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Wolfie Zhao
Jul 11, 2019 at 04:41 PM
Updated Jan 4, 2020 at 11:09 AM

Education is one of the main key aspect for the growth of fields like medicine , agriculture , science , and almost all kinds of industries . Its a complex task to run and manage an educational institute. There are lots of issues faced for educations from pre-kindergarten to PhD students.

We all know about the Blockchain Technology which helps in renovating many kinds of industries . We have alredy discussed about the impacts of blockchain in  Healthcare Industry , Insurance Sector , Bnaking and Supply Chain Management .

Here let us look at , How this blockchain technology transforms the education sector ? . Without making a delay , let us jump into the discussion about Blockchain in Education .

Challenges in Education Sector 

1 . As the world is getting transformed , education becomes an unavoidable one among the people . Thus there are billions and billions students undertaking education in various institute in a year . It is a greatest task of maintaining records of those students details in paper documents .

2 .  When those records are on paper formats , it becomes a complex task to get back the details of student who studied 4-5  years back. It takes a lot more time to recollect the old data and records .

3 . Maintaining the certificates of students in a secured manner becomes difficult and requires man power .

4 . The trobule filled part of education sector is  accounting ,  which requires time and people to calculate and maintain the finance of an institute . This involves calculation of  employee / staff salary , students fees , maintenance and operational costs of that institute .

5 . Monitoring the scholarships for the students is also became difficult as there are more number of students and also scholarships provided .

These challenges moves the educational sector into a difficult zone of performance . This paved the way for the use of technologies in education and the most important technologies that helps education to face all those challenges is " Blockchain Technology ".

Blockchain in Education 

The use of blockchain in education sector can bring a big revolution within 2020 . As the world is getting smarter and digitalized , it is a time to make the education system also smarter and digital . This inturn increased the insititutes and universities that provides online courses , digital certificates , etc .

The use of blockchain in education , also created a way for the acceptance of cryptocurrencies as payments/fees for courses in many institutes . This may result in a easier and a transparent way for both students as well as the institutes .

There are lots and lots of use cases of blockchain in education and it all together helps in bringing a healthy educational system .

Benefits of Using Blockchain in Education 

1 . Replaces the Paper Documents 

The use of blockchain for storing the records of students , staffs and employee of institute can reduce the use of paper document maintenance . It also helps in avoiding the risk of falsifying or chance of losing records .

2 . A saving Method 

As blockchain provides digital storage , the cost for the paper , document printing is eliminated . Also the time and people effort for maintaining those documents is also saved . Thus use of blockchain in education prevails to be a saving mechanism . 

3 . Data Transparency 

As we already know that blockchain is a decentralized and distributed ledger technology which spreads out ownership to concern individuals . Thus , blockchain in education system can provide transparent records storage of students .

4 . Financing and Accounting made Easy 

The use of blockchain in education system can make calculation of scholarships for students and salaries for teachers easier and transparent . The acceptance of bitcoins for payments process in education systems makes it more efficient .

5 . Digital cerificates a better way 

Most of the institutes adopts blockchain and provides online courses and digital certificates and this makes easier to connect students and institute from different corners of the globe .

There are more benefits of using blockchain in education and it proves to be a cost -effective method .

Educational Institute that uses Blockchain 

1 .  University of Nicosia, the largest private higher education institution in Cyprus has implemented a fully-functioning blockchain library for the storage of information about student's grades,qualifications and certificates, etc.,.

2 . The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) ,the world leader in training specialists in variety of technical areas , implemented  blockchain over one hundred digital diplomas for its graduates.

Major Use - Case of Blockchain in Education 

1 . Used for the verification of records , credentials and cerificates of students .
2 . Be as a best support for the expanding massive open  online courses ( MOOCs). 
3 . Used as a best approach for the increasing open universities count .

Future Scope 

Blockchain in education sector is now providing a better way to escape out of challenges . In future , the use of blockchain in education can bring a big revolutionary changes that transforms the eduction sectors to a higher level .

Let Us Hope for Best change overs by blockchain in education sector by 2020 !!!

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