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CryptoPunks Clone Script - Create NFT Marketplace To List, Buy and Sell CryptoPunks

Explore here how you can create million-dollar NFTs like CryptoPunks.

CryptoPunks Clone Script - Create NFT Marketplace To List, Buy and Sell CryptoPunks

Cryptopunks Clone Script

CryptoPunks Clone Script is a Fully ready-made NFT Marketplace Clone Script specially coded for CryptoPunks. This CryptoPunks Clone Script can be used to deploy a bug-free NFT Marketplace. The created NFT marketplace would provide an option for end-users to create, List, buy and sell CryptoPunks. Bitdeal brings you the ready-made CryptoPunks clone script, to deploy a full-featured NFT  Marketplace for CryptoPunks, where one can create, buy and sell their CryptoPunks easily.

What are Cryptopunks?

Cryptopunks are famous NFTs based computer-generated digital arts of 24X24 pixel images which are generally punky looking males or females or aliens or zombies with rare types. These Cryptopunks are nothing but a new form of asset tokenization. 

Each punk is completely unique and they have more value in the NFT Marketplace. There are about 10,000 crypto punks in total and they are built on the Ethereum Blockchain Network.

Thus, Cryptopunks are crypto-collectibles that represent NFTs that are built on Ethereum with unique features. These are 8-bit crypto-collectibles limited to 10,000.

A Brief Overview About Cryptopunks 

The first pixelated avatar called Cryptopunk was released in 2017 by John Watkinson and Matt Hall from Larva Labs.

This project is launched by the inspiration of many and the list has the cyberpunk movement, Daft Punk, London punk scenes, the novel Neuromancer and also the movie Blade Runner. 
When keenly observed all the punks are ERC 20 tokens but actually, they are inspired by the ERC-721 standard, which is preferred for NFTs.
As a whole Cryptopunks are fun projects that focus on entertaining the people in the crypto industry. 

  • Project Name: Cryptopunks
  • Released Year: 2017
  • Project Type: Non-Fungible Token (NFT)
  • Founders: Watkinson and Matt Hall
  • Token Standards: ERC 20 
  • Blockchain Network: Ethereum
  • Projects Based on: Crypto Arts & Collectibles. 

Recent Insights About Cryptopunks

At first, these NFTs were launched only to entertain people but now it is shaking up the whole crypto world as its price is skyrocketing each day.

Some of the recent news about these famous crypto punks are as follows :

  • CryptoPunks becomes the second Ethereum based NFT project which hits $1B 
  • Zombie CryptoPunks 7252 sold for $5M and became the 4th most valuable crypto punks.
  • The least expensive CryptoPunk sold for  $38,000 which is a male punk with cap, beard, glass, and mole.

Most Expensive Cryptopunks

Listed here are the topmost expensive crypto punks that have been sold in recent days. 

#1 CryptoPunk 7523

The punk 7523 is an alien which carries gold earrings, a medical face mask, and a red knitted cap and this was sold to billionaire Shalom Mechenzie at a $11.7 million price.

#2 CryptoPunk 3100

The second most expensive crypto punk was sold at $7.58 M which is another alien punk that has a white & blue colored headband.

#3 CryptoPunk 7804

The punk 7804 was sold for $7.57 M which is also a rare punk.

#4 CryptoPunk  5217

This punk is an Ape that carries a red knitted cap and an additional gold chain accessory that was sold at $5.4 M.

#5 CryptoPunk 2140

This punk is an ape that was sold for $5.6M a red knitted cap which is paired with stylish black small shades.

#6 CryptoPunk 7252 Which was sold for $5.33 M
# 7 CryptoPunk 2338 is a Zombie punk that was sold on $4.5 M
# 8 CryptoPunk 8888 which was sold for $2.87 M that is a female CryptoPunk.
#9 CryptoPunk 3831 is a zombie that was sold at $2.08 M

There are also many punks that are expensive and more popular among crypto people. 

Where Can I Buy CryptoPunks?

You can buy CryptoPunks on its primary NFT Marketplace Larva Labs and also in OpenSea NFT Marketplace. 

Now, there will be a question “How do I Buy Cryptopunks in your mind”. Let us know the answer to your query below. 

How To Buy Crypto Punk?

If you are the one who knows the functioning of blockchain, the process of buying crypto punks is quite easy, if you follow the steps mentioned below.

Step 1: Hold/Buy Ether

To buy a punk, one needs Ether. So, if you need to buy punks but you don't hold Ether, get into any crypto exchange. Turn your fiat into ether & send it to your wallet. Be careful, you rely on a trusted cryptocurrency exchange to buy Ether. 

Step 2: Transfer Ether into Wallet 

Now, you will be in need of a blockchain wallet to store your Ether. MetaMask is most popular among NFT Marketplaces and these crypto punks also support MetaMask. Create an account in MetaMask & transfer your Ether.

If you have loaded your wallet with Ether, proceed to the next step of buying crypto punks.

Step 3: Make Connection with Larva Labs

When you have sufficient Ether to buy punks, you can enter the NFT Marketplace. 
The primary NFT Marketplace to buy Crypto punks is Larva Labs. You can also buy and sell punks on OpenSea. 

Once you enter the site, you will be in need to connect your wallet with the platform and you can buy punks whenever you want. 

Step 4: Select Punks & Buy them

To Buy Punks

Not all punks are available for sale all the time. So take time to go through available options and learn their attributes and select the suitable punks for you. If you find the punk for you, place a bid and if you win the bid, the punk is yours. 

To Sell Punks 

For Selling the crypto punks that you own, you will be in need to buy Ethereum gas for the selling of those punks. 

Thus buying crypto punks is easy with Larva Labs & OpenSea NFT Marketplaces. 

Different Types of Crypto Punk NFTs

Based on the attributes and accessories, there are 5 different types of crypto punks. The different types of punks are

  1. Male
  2. Female
  3. Ape
  4. Alien
  5. Zombie

Apart from accessories, these punks can hold values according to the types they belong. 
For Eg: punk 3100 is an Alien type that was sold at  $10.67M.There are about 

  • 6029 Male Punks
  • 9 Alien Punks
  • 24 Ape Punks
  • 88 Zombie Punks and 
  • 3840 Female Punks

Why Create NFT like Cryptopunks?

At first cryptopunks were launched with the motto to entertain people but the price of each punk has reached million dollars in recent days. Thus launching your own NFTs like cryptopunks can bring you huge revenue as there are more investors for NFTs and NFTs based collectibles and arts in recent days. 

Launching your own NFTs like Cryptopunks will be beneficial, as 

  • Many millionaires buy cryptopunks, the funky digital avatars which are shaking the crypto globe.
  • There are nearly 10,000 cryptopunks that are unique.
  • The most expensive cryptopunk 7523 sold for $11.7M.
  • The cheapest Cryptopunks also cost up to $37,638.
  • One of the Billionaire Shalom Meckenzie bought Covid Alien cryptopunks for $11.7M

Listed above are some of the facts that show that creating NFTs like Cryptopunks would bring home millions of dollars. 


How To Create NFT Like Cryptopunks?

Listed here are the steps to create NFTs like Cryptopunks.

  • Select the Art
  • Select best NFT Marketplace
  • Load Your Wallet With Ether
  • Develop NFT like Cryptopunks
  • Trade your cryptopunks clone NFT

Select The Art 

As cryptopunks use avatars of male, female, alien images, choose your artwork. Choosing the kind of artwork only requires unique pieces.

This will be similar to the creation of images with multiple layers and you have to follow the below steps.

1. First, select an image editor app that suits your art creation.
2. Go with 24X24 or 32X32 canvas
3. Design your art with accessories like face, eyes, mouth, hair, and others as you wish or require.
4. Complete each element in various layers.
5. Export those images as PNG which will help while combining with the script.
6. Create a directory in your script folder with an identifiable name.
7. In that directory create subdirectories for each element.
8. Install the programming language that you prefer
9. Combine those images with the script through perfect coding using the installed coding language.

Select Best NFT Marketplace

There are many NFT Marketplaces in the crypto industry and choosing the best among the list for your NFT listing is not so easy. NFT Marketplace like Larva Labs, OpenSea, Rarible and more provides options to mint and list your own NFTs like Cryptopunks. 

OpenSea will be best on the list as it is free of cost to join. After joining, you must connect your wallet. 

Load Your Wallet With Ether

To create NFT projects like Cryptopunks, one must need a sufficient amount of ETH. All the NFT Marketplace will ask you to connect your wallet while joining to collect Ether from your wallet for your NFT Projects. 

Load your wallet with Ether and connect the wallet with the NFT Marketplace you have chosen.

Develop NFT like Cryptopunks

After the wallet integration, you can Mint NFT token for your artwork. Be careful while creating NFTs and be sure that you upload unique artwork for each NFTs that you create. 

Now you have completed your processing of creating NFTs like Cryptopunks

Trade Your Cryptopunks Clone NFT

You need to trade that NFT based artwork like cryptopunks on the Marketplace by featuring to earn money.

Thus you will be getting money when your NFTs hit selling on the NFT Marketplaces. 

Who We Are?

Bitdeal - Leading NFT Marketplace Development Company not only offers NFT Marketplace Script, NFT Marketplace Clone Scripts, and NFT Marketplace Development Services but also solutions and services related to Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). We also support launching your own NFTs like Cryptopunks. 

As the best Ethereum Token Development Company, we have a pool of experts who can develop tokens on any ERC standards. Thus, creating your own NFTs on Ethereum Blockchain like Cryptopunks is made easy now with Bitdeal. In addition, we also assist you in launching your own NFT Marketplace for buying & selling of your own Cryptopunk clone NFT Tokens. 

Cryptopunks Clone Development 

In our Cryptopunks clone development process, we develop & deploy smart contracts that are properly audited to create your own NFTs like cryptopunks. We will also offer you a separate NFT Marketplace Script with which you can launch your own NFT Marketplace Platform to sell your own Cryptopunks Clone NFTs. 

Ready to Create Your Own NFTs like Cryptopunks?

Catch our NFT Experts who can assist you with Cryptopunk Clone NFTs Development!

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Disclaimer: Bitdeal neither represents nor has command over the trademark of "CryptoPunks". We have mentioned the brand name CryptoPunks to make things clear to our clients. It is important to understand that we does not promote, copy and collaborate with them.


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