. Here let us look at the major advantages of using blockchain technology in the gaming sector.

1. Safe Environment for Entrepreneurs and developers

Blockchain uses consensus algorithms such as proof of stake, proof of work, and more which makes it impossible to make Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks or any hacks against the network. Thus, the Blockchain network provides a highly secured environment for both developers and entrepreneurs to build their own blockchain gaming platform or application.

2. Enables Value on Intangible Assets

Blockchain games like Cryptokitties project real value on intangible assets, which makes the people fun in playing the game. Thus there are many interesting games on the blockchain network with cryptocurrency transactions that will enable players to spend and earn cryptos on the gaming platform as rewards.

3. Securely Store in-game Assets

As blockchain is decentralized, in blockchain-based games when the players get or buy digital assets, they can store those securely in blockchain wallets which are ultra secured and free from hackings.

4. Opens Territory for Developers

Blockchain games are open-source, ie., anyone can view the codes anytime. Thus, if you want to develop your own blockchain game, you can check the codes and smart contracts of popular blockchain games such as cryptokitties and code from the base/scratch.  It is not tough to learn, develop, deploy, test, and run any kind of blockchain-based game dapps or platform on own.

5. Prevents Frauds

The smart contracts running on the blockchain game can be vulnerable if they have not properly audited and have bugs. It can be easy for hackers to attack the gaming platform with smart contract vulnerability. Thus before developing your own blockchain gaming application or platform be sure that you tested smart contracts free from bugs.

Apart from all these, blockchain technology in gaming can provide

  • Space for players to collaborate with developers for the improvement of the game
  • Player for control over their favorite games
  • True ownership of in-game assets of players
  • Enables interoperability profiles for all players
  • Secured buy and sell of in-game assets and a lot more.

Thus, Blockchain technology can lift the gaming industry to the next level by providing greater transparency, security, and immutability.

Business Benefits of building Blockchain Gaming applications

Listed here are the major benefits of building blockchain games.

  • Increased Active Players, who play the game regularly
  • Reduced Amount of Gaming development, if chosen proper network and development company
  • High Return on Investment
  • Revenue gets generated as long as the game download continues
  • Minimized Fraudulent Activities
  • Cost-effective business model
  • Increased game downloads by inheriting attractive features
  • High-end security and safety for both players and developers 
  • Blockchain Game Dapp can help you grab mobile players in a huge amount
  • Updates or improvements in the game can be suggested or developed by players anytime as it is open source.

Top Trending Blockchain Games

Find the below list of top blockchain games that people prefer for earning cryptocurrencies:

  1. Spells of Genesis
  2. Rocket Game
  3. Dragon 7
  4. Mythereum
  5. EOS Knight
  6. 0xUniverse
  7. Gods Unchained
  8. Ethermon
  9. Crypto Dozer
  10. Crypto Space Commander
  11. Splinterlands
  12. Forgotten Artifacts
  13. Neon District
  14. Crypto Assault
  15. CryptoWars and so on.

You can also launch your own Blockchain Game like the listed games and make more revenue with less manual work.

Popular Blockchain Platforms to Build Decentralized Games

Here is the list of blockchain platforms that are popularly used for building blockchain games.

  • Ethereum
  • EOS
  • TRON
  • Quorum
  • Corda
  • R3
  • Hyperledger and more.

Where to Get the Best Blockchain Gaming DApp Development Services?

You can build your own blockchain game if you are well known for blockchain technology and smart contract codings. If not, contacting the best Blockchain Gaming Development Company to provide you support from scratch to build your blockchain gaming platform or blockchain dapp game development is the best idea to execute.

Searching for the best firm to support you for blockchain game development?

No worries! You are at the right place !!

Bitdeal - Blockchain Game Development Company

We Bitdeal - Leading Blockchain Gaming Development Company offers world-class blockchain-based gaming development with perfectly audited smart contracts to perform ultra-fast automated transactions.

Our blockchain developers are experts in building blockchain games on blockchain platforms such as TRON, EOS, Ethereum, and more with features like customization and attractive plugins that drive more players to the gaming platform. We assist you with blockchain gaming development services such as TRON DApp game development, EOS DApp Game Development, Ethereum Dapp Game Development, blockchain-based gaming platform as both website and mobile applications that are platform-friendly to download and play by the users.

Features of our Blockchain Game Development

Some of the basic features we include in your blockchain-based gaming development is as follows :

  • Ultra processing speed
  • Less and compact storage size
  • Advanced UI/UX 
  • Instant Live Chat System
  • Safe and secure wallets
  • Attractive reward plans and options
  • Easy to set up and play features
  • Options to exchange assets within players
  • Complete Digital Ownership to players.
  • Native Token Integration and more.

You can contact our experts anytime to get developed your Blockchain Game Dapp! We develop, deploy, test, and run the best blockchain games for all our clients and make them one of the top most played blockchain games in the crypto world.

Why Choose Bitdeal for Blockchain Game Development?

The notable reasons for choosing Bitdeal for your Blockchain Gaming development are as follows :

  • Serving more than 6+ years in the field of Blockchain and cryptocurrency-based development and services
  • 200+ Blockchain Experts who are skilled in developing and deploying the blockchain games
  • Expertise in major blockchain networks such as TRON, Ethereum, EOS, and more
  • Transparent Communication with the developing team for any changes or requirement updates
  • Adaptation of Agile Methodology to finish the project on time
  • Deploying and testing on each phase
  • Development of Blockchain Gaming DApps at affordable cost
  • On-time delivery of the project 
  • 100% expected output without any bugs or errors
  • Lifetime Customer Support even after the launch of the game.

Ready to build your blockchain game with us?

Launch your own Blockchain Game Now and become one among the richest. Get a free quote now !!

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Build Blockchain Games On Ethereum, TRON, EOS and 10+ Blockchains
Build Blockchain Games On Ethereum, TRON...
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