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Enlarge the user-friendly publication platforms, easy sales and distributions of books, through the utilization of blockchain technology in publication purpose.

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Main concept of this project is to implement book publications in blockchain. For instance Traditional publishers continue to experience strong 2–3% growth on a year-over-year basis but the publishing landscape has forced the successful to embrace adaptation in a major way, as the landscape has become increasingly more digital so we are implementing this process in blockchain and i have concise the problems and solutions pertaining to blockchain and tokens involved.


Self-publishing and online publications have become the typical and most publishers have had to embrace difficulties in order to survive. There’s also been a consolidation of book sales into online markets, with one marketplace bounding miles ahead of its competitors. Though millennials are putting a reported 80% of their book-buying budgets into physical — as opposed to digital — versions of literature, it’s no secret that e-books have been widely accepted as a more convenient, cost-effective way to inconspicuous.


So we provide the solution in blockchain is a prospective measure to allow authors and small-time publishers a chance at once again competing with industry giants, such as Amazon, for a greater share of the profits.

The true Potential of blockchain technology can help publishers in following criterias.

  • Content Discovery can be improved since the source of creative content is linked to each specified file.
  • Provides ownership for digital content. Blockchain can be used to track the different owners of media or any information.
  • Asset monetization can be accessed.
  • Execute smart contracts to exchange media in a transparent way without the involvement of any mediaries.

Blockchain can even potentially reorient the marketplace through new sales, rights distribution, and consumption platforms and in order to raise the fund for this project we provide a solution as an idea of book ICOs conducted using blockchain platforms.

Publishing platforms with blockchain integrated, can offer the additional advantage of being able to compensate readers or consumers to interact directly with ads.

Technology Stack

  • Smart contract (Solidity)
  • PHP
  • Laravel
  • Mysql


Platform – Hyperledger. Each of the mentioned blockchain has its own pros and cons. WebPortal with access to Blockchain

  • The ad agency will have access to metrics from google ads, google analytics and the likes.
  • The ad agency will also have access to the ad servers from where the advertisements are fetched and used.
  • Metrics to be stored on blockchain will be predefined.
  • Metrics which match reports from ad vendors and local ad servers are chosen and stored on blockchain.

As per our above use case, we implemented in tron network and an existing client of the ad agency has an ad server and set of advertisement campaigns with major players like Google, Facebook, Twitter.

  • Based on client requirement or a predefined criteria, metrics are fetched and stored on blockchain after consensus between ad server data and the data provided by ad vendor.
  • Whatever the choice of blockchain, the decentralized nature of the underlying platform provides censorship resistant features.
  • Increased trust on the system.

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