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Hire Certified NFT Developer - Bitdeal

Elevate your NFT venture with our dedicated developers. With a deep understanding of blockchain, smart contracts, and token standards, we provide the technical prowess needed to navigate the dynamic world of non-fungible tokens

Hire Certified NFT Developer - Bitdeal

The growth of non-fungible tokens is unstoppable and taking the world by storm. Many industries and the digital landscape relies on an assistant who is profound in developing digital collectibles like generative arts, music, collectibles, tokens, gamified NFTs, etc. It is recommended to hire a professional NFT Development Firm, as they can save your time and effort to the maximum potential. By hiring a skilled team they can bring your visionary ideas to life. 

Let’s step out and explore the checklist you should ensure before hiring a professional an NFT expert.

Hire NFT Developers - Bitdeal

Bitdeal - A professional NFT Development Company, holds a strong reputation for years and has extensive knowledge in creating 50+ successful NFT projects across overseas. Our company not only excels in developing NFT projects but also we are the kingpin in deploying blockchain and gaming projects. 

Roles and Responsibilities Of NFT Developers

NFT developer takes the entire responsibility for deploying a successful NFT project and keenly focuses on every phase in the NFT project lifecycle. Here are some top picks that explain the purpose of hiring an NFT Developer. 

Key roles and duties that our NFT Developer takes charge of are as follows,

  • In precise the role of our NFT developer is to take care of developing a non-fungible token, testing and deploying it on top of the blockchain network. 
  • Our experts take the entire responsibility in integrating smart contracts into the code, to ensure immutability.
  • We ensure that our code is perfectly written in Solidity language to avoid further threats and malicious attacks.
  • Tokenizing the assets is another primary task that our NFT developers takes in charge of.
  • We convert real-time assets like arts, music, video, and collectibles into digital ones with the support of NFT standards.
  • We ensure that our smart contracts are enriched with all the attributes that are rich for possessing ownership of the assets.
  • Experts in our team take the initiative and ensure that the entire data is stored on top of the IPFS blockchain. 
  • Our proficient NFT developers also provide ongoing maintenance to your NFT project even after deployment. 

What Makes Our Professional NFT Developers Smart?

Best Code Practices
Our coding style is unique that’s smoother to read and understandable by others. 

Persistent Skill Enhancement
Upgrading our skills by persistent learning improves our NFT developers to make effective informed decisions at critical times. 

Time-Zone Compatible
We have no constants in time zones, our experts are extremely flexible in working on odd hours. 

Measuring Results
Constantly keeps track of measuring the results at different levels to make informed decisions. 

What Do Our NFT Experts Do?

Understanding the NFT market and learning how our market functions currently, is the first and foremost objective that our NFT experts focus on. This helps us to understand the market demands that are currently in front of us. By understanding the problem statement, our experts focus on crafting a draft, that comprises solutions to the existing problem. 

On the flip side, our NFT developers add innovation to our projects by offering an intuitive solution at different levels on requirement gathering, design, development, till distribution, branding, and maintenance. We always stand for you and stay updated with the modern up-to-date tools and technologies for creating visually appealing graphics and designs. 

Services We Offer

NFT Marketplace Development

NFT Marketplace Development fosters the growth of businesses in different streams. The entrepreneur can unlock a profit potential in niches like virtual real estate, event ticketing, gaming, art galleries, music and entertainment, fashion brands, healthcare, supply chain and logistics, sports, virtual reality, etc. Our skilled developers are passionate about developing a tailored NFT Marketplace that fits your target-specific niches and caters to unique interests.

Checklist To Ensure The Must-Have Features In Your NFT Marketplace 

  • Storefront
  • NFT Listings
  • Filters
  • Token Search Options
  • Bidding options
  • Wallet
  • NFT royalties
  • Ratings and reviews

Gaming NFTs

There are tons of NFT games, in the market and the popularity of developing new NFT games has been humongous in recent times. Our expert NFT Developers fulfill the demands by creating breathtaking NFT games like Axie Infinity, Cryptokitties, Zed Run, NBA Top Shot, Sorare, etc. We have a pre-defined readymade code for the above games in the form of NFT Game Clone Script

It includes developing in-game assets like avatars, skins, weapons, gaming worlds, and so on. Our in-game NFTs are not platform specific and it works on different NFT gaming marketplace. You can avail the exact NFT Game Development Services, right here at Bitdeal!

Non Fungible Token Development

We tokenize physical assets into digital one that comprises real-world items like real estate, arts, collectibles, etc. It completely cuts off the barriers between the physical and digital worlds. A tangible asset is created in the form of a token and later placed for bidding in a marketplace. This process involves converting an asset into a digital token which can later be represented for ownership, buy/sell/trade. 

NFT App Development

The craze of NFTs resulted in the creation of a user-friendly interface that is portable at any location. NFT application was developed after analyzing the need for a device-friendly application enabling investors to buy, sell, and access NFT, anywhere. The smooth functioning of the NFT application on devices like iOS and Android enables investors to exchange their assets on the go. 

Why Clients Trust Bitdeal’s NFT Consultants?

Bitdeal’s NFT developers offer business-centric solutions that certainly match your visionary ideas and align with your goals. Our talented experts assure to offer a guaranteed and trustworthy solution for any kind of NFT project. Developing NFT projects at Bitdeal can gain more exposure to your business and there is a greater possibility of driving more audience globally. 

We are remarkable because,

  • Customized Solutions
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Established Industrial Connections
  • Economical Prices
  • Versatile Commitment
  • Post-launch Support

Wrapping Up

Collaborating with the right NFT developer is indeed very essential in creating outstanding NFT projects. Developers at Bitdeal take complete responsibility throughout the entire lifecycle of the NFT project and guarantees you to have a proven success record. They are good at preventing you from fund loss, resource lockdown, DoS attacks, hacks, and other malicious threats. With years of experience, passion, and complete dedication there is a sure shot of success in your NFT project launch. 

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