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Cryptokitties Clone - The Instant Solution To Build a NFT Game Like Cryptokitties

Explore What is Cryptokitties Clone Script and know its prime features and functionalities.

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Cryptokitties Clone - The Instant Solution To Build a NFT Game Like Cryptokitties

Cryptokitties Clone Script

Cryptokitties Clone Script is a kind of gene coded blockchain gaming script equipped with DNA sequences to build an exact, look-a-like platform just like Crytokitties. With Bitdeal’s Cryptokitties Clone, business people can build custom avatars with multiple features. The Platform build with our clone script ensures tight security and provides comfort trading features to the users.

Specifications Of Cryptokitties Clone

  • Script Type: Blockchain gaming Script
  • Blockchain Technology: Ethereum (custom)
  • Integrated API: All the Prime APIs integrated
  • Version: Version 2.0

 Cryptokitties Clone Package - The Unwrapping

Bitdeal’s Crypto Kitties Clone Script comes as a complete package. Holds everything you need to start a platform like crypto kitties. Here let’s unwrap our clone script.

Types Of Kitties

The Kitties listed are ofcourse cute but come with a variety of shapes and styles. In general, the cats are categorised as

  • Normal - Its appearance is entirely based upon genetic attributes
  • Fancy - It's a specific genetic recipe with unique art
  • Special Edition - The limited amount of cats are released under this category
  • Exclusive - The Rarest variety of kitties comes under this category.

Features of Cats

The Adorable Cat is made up of many features which are purely determined by the genetic code. listed here are the features of Cryptokitties

  • Base Colour
  • Highlight Colour
  • Accent Colour
  • Mouth
  • Fur
  • Pattern
  • Eye Shape
  • Wild
  • Environment
  • Eye Colour


The Cattributes in the genetic code determined the appearance of every kitty right there where special editions and exclusives are the exception here. Cattribute is what makes the cat unique which provides millions of combinations.

Normal Traits

Generation - 0 Kitties of standard traits comes under this

Hidden Genes

Hidden genes are kinds of genes inside each and every kitty which do not reflect in the appearance. These hidden genes tend to cause gene swap.

Mutation Traits

Two Traits combine to create mutation. At times the newborn kitty poses cattribute which the parent kitties does not have.

Features Of Crypto Kitties Clone

  • Search Filter: Advanced search filters to bring the desired kitties to the users.
  • Store front : Attractive storefront design to represent kitties.
  • Breeding: Breeding is the most prominent process which is responsible for the birth of new kitties
  • Crypto Wallet: Integrated Crypto Wallet to store cryptocurrencies
  • Bidding: Bidding Option Integrated to enhance the revenue of traders
  • Payment Option Integrated: Multiple Payment gateways integrated to facilitate the users.

How Does Cryptokitties Clone Script Work ?

Cryptokitties Clone Script is designed to work as the alternative platform for Cryptokitties. We Bitdeal, build the script with finite features and functionalities. Have a look at this


Anyone can sign up on the platform and search for their favourite kitties. If the user really likes the listed kitties, they can instantly connect with metamask and buy the cryptokitties within minutes. Once done, the boughted kitties are listed on your profile.


Breeding is the basic phenomenon in the platform. To do this, the user needs to buy two kitties and then, need to choose the female and Male

Sire - Male Cat
Dame - Female Cat

When the preggers sign indicates that the kitty is pregnant. There are two options available for breeding. The user can breed the kitty with the public sire or they can breed with their own Sire and Dame.


Offers are the exclusive way to get cats. With this offer feature, Players can bid with ETH, here the owner holds the whole authority to choose or reject the price.


Once you decide to sell kitties, you can sell it for a good price or else participate in an auction for public sering. The users can earn more by adopting both ways of selling and sering.

What Do the players need to get started with ?

To get started with Cryptokitties, users just need three fundamental elements. 

1. Web Browser - User can use any kinds of devices 
2. Crypto Wallet - To store digital currencies
3. Digital currency - The digital currency your platform supports.

How You Can Generate Revenue by Starting a Platform like Cryptokitties ?

Non Fungible Tokens are now the hot topic of the crypto industry, we can’t deny the truth that cryptokitties are the first ever blockchain game and Non Fungible Token. 

It’s the crucial time for NFTs. Obviously, platforms like this are a hit. As a Platform owner, you can deduct various fees from users.

  • Birthing Fee: Birthing Fee is deducted whenever the new kitties were born
  • Gas Fee: Gas fee is a general fee deducted for Ethereum network.
  • Breeding Fee: when users breeds their kitties, the platform can ask for breeding fee
  • Cat Fee: To buy Cats, the user needs to pay a certain amount to the platform.

How Starting a Platform with Cryptokitties Clones Benefits You ?

  • High ROI
  • Brand recognation
  • Low Investment Cost
  • Instant market launch
  • Custom Platform

How We Can Help You ?

Are you a budding entrepreneur ?  staying right here? , then, no worries.Bitdeal, being the dominant company in the crypto space strives to provide an instant solution for budding cryptopreneur with our spotless clone script.

Our Experts are ready to connect with you!

Reach Out Instantly

The Future is Meows, Follow the Paws!


Disclaimer: Bitdeal neither represents nor has command over the trademark of "Cryptokitties". We have mentioned the brand name Cryptokitties to make things clear to our clients. It is important to understand that we does not promote, copy and collaborate with them.


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