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Blockchain Development Company In Malta

Explore our blockchain development services in malta, and find why we choose malta.

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Blockchain Development Company In Malta

We bitdeal, leading blockchain development company In Malta now extended our blockchain development services in Malta to enrich the business sectors and technology innovations inside the country. Our innovative team aims to bring huge impact in the blockchain industry and helps startups, organizations, enterprises to move their business operations inside a secure decentralized digital technology “blockchain”

Why Malta?

Malta might be the small country in the landscape but by implementing powerful and unique strategies it stands out in the global business marketplaces, hence gained the name “The Crypto Island”.

Maltese government’s bold move in the crypto ecosystem makes it a trailblazer in this technology. Malta’s flexible and friendly approach towards Blockchain technology and Cryptocurrency have made us choose malta as a promising country to extend our blockchain development services.

Malta’s Blockchain Strategy

In April 2017, Joesph Muscat, Maltese prime minister has revealed regarding Malta’s blockchain strategy. The Ultimate motto of this strategy is to make malta the pioneer in the crypto world. The government decided to take the first effective initiative move to give life to their strategy and build Blockchain Committee with high dignitaries and think tanks.

The Ministry for Education and Employment (MEDE) has signed a contract with Learning Machine Group (LMG) to encourage blockchain technology in education. Malta gaming authority also made respective plans to implement blockchain technology. As the government laid a feasible path for blockchain technology that makes a way for many business people to start their business.

First Blockchain Hub In Malta

With a motto of regulating and empowering blockchain applications by creating a First blockchain hub in Malta, three companies have collaborated together and have invested around 10 million Euro on blockchain projects within a period of 3 years. Another goal  of this hub is to build separate research and development center for analyzing and implementing future ideas and plans on blockchain technology

Launch of Legislation Framework in Malta

The Maltese government has laid a regular framework and laid three bills for blockchain, Virtual currencies, digital tokens, Ico, etc

 TAS bills

 It is the framework proposed for the technological framework. It is applicable for

  • Technological Arrangements
  • Technological Arrangements Auditors
  • Administrators


MDIA Bill established the Malta Digital Innovation Authority which is responsible for offering the license for all kinds of organizations and this authority has the rights to execute and initiate laws based on cryptocurrencies 

The Virtual Currencies Bill

The generation of this bill is related to virtual currencies and it is responsible for crypto exchanges, ICOs, digital token providers, asset managers, etc

Virtual Financial Assets Act(VFAA)

VFAA has launched to monitor and regulate the blockchain and cryptocurrency-related business. They keenly monitor the transaction process to reduce money laundering and theft.

Industries That are Going to Renovate With Blockchain in Malta:

Banking industry

In Banking Industry, Blockchain technology played a vital role. In a Distributed ledger all the transaction details and some other information are securely stored. The transaction of money will be simple and faster.


Manufacturing is one of the important industries in malta and offers 11% employment. Malta is the hub for various manufacturing industries like leather companies, toymakers, electronic goods, etc. The manufacturing department offers 10% of the overall GDP. The intervention of blockchain technology has made a huge impact on the overall enhancement of the manufacturing field.

Financial Services

Malta is internationally recognized for world-class blue-chip banks and the finance sector gives employment for around 10,000 people in malta so the Maltese government optimistically uses the blockchain technology for future evolution.


We all know, Malta is the beautiful island and there is no wonder in the tremendous development of the tourism sector. In 2018, Malta holds a record of 2.6 million tourists and the Tourism department contributes 27% in GDP.

Information Communication And Technology

The EU ranks Malta 12 among 28 members in ICD. Malta is the only country in Euro with an ultra-fast internet network and of course, the blockchain technology is an inevitable one in the information and communication sector in malta.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Industry

The cryptocurrency exchange industry is one of the important industries that using blockchain technology.

Legal Industry

In the legal industry blockchain technology is used to manage, store and verify documents. It eliminates the legal issues dealing with digital assets and so on


 What Do We serve In Malta?

 Bitdeal - Blockchain Development Company in Malta

We bitdeal, an innovative team of thinkers and doers provides impeccable Blockchain solutions inside top countries including Malta with 120+ highly skilled blockchain developers. We have in-depth knowledge of building the following blockchain development services. Now you can grab our blockchain development services, from the USA, UAE, UK, Korea, Japan, China, Brazil, Australia, Columbia, Canada and more. 

Our blockchain development services 

  • Private/Public Blockchain Development
  • Hyper Ledger Development
  • Smart Contract Development
  • Blockchain Consulting Services
  • POC Blockchain Development
  • Blockchain DAPP Development

Contact Us

If you want to lead your blockchain project in a prosperous, our team of blockchain engineers can always ready to assist you at any time. Our technical support team is available for you to discuss your initial requirements, also we have a separate consulting team there you can discuss possibilities and impediments on your blockchain projects. After successful requirement auditing you can directly reach out to our team of blockchain developers without any interference of middlemen, there you can freely lift up your blockchain development process.

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