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The Future is Now: Dive into Advanced AR VR Solutions

Thinking AR VR solutions are only for Gaming? Reconsider it. The future of technology is mostly virtual. So, the future impact of Virtual reality and Augmented Reality among industries is undeniable. This blog will involve you with many fascinating facts about AR/VR technologies.

The Future is Now: Dive into Advanced AR VR Solutions

Remember being a kid, having fantasies about entering our favorite video game or befriending a magical creature? Now Imagine visiting pyramids while walking through Egypt without moving from your couch in VR! Incredible right? That's how engaging and interesting VR/AR technology is. But is AR/ VR just a trend ?, or is it the “Next Big Thing”?

Reality Remixes - A Brief Introduction to VR, AR, MR and XR

Feeling lost from the rush of acronyms these days? Don’t be worried, let's break down the acronyms and their meaning on these technologies which change our perception of reality.

Virtual Reality(VR): Virtual Reality refers to a simulated and computer-generated environment that is partially or maybe completely different from the real world. Users can communicate with the Virtual world with its specially equipped headsets and controllers. Customers who use virtual reality headsets generally become completely involved in a virtual environment in which anything seems workable, which includes crossing the world without ever boarding an aircraft or surviving on a barren planet filled with mysterious and deadly creatures.

Augmented Reality(AR): The idea of augmented reality or AR combines factors of the virtual and physical worlds. It differs from digital reality because it includes virtual factors in the actual surroundings. This technology can be experienced with the usage of smartphones, tablets, and AR glasses to gain a better perception. For Example, the existing AR Game Pokemon Go, in which gamers can see the digital Pokemons on roads or parks through their smartphone displays.

Mixed Reality(MR): Mixed Reality combines virtual reality and Augmented reality wherein the customers can enjoy both the attractive physical world and the interactive digital world. Mixed reality permits the customers to get included in those physical and digital spaces in the same environment and impacts each other.

Extended Reality(XR): The umbrella term which includes Virtual reality, Augmented reality, Mixed reality, and various other emerging technologies are combinedly called Extended Reality. This technology changes the aspect of regular human-computer interaction and is the most advanced technology of all time

How do AR and VR bring virtual worlds to life?

VR - Creating a Whole new world

Virtual reality will completely block the user’s real-world interactions and will engage them in the 3D space. Here’s the summary of how VR works:

Powerful Processing: To build multilayered 3D environments, Virtual reality uses high-configured Computers and specialized VR equipment. These simulated environments are created by emerging VR-specific technologies and Complex Programming languages. These experiences allow the users to produce realistic and engaging virtual worlds to captivate the interest of users.

Sensory Immersion: The Goggles used for virtual reality have clear screens to make things appear real. These specially designed goggles also include sensors to follow the user’s movements, so that they can move around in a virtual environment just like the real one. Advanced VR gadgets even allow the user to feel the things they are coming through in the virtual world.

AR: Combining the Digital with the Real

Augmented reality does not completely replace the physical world, it just includes digital elements in real time. How does AR work:

Camera and sensors: AR apps use the user’s smartphone camera to capture real-world elements. Many sensors like Accelerometers and gyroscopes are also included in this experience to track the user’s movements and positions.

Software Recognition: The video stream is analyzed by specialized software, which recognizes objects, surfaces, and even the real world.

Digital Overlay: After analyzing the real world, this software creates digital elements and imposes them onto the user’s smartphone screen. This software creates an illusion of having those elements in the real world along with physical objects.

What We Do? 

Bitdeal is a leading expert in XR technology. We assist businesses in transitioning to the digital world by developing incredible experiences in VR, AR, MR, and Digital Twins. Our abilities are employed in providing AR VR app development services and solutions in a variety of industries to improve productivity, keep people safe, and increase revenues. At Bitdeal, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation in AR/VR Development and other advanced reality technologies.  We don't just create cool stuff; we transform ideas into real-world solutions that help businesses succeed. 

Benefits Of Using Our AR and VR Solutions

The adoption of AR and VR gives a wide range of benefits in various industries to create the real-world experience. Using AR and VR technologies unlocks new opportunities for your business growth.

Enhanced User Engagement

AR and VR solutions interact with users to engage in many ways, including improving customer experience on time shopping and personal shopping journeys, helping to build loyalty and trust through emotional connections with the users, increasing new customers' desirability, helping to differentiate from your competitors, enhance real-world gaming experience for the game players, improve right solutions for the complications, helps to transfer theoretical knowledge into practical application and improve training safety. 

Immersive Experiences

AR and VR go beyond the physical limitations to explore the advanced possibilities for the users and provide an unparalleled experience in the real world that helps to improve supercharged engagement, reading comprehension skills their senses and capture their attention, enhance the learning experience and practical opportunities, and better decision making. 

Training and Simulation Advantages

AR and VR technologies are beneficial for teaching, healthcare, aerospace, defense, and manufacturing industries. Through risk-free virtual environments, which simulate complicated events, procedures, and surroundings, practitioners can learn and advance their abilities more effectively and efficiently. AR and VR provide immersive understanding and remembering concepts by allowing them to interact with material in a realistic and immersive environment, including surgery and flight training simulations, improving worker safety and reducing the risk of accidents.

Our AR/VR Solutions Across Various Industries

The immersive power of AR and VR plays a crucial role in various industries. Here is a glance into how these technologies are changing several key sectors: 


AR and VR are changing the medical experience by offering students an easy-to-practice complicated surgery without risk and diagnosing patients. These technologies enhance accuracy, enable doctors to visualize patient medical conditions and treatment plans interactively, and reduce errors.

Real Estate

AR and VR solutions take a virtual tour of homes from any location in the world and real estate brokers can visualize living spaces for the buyers. Constructors visualize architectural designs at the scale with AR and VR technology, this technology helps architects and developers can show the plans and designs. During design planning, this technology improves decision-making and teamwork efficiency. 


AR VR helps to change traditional education through dynamic and captivating learning opportunities to improve students' knowledge without distractions and interact with the students to see the historical world, and virtual science labs on the real world. This technology helps students easily access virtual classrooms on time and in collaborative learning environments, which is especially essential in light of the pandemic. With the use of this technology teachers easily communicate any location learners more effectively.


By using AR and VR, tourists can be they are easy to search for the right places and hotel stays or other facilities very easily arranged before planning the tour. Travel agencies using these AR and VR technologies, visualize any location tour plans for their tourists and include emergency protocols, customer service standards, and improve passengers' and guides safety and security.


AR VR games, mix the virtual element in the real world by offering their game players an immense and interactive experience. Engage the players in realistic simulations, explore virtual worlds, and interact with characters. This technology allows them to easily interact and connect with their friends and strangers by playing and real-time communication in the virtual environment. 

Weighing the Cons and Considerations of AR/VR Solutions

Cost and Accessibility: For Individuals and smaller businesses, accessibility is limited as VR Headsets and Powerful AR applications can be expensive. This constraint creates a potential advantage for businesses that manage to afford the technology, while others are left behind.

Privacy Concerns: For efficient flow, AR/VR applications collect data of users which includes locations, patterns of movements even the movement of eyeballs. To build trust and avoid privacy violations, it is important to ensure data security measures and to collect user consent.

Health and Safety Issues: Extended usage of VR headsets can cause severe health conditions like nausea, eye stains, and dizziness. As for AR, the potential safety issue is distractions and accidents in the real world.

Accessibility: A Digital divide can be created among the users, as not everyone can access AR/VR Devices. Some users may have concerns about using technologies due to disabilities or physical limitations.

How Companies are Winning Big with AR & VR: The Success Stories

Augmented Reality and Virtual reality are no longer futuristic concepts, as they have started to evolve among industries long back. Some of the success stories of companies that happened to implement AR/VR in their businesses are:


Being a leading aerospace manufacturer, used the VR concept to train their employees on aircraft assembling procedures. To reduce errors and to improve the safety of the trainees, VR helps them to practice the procedure virtually. This helps the organization to improve the quality by 40% and reduce the training time by 50%. Now imagine an aircraft mechanic needing to fix a complex wiring inside the aircraft. AR technology can help in these situations by overlaying digital elements onto the real infrastructure, displaying step-by-step instructions, and showing the exact locations of each wire. 


Giant in the Furniture industry allows their customers to visualize furniture in their homes even before buying it. With an app, a customer can scan their actual space and view a virtual version of furniture like a bookshelf or a bed. This unique approach successfully boosted the company's online sales, gradually increasing customer satisfaction. With all these sophistications, IKEA not only sells furniture, they also builds confidence and self-satisfaction for the customers by furnishing the perfect piece of furniture for their homes.


Conglomerates like Mitsubishi Electric use Augmented reality to assist their service technicians on service. The concept of this process is, that the technicians will wear AR glasses to get step-by-step instructions overlaying their real-world vire. This process reduces errors and improves efficiency resulting in happier customers and rescues service times. Consider pointing your smartphone at an Electric Oven of Mitsubishi and seeing a display of different cooking modes virtually overlaid on the real product. 

Final Thoughts

To summarize the blog, AR/VR technologies are powerful technologies that can change the world in a big way. The things to be cared about in AR/VR are, firstly, this technology is not a distant future. As AR/VR technologies have been already emerging among industries, it is more than just the “Next big thing” AR/VR technologies are a doorway to future possibilities. 

AR/VR technologies can solely change our daily lives. For example, a person who loves traveling but cannot make that possible because of their mobility limitations can explore the whole world with AR/VR technology. They can run around, feel things, and explore, as virtual reality makes that possible.

From transforming the way of education to healthcare, AR/VR technologies have come a long way. Staying up-to-date on this technology can create a potential benefit for your business among others.

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