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#Enterprise Blockchain Solutions

Blockchain In Pregnancy Tracking

A Next-Gen Decentralized Tracking For Your Baby's Growth

Experience the seamless pregnancy tracking with, by getting automatic tracking on your pregnancy fetal development stages, heath stages and more with blockchain powered decentralized application.

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A healthcare company wants to develop a pregnancy tracking application using blockchain technology, the users to stay on top of each trimester in a personalized way


It is hard in real time to keep track of all the activities while doing the pregnancy tracker system. An individual should keep track of everything such as monthly check-up dates, medical records, patient history, updating status after every check-up, so on. In order to overcome these real time hurdles, Blockchain has to evolve here.

Client’s Demand

Need to develop an Android Application with implementing of Crypto Payment feature in the System for transaction, storage need to be secure and records needs to be immutable.


As we have a strong experience in implementing Blockchain technology on various Industries based on the Use cases, We developed Android Application with following features
  • Reminder for a Doctor’s Appointment
  • Telemedicine and online consultation with a doctor
  • Tracking of Patients Conditions such as control of Weight gain and abdomen growth for predefined duration
  • Implementing of Crypto Payment Gateway for secured transactions such as booking appointment via this platform

Technology Stack

  • Blockchain Network - ETH
  • Smart Contract - Solidity
  • Android Application - Kotlin
  • Attainments

By utilizing this application, Pregnancy ladies get assistance in the right way with automatic tracking of their health conditions and Admin made a more profit for every transaction on a secured manner.