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Top 10 Transformative Applications Of AI In Transportation Industry

Explore the transformative role of AI in transportation, where intelligent systems are optimizing routes, reducing congestion, and even pioneering self-driving cars

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Top 10 Transformative Applications Of AI In Transportation Industry

The transportation industry is massively transforming with the practical use cases and applications of artificial intelligence. It has already achieved a huge milestone by innovating automobiles with self-driving vehicles to drone taxis. Reports and forecasts add evidence to the above statement by convincing its innovation to perish in the next 15 years. 

In short, AI in the transportation sector is powerful enough to overtake human intelligence with AI-powered algorithms and learning mechanisms. It is proactive in detecting traffic and accidents, driver monitoring, pedestrian monitoring, predicting flight delays, parking management, and so on.

AI In Transportation Global Market Report - 2023

  • Global market report says, that the AI in transportation industry experienced a notable expansion, increasing from $2.6 billion in 2022 to $3.1 billion in 2023, marking a consistent compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 19.4%. 
  • This sector is anticipated to continue its growth trajectory, reaching an estimated $6.3 billion by 2027, maintaining the same CAGR of 19.4%.
  • Within the next 2 years, 65% of transportation-oriented businesses in North America intend to implement AI solutions.

Source: Business Wire

Top 10 Applications Of AI In Transportation 

Let’s talk about some practical use cases and applications that are prone to disrupt our transportation industry with AI-powered solutions. 

#1 Self-Driving Cars and Vehicles
Self-driving cars and autonomous vehicles might have sounded stranger to us before 5 years. Perhaps, right now it is one of the exciting features of automation introduced by tech giants like Tesla, Audi, and BMW. Companies like them use artificial intelligence to take our automotive industry to the next level. Autonomous vehicles like self-driving cars use AI technology to drive automatically by analyzing data with IoT-based sensors, cameras, and making decisions accordingly like when to apply brakes, while choosing better navigation routes, etc. 

On the other scale, AI can offer valuable information with the machine learning algorithm, object character recognition techniques, and computer vision techniques that can possibly avoid collision of the vehicles and offer you a better alternative option in navigating to a short route to reach your destination.

#2 Traffic Flow Analysis and Monitoring
Traffic is one of the major issues that need to be addressed to avoid congestion in prime routes. The majority of people take the same route on prime timing to reach their schools, colleges, offices, etc, So keeping this in mind, AI analyses the bulk amount of data through big data analytics to find an alternative option.

Cameras and sensors are embedded to address this issue where there are large volumes of traffic on prime routes. This eventually helps drivers to pre-plan their timings while crossing that street. It too prevents road blockages and accidents caused by collisions and makes our people to enjoy a seamless hassle-free ride. 

#3 Automatic Accident Detection
Accident detection is one of the crucial advantages in this sector, where AI can spot accidents on the spot with CCTVs and accident detector sensors. Instant alerts are generated to the police department and further generate measures to help the victim to take them to a hospital. 

Control centers instantly respond to the situation and rush to the place where the accident happened. With AI’s automatic accident detection mechanism, we can quickly react and respond in a life-or-death situation. 

How cool isn’t it?

#4 Parking Management
Spotting the parking lot is now a stressful job for most people residing in top-tier cities. Countries like India and China, find this AI-integrated parking management system very useful in detecting a space to park their vehicle in an appropriate place. Distance between the vehicles is monitored with the help of sensors in the parking lot and it even scans the license plates with the support of the automatic number-plate recognition for vehicle identification. 

By tracking data's like the above, parking management can rework based on the crowd present in public gatherings like sporting events, shopping malls, theatres, concerts, and more. With artificial intelligence, up-to-date information like parking spaces is notified to the driver which makes them park easily rather than creating traffic while searching for parking lots. 

#5 Pedestrian Detection
It is proven that AI makes our lives simpler and easier, and one such live example is pedestrian detection. At this point, artificial intelligence must analyze a large amount of information with motion detection features, facial detections, shape-based features, gradient-based features, and more, because our human nature is unpredictable while crossing roads.

By gathering a vast amount of crucial data, a self-driving car can react to a pedestrian crossing by applying breaks. With these interesting insights acquired by artificial intelligence, we can avoid accidents while road crossing. 

#6 Driver Monitoring
One of the biggest breakthrough achievements of AI is monitoring and tracking driver’s actions. This is one of the biggest challenges in preventing accidents due to the imperfection of a driver while driving a vehicle. AI solves this issue with computer vision techniques and facial detections to continuously track and monitor a driver.

By doing so, it can identify human errors like sleeping while driving, fatigue, and so on. AI too searches for signs of drowsiness that occur due to continuous driving for a prolonged period of time. Alerts are offered to the drivers in time when the above scenarios occur to prevent the driver from imposing a threat. 

#7 Road Condition Monitoring
Road condition monitoring using AI technology can probably save you quite a few bucks by preventing the damage in prior. On average, USA spends nearly $3.0 Billion per year, to repair road damages. With the advancement of AI, we can avoid such unnecessary expenses caused by damages. 

Perhaps early detection of these damages using computer vision techniques also helps our municipality to repair them as early as possible. The ultimate goal of AI in road condition monitoring is to improvise road safety by minimizing time and saving costs simultaneously. Thanks to our technology as we are capable of achieving it within a short span.

#8 Automated License Plate Recognition
Automated license plate recognition helps to identify a vehicle by detecting it using number plates. These inputs are fed into the central server and are helpful in any emergency situation. 

In crucial situations like vehicle theft, smuggling, human trafficking, etc, this highly advanced technology could be extremely useful for authorities in the police and crime department. I bet we have seen these scenes in crime movies! Vision-based cameras attached to street polls, highways, and other vehicle detection features offered by artificial intelligence help our authorities to match the vehicle at the right time in a precise location to detect illegal activity. 

#9 Delay Predictions
Applications of AI functions beyond roadways to the aviation industry. Flight delays are predicted with greater accuracy in order to offer a better travel experience to the customers. It eventually keeps them tuned with regular notifications like flight delays, poor weather conditions, arrival and departure timings, and so on.

Other disruptions like flight cancellations are also notified to a passenger as early as possible. With artificial intelligence, it is proven that the tourist can enjoy a hassle-free ride by reducing their wait time in airports. 

#10 Drone Taxis
AI in transportation is more innovative in creating drone taxis. Countries like China and Israel are still planning to make practical use of drone taxis in order to reduce the struggles faced by road transportation.

On a positive note, it’s advanced can be a better option in our future for traveling to other places by eliminating traffic congestion, carbon emissions, etc. Apart from traveling, popular delivery partners started making use of these drone taxis to deliver the parcels to their customers. Innovations like these are mesmerizing and makes us to wonder that how our future looks like!

Benefits Of AI In The Transportation Industry

AI reinvents our transportation in various ways ranging from road transportation, railways, and sea routes to airways. It makes our journey safer, secure, smarter, smoother, and efficient by minimizing the timing caused by delays. On a larger perspective, it improvises the standard of living by making our transportation look more organized and clean. 

Spectacular applications of AI in smart cities, highways, and patrols further avoid the risks at a maximum potential. It improvises the safety standards on roads by preventing us from being a victim of road accidents. Apart from the safety concerns, self-driving vehicles completely cut off the harmful emissions caused by ordinary vehicles by marching towards electric vehicles. 

Wrapping Up

It’s time to march towards innovation in this ever-growing industry! If you run a business in the transportation sector, have you ever thought of integrating AI by collaborating with the AI Development Company? If not enact faster as millions of your competitors are staying ahead of the curve!

AI-powered solutions in your business promise to offer a brighter future. It can scale and level up your profit margin by producing higher returns. Businesses like e-commerce transportation are highly adapted to AI technology by efficiently handling goods and transporting them to the desired location in time.

Join this profitable realm and march toward success!

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