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Blockchain in Agriculture
Feeding The Green Revolution

Implementing blockchain in agriculture would feed the concept of e-agriculture across countries and nations. Explore how we focused to make the digital revolution on agriculture with blockchain technology.

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To explore the importance of Agriculture, a fertilizer industry seeks the help of our Blockchain experts for the development of DApp Agricultural Game over Blockchain Network


Linking agricultural with decentralized blockchain ledger adds value to agricultural products, because the commoners and future generation could get understanding about the process and importance of agriculture and therefore assign greater value


Blockchain Network : Game​ floor with multiple levels and Marketplace.

Crypto Tokens : The medium of transaction to buy/sell resources required for harvesting.

Different Tokens will be created which replicates each resources required for agriculture.

  • Example:​WTR (Token as water)
  • LND (Token as Land)
  • SOL (Token as soil)

Smart Contract

Smart contracts helps to generate agreements to complete each levels of the harvesting process.

Example : Contract​ to grow seed -> Contract to watering land

Game Flow

  • User needs to deposit a certain amount of crypto tokens to start the game. Once the deposit is completed, 5 boxes will appear and three of the boxes contain the resources in random options and one has real tokens (not replicating any resources) and the last is empty.
  • User needs to choose one box and initiate the harvesting process.
  • Based on the resources the user will be directed to harvesting modules.
  • Based on the harvesting condition, the user needs to source the missing resources and complete the harvesting process within the given time frame.
  • If the user received real Tokens, the amount will be deposited into the wallet.
  • The user will receive appropriate currency for holding real tokens in their wallet. For every harvesting completion, the user will get cryptos from admin and the value can be fixed by admin.

Industrial Part

The gamer can buy real fertilizers using the agricultural token won from the game levels.

Technology Stack

  • TRON​ Network

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