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BRC-20 Token Development - A Comprehensive Guide

BRC 20 token development is the process of creating digital tokens that adhere to the BRC 20 standard, ensuring seamless compatibility and functionality within the blockchain ecosystem. It offers a standardized approach to tokenization.

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BRC-20 Token Development - A Comprehensive Guide

BRC20 tokens emerge as a hot trend, carving a niche on the mighty Bitcoin blockchain. These fungible tokens, akin to ERC-20 on Ethereum, offer a unique blend of security and innovation. They leverage the established trust of Bitcoin while enabling versatile functionalities such as payments, crowdfunding, and tokenizing real-world assets.

Despite being relatively new, BRC20's accessibility and potential resonate with developers and users. However, it faces challenges, such as limited smart contract capabilities compared to Ethereum. Nevertheless, 2024 marked a significant year for BRC20, showcasing its potential to revolutionize how we interact with the Bitcoin ecosystem in the future.

BRC20 Token Development

BRC20 token development is the process of developing fungible tokens on the Bitcoin blockchain network utilizing the BRC20 token standard. The BRC20 token standard employs a Proof of Work (PoW) process to ensure top-notch security and prevent data breaches and hacker penetrations. Since the token standard does not support smart contracts, ordinal inscriptions of JSON data are used to deploy, mint, and transfer tokens.

Bitdeal is a prominent BRC20 Token Development Company that offers top-notch BRC20 Token development services with the industry's best token developers. We provide comprehensive support in the creation of BRC20 tokens, from planning to deployment.

What is a BRC20 Token?

A BRC20 Token is a fungible digital asset built on the Bitcoin blockchain using the BRC20 standard. Here's a breakdown:

Fungible: Each BRC20 token is identical and interchangeable, similar to money.

Bitcoin Network: Leveraging the security and established nature of the Bitcoin blockchain.

BRC20 Standard: Defines how these tokens interact and function within the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Comparison Between BRC20 vs ERC20 

This comparison outlines the distinct characteristics, advantages, and ecosystem considerations for BRC-20 and ERC-20 tokens within their respective blockchain platforms.

Blockchain Platform:

BRC-20: Utilizes the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) as its underlying blockchain platform.
ERC-20: Operates on the Ethereum blockchain as the foundational platform.

Transaction Speed and Cost:

BRC-20: Known for its faster transaction speeds and lower transaction costs due to the Binance Smart Chain's consensus mechanism and fee structure.
ERC-20: Transaction speeds and costs can vary based on Ethereum network congestion and gas fees, which are known to fluctuate significantly.

Ecosystem Integration:

BRC-20: Designed for seamless integration within the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem, enabling compatibility with various BSC-based decentralized applications (DApps) and protocols.
ERC-20: Well-established within the Ethereum ecosystem, with extensive integration across a wide range of decentralized finance (DeFi) applications and smart contracts.

Consensus Mechanism:

BRC-20: Operates on Binance Smart Chain, which utilizes a proof-of-staked authority consensus mechanism, contributing to faster block times and lower fees.

ERC-20: Operates on the Ethereum blockchain, currently using a proof-of-work consensus mechanism transitioning to proof-of-stake, potentially impacting scalability and cost considerations.

Native Tokens:

BRC-20: The native token of the Binance Smart Chain, BNB, is used to pay for transaction fees and participate in network governance, enhancing the BRC-20 ecosystem.

ERC-20: Ether (ETH) serves as the native cryptocurrency of the Ethereum network, influencing gas fees and acting as a medium of exchange for ERC-20 token transactions.


BRC-20: Designed for interoperability within the Binance Smart Chain, enabling seamless interaction with other BRC-20 tokens and BSC-based applications.

ERC-20: Known for its interoperability within the Ethereum ecosystem, allowing ERC-20 tokens to interact with various Ethereum-based smart contracts and DApps.

Development and Deployment:

BRC-20: Smart contract development and token deployment occur on the Binance Smart Chain, utilizing BSC-specific tools and infrastructure.

ERC-20: Smart contract development and token deployment take place on the Ethereum blockchain, leveraging Ethereum's development environment and tools.

Potential usage Of BRC-20 tokens

BRC-20 tokens offer a wide range of potential uses, expanding the functionalities of the Bitcoin blockchain beyond standard transactions. Here are some exciting possibilities:

#1 Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

Tokenized loans and borrowing: Create lending pools where users can deposit and borrow BRC-20 tokens, facilitating decentralized financial services.

Yield farming: Enable users to earn rewards by locking their tokens in liquidity pools, supporting decentralized exchanges and other DeFi applications.

Stablecoins: Issue BRC-20 stablecoins pegged to real-world assets like fiat currencies, offering price stability within the Bitcoin ecosystem.

#2 Payments and Loyalty Programs

Efficient peer-to-peer payments: Send and receive BRC-20 tokens globally with faster transaction speeds and potentially lower fees compared to Bitcoin itself.

Loyalty programs: Businesses can reward customers with BRC-20 tokens redeemable for discounts or exclusive access, fostering customer engagement.

Micropayments: Enable microtransactions for content creators, online subscriptions, or pay-per-use services, eliminating friction for small payments.

#3 Tokenization of Real-World Assets

Represent fractional ownership of assets: Tokenize real estate, commodities, or even artwork as BRC-20 tokens, facilitating fractional ownership and easier investment.

Supply chain management: Track the movement of physical goods through the supply chain using BRC-20 tokens, ensuring transparency and efficiency.

Digital identity: Store and manage personal information on BRC-20 tokens, empowering individuals with control over their data.

#4 Gaming and Entertainment

In-game currencies and items: Develop virtual economies within games powered by BRC-20 tokens, allowing players to buy and trade in-game assets.

Collectibles and fan tokens: Issue limited-edition BRC-20 tokens representing characters, artwork, or exclusive experiences, engaging fans and communities.

Ticketing and event access: Manage concert tickets, event registrations, or exclusive access using BRC-20 tokens, promoting secure and efficient transactions.

#5 Governance and Voting

Decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs): Issue BRC-20 tokens representing voting rights in DAOs, allowing token holders to participate in decision-making.
Community governance: Use BRC-20 tokens for voting on project proposals or platform upgrades within decentralized communities.
Social impact initiatives: Create BRC-20 tokens supporting charitable causes or social impact projects, enabling transparent fundraising and voting on allocations.

Features Of BRC20 Tokens

These features collectively contribute to the value and versatility of BRC20 tokens within the blockchain ecosystem, offering diverse opportunities for tokenization, asset representation, and decentralized applications.

Fungible Token Creation:

BRC-20 tokens enable the creation of fungible tokens on the Bitcoin blockchain using ordinal inscriptions. This technique attaches data, such as code, images, or text, to satoshis, the smallest units of Bitcoin, facilitating the creation and transfer of fungible tokens within the Bitcoin network.

Compatibility and Security:

BRC-20 tokens are compatible with the Bitcoin network, benefiting from its security and decentralization. They can be effortlessly sent and received by any Bitcoin wallet that supports ordinals, enhancing their accessibility and utility within the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Popularity and Market Capitalization:

Gaining popularity in the crypto space, BRC-20 tokens boast over 14,000 minted tokens and a total market cap exceeding $600 million. On platforms like OrdinalSwap, a decentralized exchange supporting ordinals and BRC-20 tokens, notable tokens like Ordinal (ORDI), OXBT, and Pepe are traded.

Innovation and Potential:

The BRC-20 token standard has spurred adoption in the Bitcoin ecosystem, unlocking new possibilities for tokenization, liquidity, and innovation. It holds the potential to enhance the positive outcomes of Bitcoin halving, introducing fresh opportunities for tokenization and liquidity within the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Simplified Functionality:

BRC-20 tokens, unlike ERC-20 and other standards, operate without smart contracts, ensuring simplicity and efficiency. However, this simplicity limits their functionality to basic operations like minting and transferring, hindering interaction with other decentralized applications or protocols.

Top 5 BRC 20 tokens that will make huge profits in 2024

The top 5 BRC-20 tokens that are speculated to potentially yield significant returns in 2024 include:

  • Ordi (ORDI)
  • Sats Ordinals (SATS)
  • Multibit (MUBI)
  • Rats Ordinals (RATS)
  • Tokenized Bitcoin (tBTC)

How BRC 20 Development is Reshaping the Blockchain Ecosystem?

BRC-20 development is reshaping the blockchain landscape, particularly impacting the Bitcoin network. BRC-20 offers increased flexibility, enabling the creation of fungible tokens for applications such as decentralized finance (DeFi), payments, loyalty programs, and the tokenization of real-world assets. However, its adoption raises scalability concerns on the Bitcoin network, prompting the exploration of solutions like Layer 2 technologies.

Beyond Bitcoin, BRC-20 acts as a bridge between the Bitcoin and Ethereum ecosystems, fostering interoperability and collaboration. Serving as an alternative to Ethereum's ERC-20 standard, it provides developers with choices and potential cost advantages, contributing to diversity in the token standard landscape. Despite facing regulatory uncertainties, the development of BRC-20 signifies a significant advancement, expanding the capabilities of the Bitcoin network and playing a crucial role in reshaping the future of the blockchain ecosystem.

Who We Are ? How We Can Assist You In BRC20 Token Development?

Bitdeal - the leading digital transformation company, providing a wide range of digital transformation solutions across various b2b services landscape predominantly covering the blockchain, fintech, Metaverse and AI industries. 

Our continuous dedication to providing a wide range of token development services, made us shine as a top-notch token development company. 

  • We have a flexible solution that favors the needs and requirements of our clients in creating the use cases specific BRC20 tokens. 
  • With the strong belief in our knowledge and expertise we assist you with our excellent blockchain developers for the end-to-end brc20 token development process. 
  • From consultation to deployment we have experts who can guide you to pass through the right path in each phase and make your token project a successful one. 

What sets Bitdeal's BRC20 Token Development Solutions apart from others?

With a two-year track record in delivering Token Development Services and a commitment to innovation Bitdeal seamlessly incorporates cutting-edge methodologies to create brc20 based tokens like ORDI, PEPE, MEME, MOON, and more.  Our dedication to embracing the latest trends Made us stand out as the industry's top choice for BRC20 Token Development Solutions. With a unique blend of experience, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to excellence, we set a high standard for BRC20 Token Development, continuing to lead the industry.

 Our Process of Creating BRC20 Token Development 

Following these simplified steps can assist in the creation of a BRC20 token, ensuring its functionality, security, and seamless integration within the Bitcoin blockchain ecosystem.

Token Specification: Define specific details for the BRC20 token, including its name, total supply, and any unique features required for the intended use case.

Smart Contract Development: Create a smart contract for the BRC20 token using a suitable development platform or framework. Ensure compliance with the BRC20 token standard and include essential functions.

Testing and Security: Thoroughly test the smart contract for potential vulnerabilities and bugs. Consider conducting security audits to enhance the token's robustness.

Deployment: Deploy the BRC20 token smart contract on the Bitcoin blockchain. Configure essential parameters, such as token name, symbol, and decimal precision during deployment.

Integration and Documentation: Verify the interoperability of the BRC20 token with wallets, exchanges, and blockchain explorers. Prepare comprehensive documentation outlining the token's features, functionalities, and technical specifications.


Let’s make your brc20 token project a massive hit with the involvement of our experts in creating potential brc20 token projects for your blockchain applications.With a focus on security, scalability, and compliance, Bitdeal enables businesses to unlock new avenues for fundraising, asset digitization, and decentralized finance (DeFi) innovation. Get in Connect with us to discuss your project scope!. 

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