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Business Plan for Initial Coin Offering:How to setup and successfully launch

Understanding the tricks and tips to launch a sucessful ICO!

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Business Plan for Initial Coin Offering:How to setup and successfully launch

As the bitcoin industry getting evolved into a new height, Trading and exchanging with digital assets like digital tokens and there are hiking above the sky uncontrollably. Especially the fundraising model ICO becomes the hottest trend of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency business world.

ICO: A source of capital for cryptocurrency projects and startups

ICO - Initial coin offering: It is just an unregulated mode of crowdfunding via the use of cryptocurrencies or digital currencies. For startups and enterprises, it becomes the sources of capital. It is based on a smart contract system where a percentage of newly launched cryptocurrency will be sold to the investors in an exchange of legal tender or any other cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, ethereum.

Note :

1. In some cases, ICO's will sell digital or crypto tokens instead of issuing the percentage of actual cryptocurrency.

2. Most of the ICO's will prefer ethereum as the payment option for buying and selling the shares (Digital tokens).

How to make your ICO successful?

In order to make your ICO successful, you have to keep these two things in your ICO Business plan.

1. Attract your Investor visually.
2. Engage your Investors technically.

While monitoring the history of successful ICO's, These two factors found to be the lead role of entire process.

To Attract The Investors Visually:

Investors are the heart of your ICO business, So it is must for you to attract them. Here we listed out the possible ways through which you could attract the investors.

First, you have to notify the investors - Launch an ICO website as the fundraising platform

Create a curiosity that your project is gonna viral - Publish a very short and proper content which explains the aim of your project.

You have to grab the investors eyes and convert their mind by - Publishing exclusive offers.

You have to satisfy them with - Comfortable pricing plans.

To Engage your Investors Technically:

This is the main thing you have to concentrate more because investors are brainee's, sure they will give importance for analyzing the technical aspects. So keep a keen eye on your technical aspects of your ICO execution, that will help you to engage your investors. If you fail to do this, they will be left as fast as they enter.

The above list contains the basics of executing a successful ICO, but before that, you have to make these three major steps.

Major Steps of ICO

Step 1: Create a new cryptocurrency based on an ethereum, open ledger or counterparty.

Step 2: An arbitrary value should be assigned by the project team based on networks worth at the moment.

Step 3: Determine the price dynamics based on the market demand and supply.

Pricing Methods of Tokens :

1. Undetermined price - Here the price of token note fixed, so this kind of ICO enables 100% ownership of new tokens for a single investor.

2. Fixed Price

Here the developer fixed a price of a new token. This kind of ICO accompanied with a freezing period. Until the freezing period ends investors can't trade their token.

3. Token distribution based on Dutch auction

In this kind of ICO token price starts with the highest price, and will decrease proportionally.

4. ICO With Price rise

Here early investors get the best price, and the rate of token increase according to the time

Apart from the all the above things you have to Mention all the details in a complete white paper, Where it should cover technical aspects of the project, Total time of the ICO, estimated or targeted fund, and everything.

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