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Bitdeal, the premier AR Game Development Company, brings your gaming visions to life with cutting-edge solutions tailored to your needs. Our expert team specializes in crafting immersive AR experiences that captivate players and elevate your game to new heights.

AR Game Development Company | Hire AR Game Developers

In this modern era of gaming technologies, AR Games have made a positive impact among gamers with their ability to transform everyday environments into interactive playgrounds. With their unique ability to blend virtual elements seamlessly into the real world, AR games have ignited a global phenomenon, captivating players of all demographics. This rising popularity of AR games has fueled the demand for the professional AR game developers.

Recognizing this growing trend, Bitdeal, a leading game development company, offers cutting-edge AR game development services. Before diving deep into the extensive features of Bitdeal's AR gaming solutions, let's have a glance at the basic facts of AR Games.

What is an AR Game?

First off, AR is the short form of Augmented Reality, and Augmented Reality (AR) includes virtual elements in a real-time world. Generally, Augmented Reality (AR) can observe how the real world works and integrate those visual objects into a game. This is the brief definition of an AR Game. Additionally, an AR Game can incorporate sensors like Global Positioning System (GPS), cameras, microphones, and even audio from the real world. 

Bitdeal - The Best AR Game Development Company

Bitdeal is undoubtedly the top-most AR Game Development Company. With 15+ years of experience in the industry and technical expertise, Bitdeal has grown as one of the leading AR Game development companies in many global countries. That includes countries like Italy, Canada, India, the USA, Brazil, the UK, South Korea, Austria, Singapore, Russia, Malaysia, Japan, and much more. Thus, bitdeal is your one-stop destination for your AR Game Development Solutions. Let’s get started!

AR Game App Development Company

As a foremost AR Game Development Company, Bitdeal offers solutions for AR Game Development as well. Even though many companies are developing AR Game apps, Bitdeal stays in the top 5 for many reasons. Some of them are as follows.

  • Top-Level Game Developers

  • Advanced Technology Stacks

  • Best Development Services

  • Various Deployment Methods

  • Marketing and Branding Strategies

Our Top-Tier AR Game Development Services

Take a look at the AR Game Development Services offered by Bitdeal. 

1. AR Games from Scratch: This involves designing, creating, and implementing every aspect of the game in a virtual world from the ground up in augmented reality (AR) games.

2. AR Integration Service: Including augmented reality components into already-existing games or applications to improve user interaction and introduce new levels of involvement. 

3. Markerless AR Games: Develop AR games that don't use real markers by precisely placing virtual items in the user's surroundings with the help of cutting-edge computer vision and tracking technology.

4. AR Game Art: Creating designs and graphic materials, especially for augmented reality games, fusing digital and real-world components to improve user engagement.

5. Marker-Based AR Games: Creating and creating AR games that use physical markers or triggers to superimpose digital material on the actual environment, providing interactive experiences associated with certain items or sites.

6. End-to-End Game Development: overseeing the complete process of creating a game, from designing and generating ideas to programming, testing, and release, to provide players with an uninterrupted experience.

7. Game Design: Developing the general appearance, tone, gaming mechanics, and gameplay flow to give players an immersive and interesting experience.

8. Location-Based AR Games: Developing AR games that use GPS or location information to link gameplay to actual locales, enticing users to explore and engage with their environment.

Different Types of AR Games

There are several types of AR games available and the following are the types of Augmented Reality games we develop at Bitdeal.

Adventure Games - This is one of the famous AR games which is most loved by young people. We can create unique and amazing characters and places to enhance your AR games.

Action Games - Everyone loves to play action games, right? That’s why we develop AR action games. With Unity and other gaming technologies, we develop the best AR action game. 

PvP Games - This type of game is played by multiple people. With this game, players can easily communicate with other players, and opponents and play the game interestingly. 

Card Games - This game is played with the configuration of 52 cards. With our AR development services, we can include lively visuals of cards shuffling. 

Arcade Games - Many arcade games are played physically. However, by incorporating AR technology, people can play the game with their digital currencies effortlessly. 

Educational Games - This type of game is specially developed for educational purposes. For instance, students can play a game about dissecting a brain or kidney. 

Casino Games - This game is simply called a table game, too. Just bet on a random number and win a huge reward at the end of the game.

Board Games - This type of game is also luck-related. Board games are often referred to as tabletop or counter games like chess or carrom.

Simulation Games - This game will replicate what’s happening in the real world and implement it in Augmented Reality (AR) games.

Racing Games - This type of game is also called a sports game by including race tracks, obstacles, etc with high-level AR technologies.

Potential Benefits of Our AR Game Development

Did you know that integrating amazing AR technology into your game can make it more interesting and engaging? Yes, that’s right. Now, go through the remarkable benefits of our AR Game Development. 

  • You can quickly enhance user communication by integrating Augmented Reality (AR). It provides more features and improved play. Well, playing the AR game with your friends will be more fascinating since you are in a virtual world.

  • Users can do actions in a virtual environment that are not possible in the actual world with the help of Augmented Reality (AR) gaming applications.

  • The Augmented Reality (AR) based mobile game makes it simple to interact and work with users worldwide.

  • Numerous disciplines can benefit from improved gaming applications with AR technology. For instance, you may create interactive programs for athletics, schooling, and other purposes.

  • More precisely, AR games have gained a huge impact on the educational sector. With our AR games, students can learn new things by playing AR games happily. 

  • At Bitdeal, we deliver high-level AR games at cost-effective price ranges so that you can experience the best AR games at affordable prices.

Amazing Features of AR Game Development Services

Bitdeal is known for offering the best AR Game Development Services for everyone. Let’s look at the amazing features of our AR Game Development Services. 

  • We develop AR Games just like how the real world works. 

  • We provide tailor-made AR game solutions considering all your gaming requirements. 

  • At Bitdeal, we implement various immersive technologies to develop the best AR games.

  • By crafting eye-catching designs, our AR games will attract more people to play. 

  • With our consulting services, people can learn about designing AR games. 

  • Also, we perform quality assurance testing and deliver bug-free AR games to you. 

  • Bitdeal provides constant support even after the deployment process of your AR Games. 

  • Finally, we give you external APIs to cross-promote your AR game on other platforms as well. 

Our Full Fledged AR Game Development Process

Here are the user-friendly steps of our full-fledged AR Game Development process. 

Step #1: Collecting Requirements and Ideation

  • To begin with, we collect the requirements for your AR Game Development. 

  • Then, we create a storyboard for your AR game to make it visualizable. 

Step #2: Designing the AR Game

  • By utilizing innovative AR technology to design outlines for your AR Game.

  • Also, our designers will include alluring graphics and elements just like the real world.

Step #3: AR Game Development

  • Our game developers will start writing codes to develop your AR game.

  • By implementing the advanced tech stacks, we develop an attractive AR Game.

Step #4: Testing the AR Game

  • Our skillful game tester will perform various tests to find any error or bug in the AR game.

  • If they encounter an error, they will solve the error immediately without any delay. 

Step #5: Deployment 

  • After designing, developing, and testing your AR game, it's now time to launch your AR Game.

  • We release your AR game into various platforms and help you promote your AR game organically.

How Much Time Does it Take To Develop an AR Game?

Usually, developing an AR Game depends on their preferences. Also, when a client requires customized designs by incorporating unique features, logic, and other functionalities. The designer and the developer need some standard time to craft an AR Game. By considering the capabilities, requirements, and development process, the time period might be revealed.

What is the Pricing to Develop an AR Game?

Since there are different types of AR games available, each AR game takes a specific amount of time and money. At Bitdeal, we highly consider the developer’s availability and time requirement to develop a full-fledged AR game. Some companies charge even on an hourly basis. However, Bitdeal charges according to the features and implementations made by our developers.

Leading Technology Stacks We Use for AR Game Development

These are the leading technologies we use for developing an AR Game. 

  • Application: Unity, Oculus, Swift, Mixed-Reality, AR-Kit, Java

  • Design: Figma, Photoshop, Illustrator, Invision, Justinmind

  • Cloud: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure

  • Database: MySql, Firebase, MongoDB

  • Web: Angular, HTML, CSS, NodeJs, PHP, JQuery

Hire Our AR Game Developers

Bitdeal is one of the notable AR Game Development Companies in the gaming industry with several years of experience. We have experienced and skilled AR Game developers to develop an excellent AR game. Our developer team will understand your gaming requirements and develop the exact AR game you wish for. With their AR Game Development skills, they will include all the essential features to make it look more attractive while playing.

Why Prefer Bitdeal as Your Leading AR Game Development Company?

Also, Bitdeal is the best AR Game Development Company that offers amazing AR games to play with. We integrate top-level technologies to visually develop a new-level AR game efficiently. More importantly, we deliver your AR game right on time without delay. Also, we will never compromise the quality of your AR game. So, what’s stopping you? Go on and contact us to begin your AR gaming journey. 

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