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Launch Your Own Decentralized IDO Launchpad Like BSCPad

BSCPad Clone Script from Bitdeal to launch your IDO launchpad like BSCPad.

Launch Your Own Decentralized IDO Launchpad Like BSCPad

BSCPad Clone

BSCPad clone is the easiest way to launch your own IDO Launchpad that is a complete replica of BSCPad along with the ability to raise funds and liquidity by distributing tokens. With this BSCPad clone script, anyone can launch their own decentralized IDO Launchpad similar to BSCPad that is fully dedicated for all the projects developed on the Binance Smart Chain ( BSC) network.

We Bitdeal - Best IDO Launchpad Development company offers BSCPad clone for the instant launch of BSC IDO launchpad.

BSCPad Clone Development 

BSC Pad Clone Development is a process of making a clone of a first formed decentralized IDO launchpad platform for BSC, BSCPad. This process includes integrating all the essential features of IDO launchpad like BSCPad using which you can start your IDO launchpad business. As starting an IDO launchpad like BSCPad became a trend among crypto business people, Bitdeal offers BSCPad Clone Development Services overseas.

What is BSC Pad?

BSCPad is a first-ever decentralized IDO Launchpad that is completely launched for empowering the crypto projects created on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network. BSCPad lets anyone launch their own newly created crypto projects on the BSC Chain & provides the ability to distribute tokens and raise funds.  

How Does BSCPad IDO LaunchPad Work?

In the BSCPad tier system, there is no luck, no bots, and no lotteries. It is only 100% human participation in a decentralized manner.

There are two rounds in BSCPad as the IDO process is based on First Come First Serve basis in BSCPad.

Round 1: The Allocation Round

Based on tier, in the first round users will have 20 hours for purchasing the tokens allotted for them. 

Bronze -1000 Tokens Staking Requirement
Silver - 2500 tokens staking requirement
Gold - 5000 tokens staking requirement
Platinum - 10000 tokens staking requirement
Diamond - 25000 tokens staking requirement
Community Contributor - X tokens (Undetermined)

Round 2: FCFS Round

The second round of BSCPad opens an opportunity for all members regardless of their tier the purchase tokens.

As of now, BSCPad offered a fair launch for all projects who used their IDO platform and continues to attract new projects.

Why Launch IDO Launchpad like BSCPad?

As IDO Launchpad helps in solving the issues associated with ICOs. Apart from this IDO launchpad secures the assets and wallets of token buyers with private keys. 

There are many IDO launchpads available on the market and making your IDO Launchpad like BSCPad is the easiest way to grab the market's attention as it is known for its lower transaction fees. 

Business Benefits of Creating IDO Launchpad Like BSCPad

Listed here are the main advantages of IDO Launchpad.


The tokens are instigated in the IDO platform that enhances the liquidity

Investment Opportunity

 As IDO spotlights all the benefits of crypto projects, individuals get more investment opportunities.

Growth Opportunity

As IDO Launchpads provides clarity of all listed crypto projects, which results in the popularity and growth of those projects.

Key Features of BSCPad Clone 

Listed here are the main two features of our BSCPad Clone Platform. 

  • Initial DEX Offering
  • Staking

Initial DEX Offerings 

An Initial DEX Offering is a new way of fundraising mechanisms that enables crypto projects to introduce their native tokens on decentralized Exchanges. (DEXs). In our BSCPad clone platform, users can list their own crypto projects based on BSC networks to gain liquidity and raise funds by distributing their native tokens.

Anyone can list their projects on the platform and get exposure easily and instantly via the IDO feature. 


The IDO Launchpad launched with our BSCPad clone lets end-users stake tokens on the platform and gets rewards based on the assets deposited and the time of staking. Users can withdraw the rewards anytime from the platform. 

Users can connect MetaMask-like wallet and deposit assets for staking. The platform admin will pre-authorize and confirm the assets for staking on the platform.

Basic Features of Our BSCPad Clone Script 

Here are the basic features we include in all our IDO Launchpad development.

  • Multi-tier 
  • Multi Chain Compatibility
  • Integrated Wallet
  • Token Allocation
  • KYC Compliance

How To Launch IDO Launchpad Like BSCPad?

There are two ways to get it launched your own IDO Launchpad like BSCPad. They are

  • Developing IDO Launchpad Like BSCPad from Scratch
  • Through White Label BSCPad Clone Solutions.

There are many LaunchPad Development Companies that provide both the above-mentioned solution to launch your own IDO LaunchPad platform.

Where To Get BSCPad Clone Development?

We Bitdeal - Leading Launchpad Development Company offers IDO LaunchPad development services that let anyone launch their own IDO Launchpad platform. We also offer the clones of top IDO Launchpads such as BSCPad, TrustPad, and more to grab quick brand awareness and market attention.

Some of the top-selling IDO Launchpad Clones include BSCPad Clone Script, TrustPad Clone Script Seedify Clone Script, GameFI Clone Script, and more. 

Why Choose Bitdeal For BSCPad Like IDO Launchpad Development?

Listed here are the hidden reasons behind choosing Bitdeal for BSCPad Clone Development Solutions.

  • Pre- Consultation
  • Agile Method of Development
  • Secure IDO Platform Features Integration
  • On-time delivery of qualified results
  • Post-Lanch Support

Ready to sign your IDO Launchpad Project with Bitdeal Now? Our Experts are waiting to schedule a consultation call with you. Feel free to contact our experts anytime !!

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