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How to create an NFT based Gaming Platform like Alien Worlds?

Get to know the easy way to launch NFT games like Alien Worlds

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How to create an NFT based Gaming Platform like Alien Worlds?

Alien Worlds Clone Script

Alien Worlds Clone Script is a decentralized NFT Gaming Marketplace Script that replicates the functions and features of Alien Worlds. Alien Worlds clone script is an instant ready-to-launch solution to launch your own NFT Game with features like minion, cards, avatars, Land, and more as the features present in Alien Worlds, the most played blockchain-based NFT Game in recent days.

We Bitdeal Leading Game Development Companywho can develop and deploy NFT Game like Alien Worlds, which is known as unique and highly customizable Bitdeal’s Alien Worlds Clone Script.

Components of Alien Worlds Clone Script

Script: NFT Metaverse Script
Platform Type: NFT Card-based Gaming Platform
Version Type: Alien Worlds Clone Script V2 (Updated in Oct 2021)
Blockchain Network: BSC, Wax, and Ethereum (Customizable)
Special Features: Staking, Briding, Land trading, and more.

Why Go With Alien Worlds Clone Script?

Here are the reasons to go with Alien Worlds clone script and benefits over developing an NFT Gaming Platform from Scratch.

  • Can be launched Instantly
  • Does not require Much Technical Support
  • Can reach the market sooner
  • Quick Brand Identification
  • Flexible and Customizable

Features of Our Alien Worlds Clone Script

Listed here are the features of Bitdeal’s Alien Worlds Clone Script.


It allows players to stake Trilium with which they can vote & increase the Planetary rewards in the pool.

Planet DAOs

Allows for participating in weekly elections and submitting proposals on the way to distribute the planetary treasure.

Gaming Cards

For mining, fighting, and also for missions players can select any NFT Gamecards for their strategy on WAX, BSC, and Ethereum.

Cross Chain Bridging

This feature allows for teleporting Trillium (TLM), between BSC, Ethereum, and WAX.

Gaming Features in Bitdeal's Alien Worlds Clone Script

Here are the NFTs Gaming features inherited in our Alien Worlds Clone Script.


In Alien Worlds there are six different rarity levels for NFTs Alien worlds such as

  • Abundant
  • Rare
  • Common 
  • Epic
  • Legendary and 
  • Mythical


In this game, there are 4 levels of shininess namely,

  • Stone
  • Gold
  • Stardust
  • XDimension and
  • Antimatter

Lower level items can be forged together for increasing their shine and also attributes.


In Alien World, Land is a series of NFTs that represent parcels of land on the planets in Alien Worlds. If any players own land, they can either mine by themselves or charge people who can mine on their land commission.


Minions are used by communities and they are the NFTs used in the fighting games. Minions are eagerly awaiting the games all over the metaverse.


In this platform, each player is given a free shovel for beginning with whose mining power is very limited. There are many tools and different tools have different strengths and weaknesses. Players can use 3 tools at the same time in the platform.

Weapons NFTs are used by developers and communities throughout the Metaverses which have both an attack rating & defensive rating. Weapons NFTs used by explorers in fighting games.

Missions NFTs

These are earned during missions on Metaverse. In Alien Worlds there are 3 different Mission NFTs which includes,

  • Crafting Key
  • Base Power and
  • Boost Power.

Users can use smart contracts and participate in gaming to build their own Mission NFTs.


Avatars are nothing but NFTgamecards that contain your face and which you can utilize to play the game. The avatars which are offered by Federation involves

  • Greys
  • Little Green Persons
  • Reptiloids 
  • Nordics
  • Robotrons and more.

Why Start an NFT Gaming Platform like Alien Worlds?

  • Alien Worlds is the first NFT Metaverse on BSC
  • Alien Worlds is being the most played blockchain-based NFT Games
  • Contains many features that attract gamers 
  • NFT based games are being attractive and most played by many players
  • Alien Worlds is the 1st in dapp game for past 30 days 
  • This is the 2nd in overall dapps for the past 30 days by active users.

Alien Worlds Clone Development 

We Bitdeal - NFT Gaming Platform Development Company offers Alien Worlds Clone Script and Alien Worlds Clone Software with unique features and plugins to launch your own NFT Gaming Platform like Alien Worlds. Our Alien Worlds Clone Development process involves NFT Marketplace Script development with all the features and plugins like Alien Worlds. Alien Worlds Clone will be the best way to launch your NFT Gaming Marketplace and gain the NFT Market sooner. 

Contact Bitdeal’s NFT Experts for knowing the cost of Alien Worlds Clone Development!

Why Choose Bitdeal for Alien Worlds Clone Development?

We Bitdeal - Leading NFT Development Company offers A to Z NFT related solutions and services for all kinds of industry. Some of our NFT Solutions include NFT Marketplace Development, NFT token development, NFT Exchange Development and more.

Some of the NFT Services from Bitdeal are as follows :

  • NFT Art Marketplace Development
  • NFT Gaming Platform Development
  • NFT Real Estate Marketplace Development
  • NFT Music Marketplace Development
  • NFT Sports Marketplace Development
  • NFT Collectibles Marketplace Development and more.

Listed here are the top-selling NFT Gaming Clone Scripts that are 

Some of the Blockchain Platform we develop and deploy NFT Marketplace and NFT Gaming Platform includes,

  • Polkadot
  • Binance Smart Chain
  • Ethereum
  • Cardano
  • Solana
  • Polygon 
  • EOS and more.

Some of the industries we serve NFT solutions include

  • Arts
  • Collectibles 
  • Sports 
  • Real Estates
  • Gaming 
  • Memes 
  • E-commerce and so on.

Bitdeal - NFT Gaming Platform Development Company

We Bitdeal - Leading NFT Gaming Platform Development Company offers unique, feature-rich, and error-free Alien Worlds Clone Script to launch your own NFT Game like Alien Worlds. 

Why Alien Clone Script from Bitdeal?

  • Easily Customizable
  • Market-ready script
  • Bug-free Script Solution
  • Interrupted Technical Support
  • Deployment & Development by skilled NFT experts 

Get a Free Demo of Alien Clone Script from Bitdeal Now!


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