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Bitcoin Exchange Script for Bitcoinpreneurs

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Bitcoin Exchange Script for Bitcoinpreneurs


First of all , every entrepreneurs you should know about who are the startups which comes with spirit of success and why bitcoin exchange business modules suits you !


Why bitcoin exchange business found to be the best in

digital era ?


This is the top burning question for every brilliant entrepreneur mind.

The better answer for the above question is, to show up & understand about some popular bitcoin exchanges around the globe.

Because if we compare the success ratio of bitcoin exchanges with other start-ups, you will die of exciting. I think, this is best answer too.

Here is the top list of bitcoin exchange business startups :


Coinbase – Top Bitcoin Exchange Startup in San Fransisco, US


Coinbase is one of the biggest exchange since 2013, supporting 32 countries with more than 4 million users over the world. The website works well for European, American & Canadian customers. Coinbase allows the user to buy and sell bitcoins through their bank account, credit card, Paypal account. In late May 2016 coinbase started operating GDAXm, A bitcoin exchange, where bitcoiners can trade bitcoins with one another

As of late February 2017, the website has witnessed 20% increase in traffic every month. This figures 11.5 million monthly visits. 45 % of visits are coming from the USA, 9% of traffic arrives from Brazil and 4% of traffic is from UK. Coinbase could catch up its competitor with 12 million wallets held by customers. And in another hand, 45 thousand merchants use the platform as their payment processor


Poloneix – Top Bitcoin Exchange Startup in Wilmington, US


Poloneix is the first exchange which gives access to its sheer amount of traders to trade with altcoins. Poloneix has been witnessed an extremely fast traffic growth since the demise of its rival cryptsty in 2016, and especially in the recent altcoin bubble of 2017. The website traffic has been increased from 7 million monthly visits to 30 million visits in between the period February 2017 to May 2017.


Local bitcoins – Top Bitcoin Exchange Startup in Finland


Local bitcoin exchange is quite popular for p2p transactions all over the world. Out of all bitcoin sites, it is one of the best website with escrow enabled and dispute resolution system.


CEX.IO – Top Bitcoin Exchange Startup in London, UK


CEX.IO is one of the international bitcoin exchange which accepts euros, british pound, US dollars, Russia's Rubles, and finally ethereum. The website traffic is increasing rapidly day by day with its modern and simple user interface. CEX is a European alternative to coinbase website.


Kraken – Top Bitcoin Exchange Startup in San Fransisco, US


Kraken is becoming a reputed bitcoin broker, As of the website has been transformed it self as a crypto exchange by adding multiple altcoins. The website has an increasingly global and which is nearly 3, 452 as of now. The platform is gained total visits of 18.03 million.

It gains most of the traffic from US - 15%, France - 8.89% and 6.07% traffic from UK


BITFINEX – Top Bitcoin Exchange Startup in Hong Kong, Japan


Bitfinex is a major bitcoin exchange which is based on Hong- kong, It facilitates the US dollar - based trading of bitcoin and 7 other altcoins. Bitfinex allowed leveraged trading of up to 3.3 times. In the year 2017 the website has gained huge trading volume than other bitcoin exchanges.


Bitsquare - Top Bitcoin Exchange Startup in Spain


Bitsquare is an another technically advanced bitcoin exchange, A decentralized p2p platform which is being traded with more than 60 + cryptocurrencies. A user can purchase BTC using bank transfer, escrow and trusted parties. Most of the website traffic is coming from United States, UK, Russia, and Germany.


Unocoin - Top Bitcoin Exchange Startup in India

One of the popular bitcoin exchange of India, Which supports admin based bitcoin trading. Having an increasing global rank which is nearly 70,801. Total visit of the website is around 922.69 K after the huge bitcoin fork the website is found to be the most traffic earning bitcoin trading platform still now.

The above list of bitcoin exchanges, list outs almost every bitcoin exchange is getting more visits, traffic, and increasing global rank. which strongly proves that bitcoin exchange websites are having a strong growth in bitcoin network.

How to take your bitcoin exchange / trading diverge

into different business models ?


As bitcoin becomes more popular, many business people interested to trade with bitcoin, this cause the trading industry to acquire a rapid growth within a short period. As the industry grows, Blockchain developers and bitcoin miners were expected that the trading should be easy and flexible for everyone. So the industry leads started to integrate many business prime features, which helped everyone to trade with bitcoin.


We can classify trading business into two different types

  • Admin based bitcoin exchange & trading

  • Peer to peer bitcoin exchange & trading


1. Admin based bitcoin exchange & trading


Bitcoin trading always happens through a bitcoin trading website. Here admin (owner ) of the website has the power to set the selling price and buying price of bitcoin. So traders are allowed to trade only with the specified price rate. Since the admin has the control over the price fixing, he can gain a huge profit from every successful trade.

2. Peer to peer bitcoin exchange & trading


This is a common trading practice, here admin has no control to fix the buy sell price of bitcoin. Traders are allowed to trade as per the global price value of bitcoin. Here admin could collect only the transaction fees for every successful trade.

Margin Trading:

Margin trading is the new feature which is now implemented in many of the popular bitcoin trading websites. The soul purpose of the trading process is to increase the trading capacity of inactive traders and to increase the trading flow of a trading website.

Initially, the admin of bitcoin trading website offers a particular amount of bitcoin to the inactive traders in order to make them active.

And ask them to make the trade with the given bitcoins within a particular period. Either profit or loss the trader have to resend the borrowed amount of bitcoins to the admin.

What is bitcoin margin trading and how it will be beneficial for a bitcoin exchange website?

Margin trading with Lending :

If the admin of the exchange website doesn't have enough bitcoin, then bitcoin lenders can do it for the purpose of margin trading. Instead of the admin, lenders will lend bitcoin to the needy traders with the particular percentage of interest.

How to use margin trading as a business model in a bitcoin trading website ?


Why to handle security mechanisms in a bitcoin trading

website ?

We know that bitcoin is a virtual currency stored in a cloud storage since it is a cloud storage sure it will give free space for cyber hacking. Also, Bitcoin is decentralized, that is no mediator have the response to handle any bitcoin transactions. There are a lot of chances for bitcoin criminals to use its decentralized character for illegal purposes, like money laundering, and some other terrorist activities.

In June Bitfinex was fined $75,000 By CFTC by for breaking rules about margin financing. They had a system where users can borrow coins from other users to magnify their trades. But bifinex has failed to prove that the borrowed funds are delivered to the users. That's the main reason for bitfinex to get penalized.

So it is a big responsibility for bitcoin exchange websites to monitor and prevent those penalizations. But the problems here is we can not monitor and control all the illegal transactions manually, we should automate those process through some security mechanisms, API integrations, and add ons.

In 2015, a security standard was proposed for bitcoin exchanges and wallets which were made by a group of developers and security professionals. This cryptocurrency security standard draft proposal included with 10 standardized approaches to key and seed generation, storage and usage, proof-of-reserve and security audits among other areas.


1. KYC and AML

Most of the bitcoin traders avoid websites which require " KYC/AML" checks, as they want to trade bitcoin anonymously, they lose their safer trading environment. If a trading counter party verified through KYC/AML checks they can reduce the risk of fraudulent activity.

"Anti money laundering law" It is a set of procedure to prevent illegal money laundering activities in bitcoin exchange website. In general, AML is used only for Forex market, and banking transactions alone, But now bitcoin exchanges replaced the need for banks and ForEx market, so it must for bitcoin exchange websites to integrate "AML"

2. Use of two-factor authentication:

Two-factor authentication may seem to be an old version of security mechanisms but still, it gives high security for bitcoin exchange websites. It requires the user to put their username password and a confirmation code via text message or phone call.

3. Implementing multi-sig wallet:

It is a most common feature for securing the digital wallet of a bitcoin exchange. To lead a secured transaction over the internet, many exchange platforms are started to adopt multi sig wallet. Why we are focused on securing the wallets is, which is the only place where any bitcoin transaction could pass through. If a bitcoin exchange platform implements multi sig wallet, then it will require more than one private key in order to complete a successful bitcoin transaction.

4. Cold storage:

Cold storage can add an another layer of security, in order to ensure safety about keeping of user's digital funds. The term cold storage simply resembles that, "storing the bitcoins offline". This feature is mostly useful for traders who want to make trade in high volumes and has a large digital fund holding on exchanges.

5. The use of Time-locks:

It is such an innovative idea, to proceed a successful and secure bitcoin transaction. Mostly this feature will be more beneficial during the occasion of withdrawal from bitcoin exchanges. Time - Locks will require two keys and specific period of time to make a bitcoin transaction.

One key is to initiate the bitcoin transaction, And then the second key is used to confirm the transaction within 24 hours if the transaction is not confirmed it can be reversed. So that we can prevent digital wallets from hacking.

6. Insurance policies:

It is an another way of making secure bitcoin transactions, Which can improve security and increase trust with its customer by covering the cyber thefts and losses from technical small functions.

While those insurance policies don't prevent cyber security breaches, they protect exchanges and its customer funds.

Check out the following articles which describes AML and other stuff relating to it!

1 . How to prevent illegal money laundering activities in bitcoin exchange business

2 .How to design a lawful and legitimate bitcoin exchange business platform using AML software


Is there is any solution to start a bitcoin exchange

website with latest secured & updated features ?

The only possible solution is "bitcoin exchange script as software solutions", although there are many softwares available, but bitdeal team of experts working to deploy an exchange website, and can be customizable with flexible features which would be as easy as customizing the website script.

Integrating add-ons can improve your exchange websites traffic and profit ?

Setting up your bitcoin exchange website is not a big matter but in order to keep high customer engagement, you have to update some specific features with your website. Have a look at below what are the things which can help you to improve your business

i) Integrate your own bitcoin wallet :

If you are ready to integrate a bitcoin wallet with your bitcoin exchange website, you could achieve the following things.

  • Users won't left your website for the cause of storing their assets in a third party wallets.

  • You could maintain the trading flow of your website with high traffic.

  • You financial holding of your websites may improve rapidly, and that may create credibility among new users.

  • Mostly third party wallets are not trustworthy so you can help people from losing their bitcoins

ii) Integration with Liquidity Addon:

Making up your business transparent to the world. Achieving the credibility or trust are quite risk in Bitcoin industry. So as a startup if you want to catch your audience, you have to establish your transactional data to the world. This is what we are calling liquidity of a bitcoin exchange business.

Liquidity is nothing but showing up the number of trades, number of registered users, and anything which are related to business in numbers.

iii) Integration with Trading bot Application:

It comes as an addon for a bitcoin exchange website, a Trading bot is nothing but an artificial intelligence which helps the traders to make trade automatically. Simply saying "Make trade while you sleep".


Why should choose bitdeal for bitcoin exchange startup ?

Bitdeal was initially started as a bitcoin business solution for providing bitcoin exchange software, which helped many of the business people to setup their own bitcoin exchange website. But now the organization has started to provide several solutions for various bitcoin related business and stands out from the competitors.

During the 2 years of business journey, bitdeal has registered it's landmark in the bitcoin industry by following an inspiring approach to the customers. Bitdeal has achieved this success by following a sequential approach while handling the customers.

Check out the following flow diagram, it will describe how keenly we are handling the customer requirements.



After getting the requirements from customers, the most relevant & appropriate business solutions will be showcased to them. If the customer gets commit with any of the solutions or service, then the project will be initiated. And then it will be moved to the development process.

During the development process, Customers are free to discuss and escalate their queries. There is a tech team for the purpose of monitoring, analyzing, and completing the project in a quick period. After delivering the project, a support team of bitdeal will always follow you in order to reply the customer's queries quickly.

Bitdeal provides an easily customizable and installable trading bot application as a business service, for bitcoin traders and the trading websites, You can inquire the team of bitdeal at any time to understand and know more about the trading bot application.

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