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Blockchain In Food Supply Chain
Enabling Decentralized Tracking on Organic Foods

Enact the Power of Blockchain, the Decentralized Technology in food industry and reduce the amount of demise by food contamination with 100 % tracability of food safety

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Supply chain management of Food industry to overcome the real time hurdles for an effective outcome.


A food manufacturing and distributing market has been facing a challenge for a long time to overcome the real time complexities while the delivery of the food to various outlets. In order to bring transparency during the journey of the food, Blockchain is involved here. There might be a misinterpretation of data while the accurate data is not collected for the further production and delivery of food.


Blockchain overcomes the main hurdle of turbidity in case of food delivery and production. Blockchain can trace each and every activity of the entire network such as verification of vendor, history & Rating of food, details about the food. It covers the complete tracking of every action while delivery, locating the vendor, so on. It also verifies the origin of the food such as batch number, expiry date, shipping details and storage temperature.


  • Blockchain network is implemented based on the business logic
  • Entire platform is built with an assurance to meet the upshots
  • End-to-end traceability to enhance the efficiency of the supply chain
  • Explorer to track all kinds of information and transactions

Technology Stack

  • Blockchain - TRON
  • Consensus - Fault-tolerance mechanism
  • Token Standard - TRC10
  • Platform - MEAN Stack


We invigorated the client by accomplishing all their requirements, especially the tracking functionality in which food vendors can track their orders and can earn more money by satisfying the commitments given to the customer. This paves the way for both of them to be cooperative and profitable.

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