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A Short Guide To Global Fantasy NFT Soccer Game

Explore in detail about Sorare, The Fantasy NFT Soccer game, know how to earn and its types of sorare cards.

A Short Guide To Global  Fantasy NFT Soccer Game

Technology is entwined with our life in each and every moment and sports are no more the exception! We are used to fantasy sports games but sorare is different! It is the blockchain-based NFT gaming platform exclusively designed for soccer games and the most exicting thing is that you can earn while playing this. Let’s get into it.

What is Sorare ?

Sorare commenced in the year 2019 with a confined team, within a year, its team has enlarged upto 2000. In the beginning, they supported just two teams, now they give access to 100 licensed teams.

Sorare has designed their platform in a unique way that fits the needs of both gamers and investors.Traders can either participate in the game with the collected trade cards or they trade the cards for the fair price.

Here, the trade cards represent the soccer players which are not just trading cards that are Non-Fungible-Tokens (ERC 721) on Ethereum Blockchain which has its own immutable characteristics that are ultimately unique and provides ownership rights so that you can do whatever you can with it. The Token holder can sell, participate in tournaments or list the cards based upon their own wish.

Types of Sorare Cards

Common cards: It is the most commonly used type of cards provided to the newly registered users. Traders can win other kinds of cards with these common cards.

Rare Cards: Rare cards are distributed to 100 players per seasons in all divisions

Super Rare Cards: Super Rare Cards are provided to 10 per players per season in 1 -3 division

Unique Cards: Unique cards are the rare cards in the platform which are limited to 1 player per person and in only one division.

How to buy/sell cards ?

In Sorare, one can buy/sell cards via two types

Sorare Auction

Here, The player cards are released for auction based upon the theme, league,etc, The Auction process differs based upon the type of cards

Manager Sales

Manager sales category is designed for the instant buying process, here the manager lists the card with the tag, Buy it now and the listing lasts for 48 hours.

How to Earn in Sorare ?

Participate in the Tournament

Gaming is fun! As a gamer, Sorare did not only provide rewards to the winners instead it allowed every participant to earn more cards and ETH. By participating constantly, traders can earn rare and unique cards 

Reselling the Trading Card

If you are the investor, then you need not to participate in games to earn more cards or ETH instead you can resell your cards for a decent price

Top Highlights about Sorare       

  •  50 million collected in the funding round which took the platform to the new dimension                                          Read more: Coinmarketcap
  • Sorare has recently signed a NFT deal with Spain's top LAliga soccer league                                                            Read in Detail: CNBC
  • The platform has recently launched limited cards 
  • They launched Reward Transparency Features, so that traders can get vivid views about the rewards.
  • To Attract global traders, they have launched National Team Cards.
  • Sorare has launched Dynamic ETH reward system in their platform.


Anything that comes up with unique innovative ideas will succeed for sure, sorare attracts gamers as well as investors with its smart user friendly features. Let’s hope for the best in the NFT Future.

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