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We tokenize your physical assets, documents, collaterals, or anything into a non-breakable, secured, and easy-to-transfer crypto token on top of the Ethereum blockchain.

Develop Your Own Ethereum Tokens

Ethereum Token Development is the process of creating Ethereum tokens under any of the Ethereum token standards like ERC20, ERC 721, ERC 223, ERC1400, ERC 827, ERC 1155, ERC 777, ERC 998, and so on. Each token standard has some unique prototype and attributes that define the characters and functionality of an Ethereum token. The created Ethereum tokens can be used in any blockchain applications mostly on ICO Launch, STO Launch, Dapps, Smart Contracts, Decentralized exchange, and so on.

At Bitdeal we offer the best Ethereum token development services on ERC standards such as ERC 20, ERC 721, ERC 223, ERC 827, ERC 1155, and so on. As a token development company, we develop tokens on any network on the specified token standards with 100 % customer satisfaction.


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Ethereum Token Development Services

Token Creation

Optimized outclass creation of fungible and non-fungible ERC 20 tokens within the ethereum blockchain that are more sustainable and can be recycled.

  Token Creation

Token Migration

Migrate your token from betanet to mainnet of any blockchain, and convert ERC20 token into the reliable token standard.


Cold Storage

We develop the best cold storage medium, hardware security responsible for token security and any compromise.


Smart Contract Development

Tokens without smart contracts are not possible, we create a separate smart contract for your token on ethereum blockchain and customize it based on preferences.


Token Listing

Our Experts supports you to list the created tokens on various top crypto exchanges to make it popular and to grab investors attention.


Token Wallet Development

Creating customized crypto wallets separately to store and manage ethereum tokens which are created under any ethereum standards.


Ethereum Token Standards We Work

ERC 20 comprises the list of rules and regulations for creating tokens and smart contracts on ethereum blockchains. It defines how tokens transfers and token access between various addresses.

ERC 721 is a more advanced token standard which is "non-fungible". In the ERC 721, each and every token is completely non-interchangeable and unique on its own.

ERC 223 is an ethereum token standard proposed with the main intention of preventing the token losses while transferring tokens. Each token transfer is handled as an event like ether transactions.

ERC 777 is a new and advanced token standard proposed to eliminate the send-tokens-to-contract bugs present in the ERC 20 standard.

It is an extended standard of the ever known ERC20, this standard enables the basic features to transfer tokens, also it executes calls inside the transfer and approval.

This standard creates the feasibility to manage any kind of token type. In this contract we can include both fungible, non-fungible, debt or any kind of token types.

Create ERC721x as an enhanced iteration of non-fungible tokens tailored for global gaming platforms, featuring minimal gas fees.

Introduce your ERC-20 token with a non-mintable feature and an adjustable supply, granting you the flexibility to create additional tokens at your control.

Create ERC 1400 standard tokens that inherit a partial fungibility future that increases the transparency for investors and their ownership.

Our Ethereum Token Development Process

  • Discovery and Consultation

    ♦ Understand client requirements.

    ♦ Analyze business needs and use cases.

    ♦ Define token functionalities.

  • Planning and Strategy

    ♦ Outline token specifications.

    ♦ Implement security best practices.

    ♦ Conduct rigorous testing.

  • Smart Contract Development

    ♦ Code smart contracts (ERC-20, ERC-721, etc.).

    ♦ Analyze business needs and use cases.

    ♦ Define token functionalities.

  • Token Development

    ♦ Develop a comprehensive White Paper outlining project goals, tokenomics, and technical details.

  • White Paper Development

    ♦ Collaborate with key stakeholders to gather essential information for the White Paper.

  • Token Launch

    ♦ Execute the token launch, deploying smart contracts to the Ethereum mainnet

Benefits Of Ethereum Token Development

 Decentralization and SecurityDecentralization and Security

By leveraging Ethereum's consensus mechanism, businesses can enhance the security of their transactions, mitigating the risks associated with centralized systems.

Smart Contracts for AutomationSmart Contracts for Automation

Ethereum enables the creation of smart contracts, self-executing contracts with the terms of the agreement directly written into code.

Global Accessibility and InclusivityGlobal Accessibility and Inclusivity

Ethereum's decentralized network operates globally, offering a level playing field for participants from all corners of the world.

Interoperability and StandardizationInteroperability and Standardization

Ethereum token standards, such as ERC-20 and ERC-721, facilitate interoperability among various decentralized applications (DApps).

Rapid Development and PrototypingRapid Development and Prototyping

With a wealth of resources, tools, and documentation available, developers can rapidly prototype and iterate on their tokens.

Transparent and Immutable TransactionsTransparent and Immutable Transactions

Ethereum's blockchain ensures transparency and immutability of transactions. Once recorded on the blockchain, data cannot be altered, providing a tamper-proof record of transactions.

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