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Top 7 Crypto Trading Bots To Look in 2021 - Reviews & Comparison

Know the top cryptocurrency trading bots that you must look in 2021 and beyond

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Top 7 Crypto Trading Bots To Look in 2021 - Reviews & Comparison

What is a Cryptocurrency Trading Bot?

The purpose of creating a Crypto Trading Bot is designed to make Cryptocurrency trading easier and profitable. Some bots are created to identify certain market conditions. If you have a complicated trading strategy and particular conditions that have to be met to indicate a potential opportunity in the market, Here is the bot played a major role in identifying such conditions.  It helps traders to terminate most of the bulk work.

Advantages of using Crypto trading bot in Cryptocurrency Exchange

Bot Technology,  are evolved in various industries including cryptocurrency Trading. It is also known as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Saves Time

The cryptocurrency industry is growing faster, it means monitoring the market every 10 minutes and need to track all relevant trends. Monitoring Cryptocurrency Trends takes more time and is overwhelming. Meanwhile, The Trading bots allow you to spend less time monitoring the cryptocurrency market. A Crypto Trading bot allows you to make more effective trading decisions with less marketing research. 

Bots Lower the Barrier to Entry 

The bot helps the newbies to reduce the barrier while entering the trading space. Newbies can copy the actions of some of the expected Traders. Bots automated the trading process and reduced the amount of risk while Trading. 

24 Hrs Trading

The main advantage of the Trading bot is that it allows traders to consume in the trading operation 24 hours without being present in front of their computer to monitor the trading without a break.

Source: The Daily Californian

Top 7 Cryptocurrency Trading Bot in 2021


Pionex is the Free Cryptocurrency Trading Bot for Bitcoin. Pionex has 12 Free inbuilt Trading bots The Trading bot Pionex is Easy To Use. Pionex provides spot-Futures Crypto Arbitrage bot and it is an alternative to traditional arbitrage bots.


BitsGap is a Grid Trading bot for Binance. BitsGap using a simple and effective grid technique trading bot.  It distributes investment correspondingly within a trading range predefined by a crypto trader.

Every time the buy order(limitation of the buy order) is filled, a New Sell order is placed by the Grid Bot right above the price. Inversely a new buy order is placed under sell order. The Bot will be trading until it reaches the trading range.


Cryptohopper is a Trading bot of Kucoin and Binance. Is a paid crypto trading bot for bitcoin and other digital assets. Before entering into the paid user, you have a 7 days Free Trial in Cryptohopper. Cryptohopper is a Market-Making Bot. This is similar to the Pionex (Grid Bot).


Quadency is the Bittrex Trading Bot. It allows you to backtrack your strategies based on data and numbers. This is also one of the most important features of a crypto bot. It is always nice to know the performance of the historical data before investing money with the trading bot.


Mudrex is the best copy trading system. It is as simple as investing in a mutual fund. Their information is very Transparent. It does not build its own crypto trading bot instead of that curated marketplace of automated bots by pro-crypto users. In Mudrex all information regarding the activities of a crypto bot is transparent and easy for users to Understand


Coinrule is the Next Phase bot for crypto beginners. Coinrule interface guides traders in building the trading bot step-by-step. There are 150 defined rules that help newbies running the trading system that suits their requirements. The list of trading strategies that allow unlimited and the company regularly posts and new innovative ideas in the knowledge-based platform.

3 Commas

3commas is one of the most familiar crypto trading bots. Their User Interface is more suitable for Experienced Traders. There are two subscription levels in 3commas, Basic and Pro level. 

The Crypto Trading bot on 3commas can implement multiple bitcoin trading strategies based on technical indicators and enable bitcoin for profit.



The above mentioned are the top crypto trading bots that play a major role in cryptocurrency exchanges. Are you the one who owns a cryptocurrency exchange without a trading bot?
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