ICO Business Plan and Strategy Development

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ICO Business Plan and Strategy Development


ICO - A Modern Crypto Crowdfunding methodology which has worn the crown of fundraising by enlightening plenty of cryptos/noncrypto projects, startups and businesses around the globe. Even though the ICO has left a way for STO, IEO, ETO to raise in the cryptocurrency market, It still stands on top with further enhancements. We, bitdeal understands, the importance of ICO Still exists among crypto entrepreneurs, so we wish to find the best possible ways for our clients to launch ico without any chances for the criminal activities to occur. 

ICO Development Company

We Bitdeal - The monopoly organization in ICO development,  still stands unique  ICO development company in South Asia, by providing best ICO solutions to the overseas clients. We help enterprises, startups, organizations, and small businesses to raise capital funds through ICO with proper strategies,  plans, and execution. Our expertise in Pre-ICO and Post ICO services can smoothen the hurdles in launching your ICO and can drive it in the right path until reaching the final stage of ICO.  

We leverage the popular blockchain technologies and can launch your ICO on any of the blockchain frameworks, like Ethereum, EOS, TRON, Minter, DAG, LISK and finally the TEZOS  blockchain. 

Explore our ICO Solutions below here. 

Our ICO Development Solutions

ICO Solutions - IT

ICO Solutions - NON IT

#1  ICO Business Plan and Strategy Development

Not every ICO is same.  Based on the ICO goal, the entire process in launching, maintaining, and finalizing may differ. So, we help our clients and educates them to write down what they are going to do with Initial coin offerings, and how we are going to utilize the result of ICO. After having a clear vision, we develop a complete ICO Business Plan and Strategies set to successfully lead the ICO positively. We are not interested to send out the templates of ICO plan, since we believe random plans will not suite for all Kind of ICO. Hence we exclusively develop and deliver the best ICO plan that can properly lead an ICO. 

#2 ICO Token Development

Tokens are the important entities of an ICO launch, without selling tokens to the investors one can’t properly launch an ICO, and it is impossible to. The issuer must have a punch of tokens as a back up before launching an ICO.  In general, tokens will be issued to the investors in exchange for bitcoin or ethereum. But, the token can be made on any blockchain network and can be created with any kind of token standards. Every ICO Must have a unique token name, brand, technical functionalities, and capital value. We at bitdeal helps our clients to launch ICO with specially made tokens that hold the entire goal of an ICO. Our expert token developers can create token with ERC Token standard TRON’s TRC token standards. 

The success of an ICO completely relies on the token’s brand and capital value. These two can be achieved if the technical back up of a token is efficient & sufficient to the customer end. We help to boost an ICO token sale, by properly marketing the token on the cryptocurrency network.

Types of token that we can develop are

1. Utility token

2. Security token

3. Equity token.

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#3 ICO Smart Contract Development

Since ICO’s are Blockchain-based crowdfunding model, it is impossible to refuse the presence of smart contracts. Smart contracts keep fuels the ICO sales with properly executing digitally developed automated contracts between the issuers and investors. We help our clients by auditing the smart contracts of ICO and can identify the bugs that can be overcome in real-time. We are ready to hire our smart contract developers for our clients, who can technically support the ICO process from the beginning to the completion of ICO sales. 

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#4 ICO Dashboard Development

There should be a proper interface to manage the funds, investors details, token details, and other details. We develop ICO dashboards for investors management, token management, and fund management. We have separated back end script with different variety of templates and special add-ons. Based on the client's desire, we can repair the script and can revamp it with newly added features. Our developers integrate ICO dashboard to the backend of your ICO website.

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#5 ICO Website Development

An ICO Website is the landing page of an ICO crowd sale. The success of an ICO relies on how it grabs the brand attention among the crowd. We help our clients to stage their ICO with properly developed ICO website with eye-catching UI/UX design.  Attractive design and development functionalities are packed up with our ready-made custom ICO script. The Script can be easily installable and can be repaired without requiring any deep programming knowledge. 

ICO Non-Technical Solutions

#6 ICO Consulting

ICO’s are sometimes unpredictable some goes viral, some disappears within a short period. The success and failure of ICO are completely depended on the plan and the whitepaper. We look for the clients who are struggling in resolving the complexities of their ICO process. We serve ICO consulting on two phases, that is for both  Pre - ICO and Post ICO. Our expert consultants can help you to identify the technical problems and can educate the solution need to be made. Oru consultations covers, token development, token marketing, token sales, live issues, technical issues, customers review and response management.

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#7 ICO Marketing

Marketing plays a vital role in making your ICO a viral one. We project your ICO and help you to attain eightfold growth in just a few hours by attaining huge visibility online. Marketing an ICO is not just like the usual marketing, it requires expert marketing skills, reaching the target audience, projecting the ICO sales on time, live streaming, compromising the legal issues and more.

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#8 Token Listing

After the ICO sales, the tokens must be listed on exchange websites. In Initial exchange offerings, we can’t proceed the token sales without listing it on an exchange. We can help our clients by reducing the back paining works in listing the token on an exchange. We provide guaranteed token listing on any popular exchanges within two days. 

Launch ICO On TEZOS : Exclusive ICO Solutions

We bitdeal,  undergoing a beta project based on launching ICO On Tezos. We currently proceeding bug fixing and streamlining the issues to launch your ICO. 


our experts are awaiting to serve you the best to resolve all your ICO hurdle and are ready to give you proper ICO consulation both technically and non technically. Don't hesitate to get connect with us, we are here to serve you the best. 

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ICO Business Plan and Strategy Development
ICO Business Plan and Strategy Developme...
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