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Blockchain Development Company In Tokyo, Japan

Explore here the complete blockchain solutions of Bitdeal - Leading Blockchain Development Company in Japan

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Blockchain Development Company In Tokyo, Japan

Blockchain - such an innovative and trendy technology, soon going to make a strong impact on the global industrial revolution.

Bitdeal - Leading Blockchain Development Company provides you profoundly complete blockchain-related services and stands with you to elevate your business.

Now, We have started providing our quality Blockchain Development services in JAPAN!

Why Japan?

Japan is the land of automotive industries. Robots, bullet trains, and high superior technologies are some of the things that clash our mind while hearing the name Japan. Soon, people going to remember japan for blockchain projects.

Japan is the world’s third-largest economy in GDP. After the huge massive growth of blockchain technology, Japan is at the peak of the Cryptocurrency market. It is the first country in the world that defines a regular legal framework for virtual currencies.

Japan’s Blockchain Sandbox

To prevent money laundering, hacking and to encourage blockchain technology, the Japanese government set a clear regime.

The Japanese government believes that the intervention of new technologies such as blockchain, IoT, Artificial intelligence will pave the way for overall tech development in the country and frame a new regulatory sandbox system.

The main purpose of this Blockchain sandbox is to experiment with the real-world performance of the newly proposed projects. The government evaluates and makes decisions based on the outcome of the project. 

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Regulation in Japan

Financial Services Agency

Virtual currencies and crypto exchanges are legal in Japan but after experiencing high profile hacks and money laundering japan has taken more efforts to regulate the laws and regulations. Every cryptocurrency exchange has to register in the Financial Services Agency and the registration process will take up to six months.

Japanese Virtual Currency Exchange Association

It is the self-regulated association for japan based crypto industries that is recognized by the Financial Services Agency and it has the rights to pass necessary rules for crypto exchanges

FIEA Revisions

FIEA regularly monitors and regulates crypto-asset transactions.

Check out here for blockchain regulations in Japan

Blockchain Startups In Japan


Bitflyer is a crypto exchange platform in Japan which was founded in the year 2014 which let's you to buy and sell bitcoins and it also offers ICO services


 It is a digital asset exchange platform that provides QASH token as the utility token. This exchange supports many cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum, etc


 It is a social networking platform founded in the year 2019 and the special thing about this is decentralized. It allows people to showcase their talents and skills.


Ginco is a Cryptocurrency wallet service providing company which supports Ethereum that allows users to manage their private keys. It is founded in the year 2017.


Telecoin is founded in the year 2013. It is the blockchain-based platform for telecom industry. They allow the user to transfer money and make payments.


Bitkey is the product based company offers smart lock device based on the blockchain technology which can be used in homes, offices, etc


Industries That are Going to Renovate With Blockchain in Japan


Manufacturing is one of the important industries in japan. World’s leading automobile companies like Toyota, Honda, Suzuki are japan based companies and the inclusion of blockchain technology in this field will empower the overall production process.

Information Technology

Information Technology is the top industry in Japan. In the year 2011, this sector alone gains 1.2 trillion USD and the intervention of blockchain technology will bring a remarkable growth in this field.


Blockchain technology plays a vital role in Japan. Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation(SMBC), the world's third-largest bank is beginning to utilize blockchain technology.

Bitdeal - Blockchain Development Company in Japan

Bitdeal, an innovative expert group, stands with you in building your own Company in Japan. Being the leading Blockchain Development Company, we always serve the best to our clients and provides service for 24 hours a day.

Our blockchain development services 

1.Private/Public Blockchain Development
2.Hyper Ledger Development
3.Smart Contract Development
4.Blockchain Consulting Services
5. POC Blockchain Development
6. DAPP Development

If you want to build your blockchain business in a prolific manner, our team of blockchain developers will always ready to assist you at any time!

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