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Nowadays starting a Cryptocurrency business becomes a thirst for every entrepreneur who looks for innovation online. Most of the people prefer trading/Exchange business since it creates a huge impact on entire financial system and results in a high ROI. Cryptocurrency exchanges are the gateway to enter in Blockchain world, which transits payments easily from one origin to another origin. It is a digital marketplace where a user can deposit, withdraw, exchange digital currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Altcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Bitdeal, leading Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin business service provider offers secured Bitcoin exchange software, Cryptocurrency exchange software, Bitcoin exchange script & Cryptocurrency exchange script, which will help you to build your own Bitcoin exchange and trading platform instantly.

Best Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Features

Get to know our special features for Cryptocurrency exchange script software to kick start your own crypto trading business website instantly!

Advanced CMS

Our advanced user friendly CMS module can enable you to easily manage and update your business details anytime without requiring any programming skills.

Integrated Wallet

Crypto wallets for any type of cryptos can be integrated Securely. Funds can be easily store and retrieved, safely within the wallet using separate private and public keys.

AML Integration / KYC

Prevent money laundering and other illicit activities on your exchange website by integrating Anti-Money Laundering (AML) with KYC.

Multiple Currency Pairing

We can implement multiple currency pairing options into the Cryptocurrency exchange software, which can enable trading with crypto to crypto and also with crypto to fiat currencies.

Cryptocurrency Price Ticker API

Bitdeal provides Cryptocurrency Price Ticker API which can help you to display the current market cap value of any Cryptocurrencies in your exchange and trading platform.

Rest API

Rest API allows to access Cryptocurrency market data and manage trades. We provide public and private RESTful API which covers all the features of your Cryptocurrency exchange website.

Additional Features

Feature Currency

Margin Trading & Lending

Margin trading, let users to borrow money against their funds that can be used to trade cryptos, where Lending allows users to provide their Cryptocurrency available as loan for traders at a specific time.

Feature Currency


OTC stands for Over The Counter. it’s a super-wealthy program to buy and sell digital assets or cryptocurrencies without inflating or deflating the price and maximizing the trading power.

Feature Currency

Liquidity Options

Bitdeal provide API correlation with external providers to drag the liquidity. In this case, external order will be drawn to the local order books. This is the profitable business model for the owners with which they can easily generate trust from traders.

Feature Currency

Market Making

Market making does internal exchange of liquidity. (i.e.) When there is no liquidity on the market to add order book, market making will serve as a counterparty to place an order.

Feature Currency

Trading Bot

It lets you to trade while you sleep. Trading bots are computer program or algorithm that use various indicators to recognize trends and automatically execute trades by placing buy and sell orders.


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What are the Core Benefits?

Mobile Friendly Design

To attain a more customer acquisition on a Cryptocurrency exchange website, it must be more responsive, user friendly as well as mobile friendly for various hand held devices. By considering this as a big concern, We make your Cryptocurrency exchange website more attractive with innovative look which will adopt with various devices.

  • 1. We make your BTC exchange website design more fully responsive for desktop, laptop, tablet, Android, iOS and other mobile devices.
  • 2. Less maintenance, Less effort, mobile segment and better user experience is possible for your traders.
  • 3. Your BTC Exchange website can attain top SERP rankings on various search engines.

Easy customization

The industry of Cryptocurrency always gets updated with new trading features & trends, So we make your exchange website to adopt varying business features by proceeding easy customizations at right time.

  • 1. We can customize your exchange website to add or remove a Cryptocurrency trading pair, trade orders and payment options.
  • 2. Customize your exchange website with innovative & uptrend trading business add-ons and plug-ins.
  • 3. We can customize your exchange website to support server upgrades, country based regulations, Cryptocurrency community standards and etc.

Payment options

To proceed a successful trade on a Cryptocurrency exchange website, it must support various payment options and different types of fiat currencies. Hence we develop our exchange script and software to support integration with various payment modules.

  • 1. Payment with Bitcoin and other approved cryptocurrencies.
  • 2. Electronic payment of fiat currencies like bank wire, western union etc.,
  • 3. Payment gateway integration including PayPal, stripe etc.,

BTC Wallet

Our Decentralized solution supports any hardware device or third party wallet to be enabled for transaction as far as it is supportable with the platform.

  • 1. By integrating a wallet, you can give a secure space for traders to store their digital assets.
  • 2. Traders won't leave your website at any cause as they have found the right solution from you.
  • 3. By providing a separate mobile wallet service, you can gain more audience to your business rapidly.
Bitdeal is the leading Cryptocurrency exchange script service provider. We provide best Bitcoin exchange website script, Bitcoin exchange website template, Bitcoin currency exchange script. Cryptocurrency trading script PHP and Altcoin exchange script with special add-ons & plugins. Get ready to kick start your Cryptocurrency exchange business with Bitdeal on time.

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