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Wolfie Zhao
Jul 12, 2019 at 11:12 AM
Updated Jul 24, 2019 at 11:22 AM

Get an unique centralized cryptocurrency exchange script from Bitdeal - Leading Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company . We provide you the best centralized exchange script with additional features which can be customized according to your needs and demands .

Are you looking to start an exchange business ? Is your mind filled-up with queries like , From where and how to start ? Should move with Centralized exchange ( CEX ) or decentralized exchange ( DEX ) ? Which will make better ROI ? and lot more . Stop your confusions and queries and start your business as centralized exchange.

Being in a globe that runs towards decentralization and blockchain , we still supports for centralized exchanges. Our answers makes you more confused.. Right ? . Well . 

Let us share some interesting facts about centralized exchanges which can clear your mind about our answer .

You may crossed News on Cointelegraph on Jan 2019 under a headline  , " Centralized Exchanges Still Overwhelmingly Dominate Market, New Report Shows " , which shows centralized exchanges still play a best role in this economy .

Centralized Exchanges  are platforms that allows the transaction of currencies between a buyer and seller  with the presence of middle man ( admin ) or third party . This supports for exchange of fiat currency to cryptocurrency and all kind of cryptocurrency exchanges . DEX eliminates the concept of middle man authority reducing the transaction cost . 

There may be new concepts and innovations which may lead the performance of centralized exchanges , still there is a market for this centralized exchanges . There may occur a situation in future ,which will make many decentralized exchanges look for centralized exchanges to run their money .

Reasons for choosing Centralized Exchanges 

The key reasons  why we still supports for centralized exchanges over decentralized one are as follows :

1 . Trade Volume 

Researches shows that still 99 % of crypto trade happens on centralized platforms . This shows that the trade volume of CEX over DEX is higher and starting a centralized exchange will never make for low ROI.

2 . Liquidity 

As centralized prevails in market for a longer time than decentralized one , the liquidity of centralized exchanges are more than DEX . Thus , starting a centralized exchange at this time will make high traffic.

3 . Fiat Currency Support 

Some centralized exchanges supports for the exchange of fiat currency which DEX will not do .This may increase the traders volume , who has fiat currency and willingness to buy/trade cryptocurrency .

4 . Functionalities 

CEX has more functionalities than DEX such as margin trading , currency pair trading , lending and lot more which DEX doesnot provide . This may increase users towards your exchanges.

5 . Legal and Regulation 

CEX can be made legal and regulated by the government and most of the existing CEX are regulated . Governments are unable to interfere for regulatory and legality of DEX because of its distributed nature .

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Centralized Exchanges A Best Way 

Not all centralized exchanges are successfull . There are lot of unsuccessfull CEX because of various reasons . The main key aspect that makes centralized exchange success is the Trade Volume .

When the trade volume is high , the transaction process will be faster and less fluctuation for problems . Thus , starting a centralized exchange can grab more users into the exchanges to trade and trade volume increases thereby increasing your revenue.

Here is a image that lists the difference between CEX and DEX platform.



Source : Hacken.io

How to start centralized Exchanges ?

I think now you are clear why to start Centralized Exchange and not DEX . Isn't It ? . Well . Now let us look at the steps to start centralized exchange .

Exchange Scripts are the back-end codings that makes exchange work well . If you are techie at programming , you can code on your own to start a centralized exchange .Another way is to contact an exchange script provider who can help you with centralized exchange scripts to start your exchange business .

Bitdeal - A Pre-eminent Centralized Exchange Script Provider 

Bitdeal can provide you with unique centralized exchange scripts with many functionalities that can be customized as per your convenience . Our developers are expertize in various technologies and tools and they can develop and deploy the best scripts to make your centralized exchange to rank first in the market .

Why Centralized Exchange Script from Bitdeal ?

Obtaining a centralized exchange script from Bitdeal will ensure you following benefits 

1 . Centralized Excahnge with Increased Functionality . ( ie ., automated KYC/AML verification , trading bot with the use of AI technology , multisig wallet integration , etc .,)
2 . Bitdeal provides trusted and transparent centralized solutions .
3 . We provide 24 X 7 support for fullfilling your requirements .
4 . Centralized Exchange Scripts with no bucks which supports for faster transaction .
5 . Scripts with high performance and security .
6 . CEX Scripts at down to earth cost .
7 . On time delivery of scripts with 100 % proven results .  and lot more .

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