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Create Your Own NFT- Based Digital Card Game like Splinterlands

Launch Your Own NFT- Based Digital Card Game like Splinterlands with Bitdeal's Splinterlands Clone Script

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Create Your Own NFT- Based Digital Card Game like Splinterlands

Splinterlands Clone script 

Splinterlands clone script is a completely decentralized and good-to-go website script for a fanciful NFT card game that enables participants to freely buy, sell, and trade digital assets through blockchain technology with all transactions being openly and immutably recorded.

We at Bitdeal create an NFT marketplace connected with various blockchain networks and protocols.

Splinterlands - An Overview

Splinterlands is a multiplayer card game for collectible trading with a design that integrates between the world of warcraft characters and Pokemon card games. The game has created a narration based on a mystical world. Construction based on the Steem blockchain to provide quick transaction and full transparency.

This splinterlands card game is fully based on blockchain technology. It operates like Hearthstone and Magic the Gathering and in that game, you can collect cards with various attributes, and capabilities. And it is used to battle other players in skill-based contests.
Every user has a privately owned card which no one can take them away from any player but everyone may buy, sell and trade them like traditional trading cards.

Splinterlands Clone Script Features 

The features of Splinterlands clone script are as follows,

  • Quick transaction
  • Low transaction cost
  • 100 percent decentralized 
  • Capability to land smart contracts among ethereum and binance smart chain network.
  • The token is designed as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO)
  • The players get a reward of splinterlands native token SPS
  • Smart contracts released on the BSC network allow players to stake SPS tokens which may then be used to vote on governance in the DAO.
  • The community of the token holder will have complete control over and access to the tokens.
  • The tokens will be 100% controlled and accessed through the community of token holders.

Benefits of Our Splinterlands Game Clone Script

There are several benefits are incorporated in this clone script such as 

  • Trading with everyone
  • Convert cards to crypto
  • Integrate cards to profit
  • Digital scarcity and complete transparency 
  • Creation of two click blockchain account 
  • Enables free and instant transactions for video gaming 
  • Secured digital collectibles card game Apps 

Splinterlands Clone Script  On WAX Blockchain

WAX blockchain integration is the inspiration of a global-based asset exchange which constructs and delivers the most convenient as well as a secured way for the creation, buying, selling, and trading of digital products to anyone, anywhere around the world. 

We offer splinterlands clone script on the WAX blockchain network that enables you to design and deliver a custom NFT related gaming platform like Splinterlands. This clone script on WAX blockchain employs the NFT easily attainable to the players and it is reasonable.

How to create your own NFT marketplace like Splinterlands?

Create your own digital trading card game and NFT marketplace by assisting our Splinterlands clone script solutions at Bitdeal. We create a NFT marketplace similar to splinterlands, where crypto players can buy, sell, and exchange digital items and also trading cards by utilizing blockchain technology.

The blockchain-powered NFT Game idea has provided investors and crypto enthusiasts with more lucrative business alternatives. The NFT gaming business concept has grown into a substantial profit-based platform for cryptocurrency investors and gamers to participate in and grow to the digital space’s requirement.

How Does The Splinterlands Clone Script Work?

Splinterlands is a face-to-face fighting game. A player with a similar ranking gets paired with the player. These players will be assigned a set of battle parameters based on a random selection. After that, both players will be given a certain length of time to construct a deck of cards. The fight will begin when each player has chosen a deck and will proceed according to the set game rules. The future of gaming is blockchain technology and NFT. Within the game, it allows players to exchange and sell their assets and resources. Splinterlands allows you to buy a variety of products inside the game environment such as cards, lands, potions, and dice to customize your character. 

Each of these items serves a distinct purpose in the game and can be bought, sold, or rented to other players. Additionally, gamers can earn incentives through participating in competitions. There will always be an opportunity to secure in splinterlands clone script game, despite player’s experience, skill level, or card collection size.

Why Choose Bitdeal For Splinterlands Clone Script?

Bitdeal, the top Game Development Company can help you build your own NFT gaming platform and Metaverse NFT Platform with cutting-edge built-in security features measures that are suited to your demands and expectations. Our clone script is flexible, allowing you to adjust and manage them based on your needs. We provide,

  • Further additional revenue models and programs 
  • Ready to use platform
  • Multi specialist support is available 
  • SEO friendly platform
  • Flexibility with multiple devices.

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Disclaimer: Bitdeal neither represents nor has command over the trademark of "Splinterlands". We have mentioned the brand name Splinterlands to make things clear to our clients. It is important to understand that we does not promote, copy and collaborate with them.


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