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Sep 6, 2019 at 07:41 PM
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Ethereum Token Development

It is a process of creating ethereum tokens under any of the ethereum token standards like ERC20, ERC 20, ERC 721, ERC 223, ERC1440,  ERC 82, ERC 621 and so on. Where each token standards have some unique prototype and attributes that define the characters and functionality of an ethereum token. This kind of ethereum tokens can be used in any blockchain applications mostly on ICO Launch, STO Launch, Dapps, Smart Contracts, Decentralized exchange and so on. 

Ethereum Token Development Company

Bitdeal - The Pre-eminent ERC Token Development Company, offers the best ethereum token development services on ERC standards such as  ERC 20, ERC 721, ERC 223,  ERC 82, ERC 621 and so on. As a token development company, we develop tokens on any networks on the specified token standards with 100 % customer satisfaction.

Here let us discuss in detail about our token development services and specialty of Bitdeal as a token development company.

Before listing out our token services, let us have a brief introduction about tokens and ERC Standards.

Here's a list of topics to be covered in this article:

Token - What is it?
Crypto Tokens, Crypto coins - Difference
ERC Token and Ethereum Token Standards 
Bitdeal - Ethereum Token Development Company
Our Token Development Services 
Our Token Development Process
Why choose Bitdeal for ERC20 token development?

Token - What is It?

If you are prevailing in the crypto market for years, you may heared the word tokens for many times. In general, the word “token” has different meanings in cryptocurrency.

The token is nothing but a special kind of digital currency that reside on their own blockchain network and holds an asset or utility value.

Crypto tokens represent something in its own ecosystem. It can represent either value, currency price, stake or voting rights or anything else. A crypto token is always created with no limits to perform a single role. It can fulfill a lot of roles in its native network or ecosystem.


Source : Blockgeeks

Crypto Tokens, Crypto Coins - Difference 

Crypto coins are an encrypted digital currency that is used as a form of payments in its own blockchain and also in other platforms.

Tokens represent digital assets that are fungible and tradeable, includes everything from commodities and voting rights,etc.,

The key difference between tokens and coins are listed below :

1. Crypto coins are fungible while tokens are non-fungible.
2. Tokens can be used for multi-purposes based on their roles but crypto coins play single function as value-based currency.
3. Tokens are more secured and possess accountability whereas coins have constant supply and durability.
4. Tokens can be recovered but coins can not be recovered.

ERC Token and Ethereum Token Standards 

One of the famous cryptocurrency and as well as blockchain network is "Ethereum". When it comes to token development, Ethereum plays a vital role. For the process of launching your own ICO, building your own dapps tokens be an important and unavoidable aspect. 

ERC 20 standard is a specific set of functions that every developer must use while creating their tokens to make them completely under ERC 20 Compliant.ERC20 tokens and ERC Standard has widespread approval and most of the Dapps have token creations based on the ERC20 standard.

There are also many other ethereum token standards like ERC20 such as ERC 621, ERC 721, ERC 223, ERC 777 and so on.

ERC 20 

ERC 20 comprises the list of rules and regulations for creating tokens and smart contracts on ethereum blockchains. This token standard defines how the tokens get transferred between various addresses and also how data is accessed within each token.

ERC 721

ERC 721 is more advanced token standard which is "non-fungible". ERC 721 is a collectible token whereas ERC 20 is a token that involves money as things. In the ERC 721, each and every token is completely non-interchangeable and unique of their own.

ERC 223 

ERC 223 is an ethereum token standard proposed with the main intention of preventing the token losses while transferring tokens. Here, in ERC 223 each transaction ie., each token transfer is handled as an event as like ether transactions. ERC223 has an interface that is not compatible with ERC20.

ERC 777

ERC 777 is a new and advanced token standard proposed to eliminate the send-tokens-to-contract bugs present in ERC 20 standard. This is based on ERC 820  and focuses on better handling of transactions and adoptions.

Bitdeal - Ethereum Token Development Services

We, Bitdeal - Ethereum Token Development Company develops best etherum tokens on all kind of ERC token standards. Our token development platform not only involves Ethereum but also other blockchain platforms. 

We concentrate token creations on standards such as ERC 20, ERC 223, ERC 721, ERC 777 ERC 827, ERC 1400, TRC 10, TRC 20 and so on. Our ERC 20 token development services are well-known and added a notable number of happy clients to our organization from various corners of the globe.

Our Token Development Services

Now, let us look at some of the token development services provided by Bitdeal.

Token Creation 

We, Bitdeal offer the optimized and outclass creation of tokens within the ethereum blockchain network that are more sustainable and can be recycled.

Token Transfer

We create tokens on the blockchain using some encryption on various standards which makes the token transferring as easy as it could.

Cold Storage 

We develop the best cold storage medium, hardware security responsible for token security and any compromise.

ICO Development

In addition to creating tokens, we also furnish our clients a wonderful way to develop and launch their own ICO  ( ICO Development Services )successfully by selling their tokens for raising funds for their new business plans or projects.

ICO Marketing

We follow the best marketing strategies to make your tokens know to the market and make it as easy for selling in the crypto market.

Listing on Exchanges

Besides the token creation, we also offer support to you in listing the created tokens on various top exchanges for buy/sell of tokens.

Digital Wallet Development

As per your needs, we develop and deploy the digital or web wallet for all kind of token investors and users for storing and managing their own ethereum tokens.
We provide wallet development services for ERC 20 token for web, IOS, and Android.

Our Token Development Process 

ERC 20 token development from scratch requires a very deep skillset and knowledge about solidity and all the languages in which ethereum tokens can be coded. Our developers are expert in all the coding languages and also have a wide knowledge and understanding about the concept of solidity and can deploy the best ERC tokens.

Our ERC20 development process involves the following step of procedures :

1. Discussing with Clients to collect their requirements.
2. Planning and evaluating the ideas derived.
3. Development of Platform 
4. Creation of tokens and its distributions
5. White paper creation
6. ICO Development and Token marketing 
7. ICO Launch 

We always aim to provide unbeatable token development services and achieve our best outputs.

Why Choose Bitdeal for Crypto Token Development?

Here are some valid reasons to choose us for your token development project.

1. We, Bitdeal have extra-ordinary experts who are expertise in token development, blockchain development, and digital marketing solutions.
2. Bitdeal always prefer first priority to our customers. So you can bring us your needs without any hesitations.
3. We provide 24 X 7 support system to provide a quick and fast response to all our customer's request.
4. We are expertise in many technologies and can develop the best smart contracts for your token creations.
5. Unique token marketing techniques that make your ICO successful.
6. Comparatively low cost of development services with 100 % proven results.
7. We deliver services on-time and provide updates to customers on each completion phases.

Without a doubt, Bitdeal will be the best choice among all the token development companies for your token development project.

Start your own ERC 20 token development with Bitdeal and get the complete token development services at one place.

Contact Bitdeal to create your own ERC Token Now !!

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