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The Perfect Roadmap To Launch Your Own Metaverse in 2022

Explore in detail about the technologies involved in metaverse and the steps involved in launching your metaverse.

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The Perfect Roadmap To Launch Your Own Metaverse in 2022

Metaverse - Is this A Future.

Metaverse  was once a concept in a science fiction book named “Snow Crash” but technology does not let it as just a concept in the pages of the book. It gives life to it. Now Metaverse is  predicted as the future technology. It is something that is very new to the man kind, maybe they emerge as the ever-sophisticated tech.The Prediction from Gartner stated that, four years from now, nearly 25% people are expected to spend at least of one hour in the day in a Metaverse, which includes shopping, education, entertainment, meetings, etc, 

Superior global companies like Meta, Microsoft, Google, Binance, Tencent, etc, are already printing their foot in the metaverse. Well, Metaverse is not the one which fits in  the box, it has limitless potentials and possibilities.

Business Plan for Metaverse

After the grant event, The renaming of Facebook as Meta, Metaverse has become the talk of the town and many influential business people out there are looking to start their own metaverse. How to get started? Is still a big question for many. Actually, the first thing is to get exposure to the precise road map to start a metaverse.

7 Technologies fortifies Metaverse

Metaverse is an extraordinary technology integrated with 7 sophisticated technologies which are listed below

Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

Blockchain provides a decentralized environment and transparency to each and every transaction. It is responsible for ownership, governance, interoperability and high security. Cryptocurrencies are widely used inside the metaverse platform to get access to certain items and In the future, more people thrive into metaverse to get incentivize form cryptos

Augmented reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are the gateways for metaverse but there are quite a lot of differences between these two. Augmented Reality lets users get exposure to the surroundings with interactive digital visuals whereas virtual reality is a kind of programmed virtual environment, users can access it via headphones and VR powered glasses.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an emerging technology, where many programmers are working on it. It has the power to process bulk volume of data and metaverse utilises AI for non-players, that is some gaming elements which are part of metaverse gaming. 

3D Reconstruction

3D Reconstruction is not nearly new stuff, it is used widely in the real estate industry and film industry . With the help of 3D cameras and photo realistic models, one can render physical objects and locations in the 3D dimension to the metaverse space

Internet Of Things (IOT)

IOT in similar terms, its tech that connects every other thing in the real world with the internet. via one can send and receive messages automatically. IOT also uses machine language to collect data. 

Road Map To Start A Metaverse - 2022

#1 Research, Dig Deep and Pick Precisely.

If you want to get into a business, specifically in the crypto space, you need to dig deep and analyze the market thoroughly. Take a unique business ideology and frame it with a user perspective, that is always a key for a successful business. Here, we listed some of the businesses you can start in metaverse

Business Possibilities in Metaverse

Metaverse Gaming

Gaming is actually very popular right now. Axie Infinity, Second Life are some of the trending metaverse games built on Binance Smart Chain. Likewise, you can build your own gaming platform.

Social Media Platform

Build a high-tech interactive social media platform where people can interact with each other via avatars.

Metaverse Business Suit

You can create a metaverse business suit which is compatible with all other features like virtual meetings, virtual interactive working environment,etc, 

Build a Business Compactable Metaverse Platform. 

Many businesses like Clothings, Hotel, even banks have shifted their business to metaverse. If you already run any kind of these businesses, you can swift your business towards it. 

#2 Do A Complete Business Analysis

Do a complete business analysis with all other aspects like current market, existing competitors, strong competitors, mission, vision and scope of your business. Build your metaverse platform with the prospects of all this data. 

#3 Decide Your Blockchain Network

Metaverse relies on the decentralized ledger technology, blockchain for the proper functioning. There are various blockchain networks and its your responsibility to choose the best blockchain that suits your metaverse development. Listed here are the best blockchain networks that you can utilise for the creation of metaverse.

  • Solana
  • Polygon
  • Tezos
  • Ethereum
  • Binance smart chain
  • Hyperledger
  • Fantom
  • Avalanche
  • Hecochain
  • Btachain (bitcoin asset chain)
  • Ethereum classic
  • Tron

#4 Choose a good Crypto Solutions Provider

Half of your job is already done, if you choose the right service provider. Thus the market has a lot of service providers. Bitdeal, being the prominent Metaverse Development Company provides optimal metaverse solutions in all kinds of phrases. Being the dominant company in the industry, we obliged to deliver and deploy the best to our clients

#5 Fix a UI/UX Design

UI/UX is the first thing that attracts users. Make sure that your platform has eye-catchy designs with user-friendly navigations. Select a theme that suits your business the best. You could hit better, if you go with the animation kind of designs, thus you are building a Metaverse.

#6 Create Smart Contract

Create smart contracts with the functionality of NFT, ownership details and the working of the platform. 

#7 Development Phrase

Once done with business analysis, smart contract creation and design. Then, you can go with the development pharse. Listed  below are the commonly used tech-stack for development phrases. 

Tech - Stack 

Java, Node js, Python, Angular for front and back end development. React native for App Development. MYSQL, Oracle Database, SQL server are the widely used databases which are stored in Amazon S3. Express, Material UI, Amplify are the popular frameworks. 

#8 Integration Of Technologies

Integration of Technologies involves integrating developed code with smart contracts and all other technologies like Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, NFTs, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency, IOT, AI, etc,

#9 Testing 

Test your metaverse platform completely. Take care of user platform responsiblity, funtionality,  and other integrated features in the platform. Make sure to test all the phrases like integrated APIs, wallet connectivity, NFT ownership,etc, 

#10 Do a Pilot launch

Pilot launch is a kind of launching a platform to a separate group of people to understand the functionality and working of the metaverse. It is much neccessary one when it comes to Metaverse. 

#11 Organize the Bug Bounty Program

Organize the Bug Bounty program, Which is conducted to find and fix the  bugs in the platform. Popular Crypto Exchange Binance, offer conduct Bug bounty program and provides rewards to the tester, who find out the bugs in the platform.

#12 Took Unique Marketing Strategy

No matter what business you do. Unique Marketing Strategies will always lead you to the successful path. Make sure to build a skilled marketing team for your metaverse platform. 

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