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Blockchain In Solar Technology

Experience The Decentralized Solar Energy Ecosystem

The potential of blockchain in solar - The renewable energy could bring more decentralized electricity eco-system and can improve the government's efforts towards generating, saving and streamlining the energy supply.

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A Solar Company was distributing Solar materials to the Households and collecting Electricity from the Households by using materials. From the collected Electricity, they sold them to the Government or Industries. So, Company wants to give a reward for the Households based on the Units they generated. For this purpose, they wanted to create a Tokens to give a reward for their Clients and that tokens can be redeemed into Fiat or other Cryptos.

Clients Demand

The entire process needs to be done on the Blockchain Smart Contract and although it could be easily understandable for the people who don't even know about the Cryptocurrency and Blockchain concepts


As we have given a provision in the platform, where User can check their Rewards and also they can easily convert them into Fiat or cryptos.
  • We have an extensive experience in Creating Tokens on various Networks
  • We have created Token on ERC20 Standard and for issuing rewards we have created a Platform
  • We have integrated some calculation for issuing tokens automatically to the users based on the Units they generated

Technology Stack

  • Blockchain Network - ETH
  • Token Creation - ERC20
  • Smart Contract - Solidity
  • Platform - MEAN STACK
  • Attainments

By utilizing this method, the company has increased its Sales on selling Solar Materials and also they have collected more electricity from households to sell 3rd parties.