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Blockchain Development Company In India

Explore our blockchain development services in India.

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We, Bitdeal - A blockchain development company originated at India, to provide blockchain development services inside the country by favoring various blockchain initiatives and tech startups. Then, our successful journey on providing unbelievable quality of blockchain development services has let us to expand our blockchain development services in various countries including USA, UK, UAE, Malta, South Korea, Japan, China, Brazil, Turkey, Singapore and more.

Our Blockchain Development Services In India

By underlying the many trending blockchain technologies, and protocols we cater various blockchain development services for tech startups, industries, Small, medium and large enterprises. Our significant expertise is, creating closed and private blockchain applications on the family of hyper ledger technology like sawtooth, hyper ledger fabric, Iroha and hyper ledger explorer. Also, we have a team of experts who have well-practiced on Ethereum Technology, EOS, Minter, Lisk, Stellar, Corda, CrossChain, Sidechain And more.

Variants of our blockchain application development

  1. Private Blockchain Application Development
  2. Blockchain DApp Development on Ethereum
  3. Blockchain POC Development
  4. Blockchain Game Development
  5. Blockchain IOT Development
  6. Supply Chain Blockchain Development
  7. Hyperledger Development
  8. Wallet Development
  9. Crypto coin and Token Development
  10. Smart Home App Development
  11. Blockchain AI Development
  12. Solidity Development

Our Industry Focus 

Industrial prioritization differs on the basis of country’s governance. Based on the prioritization we are focusing on the different industries in different regions that are giving an envelope to a country’s economic growth. 

And now, we focus the below industries in India, that will soon gonna renovate with blockchain technology

  1. Agriculture
  2. Construction
  3. Biotechnology Industry
  4. Textile Industry
  5. Real Estate Industry
  6. Banking & Finance Industry
  7. IT & Software Industry
  8. Education 
  9. Retail Industry
  10. Healthcare
  11. Government Sectors

Why We Choose India? How have we Grown Inside The Country?

India is Our Home

The first reason to expand our blockchain development services in India is, it is our home country, where we initiated our Information Technology services in 2014-2015. The successful demand and growth of the cryptocurrency market inside the country have made us to step in the blockchain industry. We have created our brand identity by serving our best in bitcoin exchange projects. In 2015-16 we were in the seed stage, and have initiated to provide bitcoin exchange script to create a successful bitcoin exchange platform like bitfinex, bitstamp and more. Based on our clients' requirements we have started to take a look at bitcoin & ethereum blockchain technology. After undergoing a deep Research & Development process our team of technical experts has brought up a new idea on Initial Coin Offerings. That made us provide ICO services in 2017 which includes a bunch of service components like ICO Consulting, Token development, Dashboard Development, White paper development, Token Listing and so on. 

Our Turn Towards Blockchain Technology

Our journey of bitcoin & cryptocurrency-related business services has completely turned up into the layer of blockchain technology at the end of 2017. As the blockchain waves started to impact the industry, we have learned and equipped ourselves with unique blockchain development services within a short period along with the powerful team of expert blockchain developers and engineers. 

This is how we grew inside the country, what else has made us keep going on blockchain technology is the country’s flexible blockchain regulations and the potential demand for blockchain projects.

Current State Of Blockchain Technology In India

Blockchain Regulations In India

Just like the other country’s India has also affected by the waves of blockchain. The development of blockchain technology has not failed to witnessed by the superior finance regulators such as RBI. Though the RBI favors positively towards the growth of blockchain it becomes uncertain after the announcement of RBI act on Cryptocurrency. 

Many misinterpreting that the RBI act towards cryptocurrency with blockchain regulation. 

The act of RBI on April 6, 2018, towards cryptocurrency, has given a confirmation that India is not legalizing the dealings and transactions with cryptocurrencies, and the report said, “the investors who invest in cryptocurrencies will be at their own risk, the government will not take any actions towards the loss”. But, on another side, stakeholders and investors having hope as the governance of India, encouraging “cashless economy” to bring Digital India, there will be a chance for blockchain rays to sign inside the country. 

The statement of RBI was fully portrayed that investing, trading, purchasing with bitcoins or any other virtual currency is not legal. But, they didn’t possess any clear statement of regulating blockchain as the technology inside the country. So, IT sectors, banking, and other corporate industries had taken a deep breath and initiated to incorporate blockchain technology for the business or industry improvement. 

Potential Blockchain Projects In India

  1. Private and public Banking Sectors started to make a trial of integrating blockchain for efficient banking transactions, KYC remittances and to improve the financial procedures.
  2. SBI is on the first of the list to implement blockchain technology followed by some other private banks like Axis, HDFC, ICICI banks.


  3. Implementing blockchain in the Insurance industry can be the ultimate solution to avoid unnecessary Industry loss. Cognizant has collaborated with HDFC, Kotak, SBI and ICICI life insurance to bring a secured data-sharing system by integrating Corda blockchain.
  4. IndiaChain is a blockchain project under beta development that is gonna support Indian government to process contracts quicker, to keep records safe, Safeguard Land records, To bring higher efficiency in identity management like aadhar and more.

    Source: What Is IndiaChain?

  5. Real Estate industry in India is having a lot of misleading data on ownership verification, time-consuming process on registrations and property transfers, Implementing blockchain in real estate will be a honey pot for industry leaders and can help them to reduce work, digitize data, keeping records on finance and property specifications, etc.
  6. Many Supply chain Vendors inside the country are still not having a wider awareness of blockchain. This incases if resolved by creating a huge awareness, sure the Indian supply chain system will be streamlined and will be digitized under blockchain technology.

Wrapping up...

We can able to see blockchain is having huge potential as the technology inside the country, especially in banking, and supply chain management. As a blockchain & Dapp Development Company, we are ready to extend our warm hands to the struggling corporates and industrial sectors who want to renovate themselves with blockchain. Get ready to connect with us, for instant consultation reach us via, below details.

Hello Bitdeal Community!

We are glad to announce that, Bitdeal is making one more milestone in its journey. As Web3 technologies becomes more dominant and lucrative, bitdeal sets its footmark in AI and Gaming Space. Explore our all-new AI and Gaming Solutions below here.

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