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What is an Intelligence NFT (iNFT)? Train and Earn Rewards Token an iNFT

iNFT is Stands for intelligent NFT based on the Ethereum blockchain anyone can create their own iNFT standars

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What is an Intelligence NFT (iNFT)? Train and Earn Rewards Token an iNFT

In Recent days everyone here uses the Word NFT!!! NFTs are ruling the Crypto Industry.
What is NFT ?  What are the types of NFTs and classification of NFT and let us look about the next transformation of NFT called iNFT 


NFT is also called the nifties,The NFT Stands For Non-Fungible Token that means it cannot be replaced with another. NFT is a unique and real-world  digital asset such as Music, arts and videos. It can also be used to represent unique identities, rights of properties etc.

Types of NFTs 

  • Collectibles
  • Artwork
  • Event Tickets
  • Music & Media
  • Gaming
  • Virtual Items
  • Real-World Assets
  • Identity
  • Memes
  • Domain Names

The craze of NFT is increasing day by day!!! Celebrities are also entering NFT into Globe.Fans can purchase their favorite celebrities images , videos and any other digital assets from celebrity NFT Marketplace.Now, the NFTs are Transformed into next level iNFT(Intelligent NFT).

What is an iNFT ?

The iNFTs an Intelligent NFT.

It is Embedded with an intelligence in the form of AI (Artificial Intelligence) Personality. The first series of iNFT created by Noah’s Ark is a Metaverse intelligence in The aim of Noah’s Ark intelligence is to evolve the culture and collective intelligence of the human kind.

Evolution of an iNFT

You can also create and Earn in inft platform like


You can create your own intelligence NFT in Noah’s Ark. Train your inft to upgrade it to contribute to the Ark’s Engine. You can earn token rewards from mining intelligence NFT.


iNFT leads to life the underlying different digital item on its NFT by using the generative powers of Artificial Intelligence.

As a simple analogy identifies iNFTs to Humans with three different Parts

Body, Soul and Mind

Body - ERC 721 that shows the (images /picture for proof and profile pic.)
Soul - Soul Contains (Different Intelligence Levels with Pod)
Mind - Mind is able to execute higher order of services.

Any Non-Fungible Token can become an iNFT via the iNFT Protocol. This is achieved by blending the NFT with another ERC-721 Asset called the Personality Pod. Once the NFT is blended with a Personality Pod, it obtains its own unique AI -powered personality.

Architecture on iNFT

iNFT Protocol

It refers to a set of Smart Contracts based on the Ethereum blockchain that allows anyone to create an iNFT in a constraint manner.

There are 4 Different Layer in iNFT Protocol

  • Application Layer
  • Protocol Layer
  • Asset Layer
  • Settlement Layer

Personality Pods

The Personality Pod is a ERC-721 Asset that forms a Complicated part of the iNFT Protocol, and it is a mandatory part in the creation of an iNFT. If it is blended with a Personality Pod via the iNFT Protocol.


It is an On-Chain asset that dominates the properties of a Personality Pod. Each and every Personality pod has various personality Traits that are based on evolution.It’s include Intelligence Level, Voice, Generation and so on..


Noah’s Ark Presently provides 5 main categories of digital assets that can be bought or sold in the Market.

  • iNFTs
  • Media
  • Personality Pods
  • Portals
  • Bundles

AI Engine

It represents the collective of the AI Models that are powering the Noah’s Ark Intelligent Metaverse. These Artificial Intelligence Models power not only the AI Services that are available to the iNFTs.

ALI Token 

It is a Native ERC-20 Token of the  Artificial Liquidity Intelligence Token.

Hope now you got an Overview of intelligence Non Fungible Token (iNFT).Bitdeal is a Leading NFT  Development Company providing All kinds of NFT Related services such as NFT Marketplace, Music, ART, Gaming and Metaverse etc..

Hello Bitdeal Community!

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